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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s going on guys so today I’ve got a
full day of eating and the training update for you guys if you’re here just
for the full day of eating you can go ahead and skip in the video and the time
stats gonna be below it’s gonna take you to where my meals pretty much start for
the day but for the rest of you I just want to give you guys a training update
kinda what’s going on I know this like I haven’t really been up loading my weekly
training logs the reason for that is last week I started feeling a little bit
of like a kena sand my elbows it wasn’t too bad but then this week I started
benching and it was pretty uncomfortable so I don’t have like forearm like
tendonitis or anything but I noticed that it’s starting to be a little bit
irritated it’s on the inside of my elbows so I guess it’s more like
golfer’s elbow so out there you know doing a little bit of reading kind of
figure out what it is it’s essentially some sort of like wrist and forearm
you know weakness when I’m doing my pulling exercises I’m like you know
pretty much flexing my wrist and that’s causing issues here and that’s why when
I am benching you know when I want this wide and gripping the bar pretty much
it’s gonna cause issues as well so what do I have to do essentially just a lot
of stretching take it easy in the gym for a little bit you know a mistake to
me me just neutral grips using a lot of straps and we’re trying to avoid
gripping completely like this so you know if I am using straps using them my
friend calls it like a monkey grip you’re not grabbing completely so just
like this and just letting the straps pretty much hold everything and I mean
that’s what I’m gonna do temporary they’re temporarily so I can’t barbell
bench either I can’t overhead press so that’s totally
fine we also have like I think it’s called like a football bar I’m not
really sure it’s like a neutral grip you can kind of push I tried benching with
that tooth up okay but I was feeling a little bit in my elbow it’s actually
when I mentioned we were like it almost feels like it from the outside but I
know it’s on the inside it was from the pulling movements that I’ve been doing I
think it was from those lat pull-downs right I had supinated grip like this and
then I also could have been my front squats
really high wrap the rows doing on this jacket tan program so I
don’t know I just need to take it easy I’m not really sure what it is I’m gonna
be you know doing these next two weeks so I’m like no probably going off
program just gonna be hanging out you may be doing like five by five to me or
fives just figuring out what it is that I can do I still do other pressing
movements I can do dumbbell bench press I can even do dips it’s a little weird
but doing a lot of overhead press depending how long this issue last I’m
pretty much gonna have to be running some sort of like overhead press
specialty program which I mean it could be fun take a break from on the benching
but yeah I don’t really know you know I mean this could be over like a week you
know because I am catching it pretty early or it could be longer like a month
or so so I’m just trying to figure out what to do you might even be a good
nikka or just try out some other program I really don’t know but that’s the main
thing with this so just gonna try to take it easy recover and work around the
injury not stop training completely but I’m definitely gonna need to take a
small break so anyways that’s enough what’s going on with me and let’s get
straight into the full day baby what’s going on guys so we’re gonna be doing a
full day of eating today so I already had a protein shake in the morning
before my workout it was just a cup of water with a scoop of protein so it’s
this way protein from transition calm and it’s got if you can see 24 grams of
protein 22 calories so that’s all I had and I have a banana which one of these
over here it’s a little alright so that’s you know about 220 calories for
the day and then right now just got back I was a
little distracted setting to eat right away but when essentially what I’m
making is I’m making like an egg and soy chorizo burrito so this is one looks
like right now so it’s just it’s the soy Theresa and then just some diced bell
pepper and onions I’ll show you guys what it all looks like in a bit alright
guys I’m just getting ready to put everything together so this is what it
looks like right here so I added six eggs this is gonna make like three total
servings and I’ll put the Makris in but it’s over here these are the
tortillas that I use and there are these whole-grain flax tortilla wraps I really
like them because they are so 100 calories so you can see 100 calories 8
grams of protein each and like you saw you know they’re especially good for you
just because they have that will make it three from flaxseed a decent amount of
fiber as well eight grams of fibers actually quite a bit but I really like
these low calorie I get there like any fruit ia’s dollars I really like to use
just 110 calories per slice 7 grams of protein so just having you know if I
were to just have a quesadilla with just these two that’s 15 grams of protein and
then you can have your flakes and refried beans or just you know anything
else really good so this is the soy chorizo so I don’t know if you guys ever
had you know just regulatory so so I mean you know maybe if you’ve got a
portly you’ve had it so it’s it’s made out of soy but it’s honestly I like it
better than the regular 20 so so you can see here there’s 160 calories per
serving 11 grams of protein per serving and there’s two and a half servings
that’s pretty much it here um okay I’m just gonna wrap it up put it together
and then give you guys the final macros all right guys well here’s the finished
product gonna have two of these this tortilla decided to just like crumble up
but so here the mattress for you guys you can see I mean I try to do the math
in my head I believe it’s 51 grams of protein if not it’s doing me up on the
screen so 51 grams of protein however many calories it is so off to a pretty
good start alright guys I’m just kind of hanging
out gonna have these salt and vinegar chips so there are 160 calories 2 grams
of protein just a nice little snack so for my next meal I’m pretty much gonna
make like my own Hamburger Helper so I’m gonna make mac and cheese and
then add a couple veggies and some lean ground turkey into it so you really
can’t beat like mac and cheese when it comes to just try and get a good amount
of calories so this for example there are three
servings there are 250 calories per serving 8 grams of protein but this
whole box is like 67 cents at the store so that’s I mean that’s pretty crazy so
fucking is like half well I’m gonna cook father right now but what means happy
for the meal I’m gonna use half per side I’m going to use this whole thing then
I’m just going to use one serving this red lentil pasta it’s just add a little
bit of extra so it’s 200 calories 15 grams of protein I’m sorry I don’t know
why you won’t focus but there’s 15 grams of protein in one serving so that’s
gonna add a total of 39 grams of protein in just this alone and then the veggies
gonna add a little bit more so show you guys what it looks like once it’s ready
I’m just having an apple wallet wait alright guys see this is what it looks
like when it’s done I only got piece I just used those but essentially it’s
when I said it’s half of this half of a serving of the red lentil pasta two
servings of lean ground turkey then I don’t really don’t keep track of the
vegetables a whole lot but there’s probably five grams of protein in there
from that look so we’re looking at about 60 grams of protein for this meal right
here and I believe about the hunt 750 calories so that’s a pretty good meal
and it’s you know it’s not like huge so I mean it’s pretty good meal if you’re
looking to like gain you know if you wanted to you could have both servings
like this is what’s left over over here which I’m gonna keep probably for
tomorrow as you can see you know fairly easy you don’t really need to know how
you don’t have to be fancy in the kitchen right in order to cook food it’s
really really simple like I mentioned it’s also really really cheap I’ll put
the estimated cost spot right here but it should be a very very cheap you know
alright guys so just finishing off this day of eating just having a cup of
chocolate milk and then peanut butter sandwich added a little bit of honey
not a whole lot so I’m not gonna bother tracking it really so here are the
macros and protein for this I really need to stop saying macros because I’m
really just giving you the protein in the calories anyways that’s it for that
for right now so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful for you
guys I’m gonna put right here on the screen
what my toes are for the whole day so thank you guys so much for watching
and I’ll see you guys next time you

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