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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi guys! Since recently I have been asked about alimentation and supplements, I have decided to make this video where I am showing some moments of my day and my meals. Let’s start off with breakfast. I usually have milk for breakfast; some whole grains, some protein flakes, these; some instant oatmeal. So first I prepare some milk with instant oats, because it’s an incedible source of carbohydrates and it’s perfect to start your day. Ok this is for carbohydrates; then we have protein flakes, these here, so we can have some proteins and a bit whole grains with chocolate sprinkles ready to go. I am ready to start my day. Now I check my email, I work on some workout sheets and then some light exercises for muscle awakening. I prepared my lunch and like every lunch it’s a light lunch since I have training in the afternoon, so today I go for pasta with lentils and one banana. I chose pasta with lentils because lentils are legumes and legumes contain a high rate of carbohydrates, plant proteines, iron and minerals. This allows me to have all the necessary energy while at the same time keeping me light and fresh for training. I cannot miss out the dessert so I end up with a protein bar by Foodspring as it is made up of natural and biological elements. Well, it was a rather good workout, even though I hadn’t done many of the exercises for a few months. And now my post-workout is with Foodspring’s whey proteins. So, I’m ready to recover. Last meal of the day (dinner): chicken, salad, rice and an apple, and always a lot of water. I’m going to eat my apple now, so let me know if you’ve enjoyed the video by liking it, sharing it, and leave a comment if you have any good ideas for the next videos. For anyone who’s interested in trying out any of the stuff by Foodspring, in the description you’ll find my discount code ‘larosaFSG’, which takes 20% off every product.

21 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating | Andrea Larosa | Calisthenics [SUB ENG]

  1. Hey guys, here it is a new video!
    You can add English Subtitles using the Youtube option.
    Thumbs up for the superhero landing 6:17

  2. Ti stimo ma mangi troppo poco😂io che ho 13 anni mangio di più capisco che è un allenamento ma io non resisterei comunque grande ti stimo

  3. Es bueno es sus acrobacias, se ve fuerte , pero no le doy el visto bueno ya que es un Calistenico No natural. Además usa Proteína Whey jaj basura

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