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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up muscle & strength Chris Bumstead
here gonna take you guys through a full day of eating alright guys so for
meal one is protein pancakes my go-to breakfast favorite thing to eat in the
morning this includes four whole eggs 100 grams of oats one scoop of MHP
protein powder one scoop of glutamine a a little bit of baking powder and a
little bit of cashew milk which I used today and on top I throw on a little bit of
berries maybe a total of like a cup combined of blueberries and raspberries
we grab all the ingredients put it together
throw in the ninja blend it all up cook it and then you got your pancakes yea so this is meal number two
keeping it pretty simple right now I got 300 grams of white rice and 200 grams of
ground turkey on top of that I would put in a little bit of soy sauce just
because forever my favorite condiment and what I’ve been doing a lot lately
for a little bit of extra fats healthy fats as well as extra calories
guacamole so I buy these things called holy guacamole which the ingredients in
them are super simple literally just like avocado vinegar jalapeno peppers some
salt and red pepper and what not so I take two of these which is a hundred
calories each and a total of nine grams of fat each so 18 grams of fat I just
scoop them out of here throw them in the bowl and like a nice little Mexican
fiesta dish So whenever I train I always get a little bit distracted before leaving for
the gym or I take too long after eating my pre-workout meal and I have it in my head
for something that I need to eat more all the time I need more food I need more
carbs I’m not gonna have enough energy I’m not gonna get a good enough pump so
I just like feel like I force food down as I’m like walking out the door to
the gym so maybe it’s been an hour since I’ve eaten so also when I do that
it kind of bloats my stomach makes me feel lethargic and can actually make me end
up feeling more tired so to kind of distract myself from doing that I have
myself a pre-workout Apple because they’re delicious and nutritious and why
the hell not so kind of like a ritual of mine when I
Drive to the gym I usually munch on one of these obviously it’s so light it’s
pretty much all liquid it doesn’t really mess with your stomach or anything it’s
just a nice little snack post-workout meal here keeping it simple
again just having 200 grams of ground turkey and two full sweet potatoes
I don’t really weigh my sweet potatoes out in the offseason I just know that a
medium-sized one isn’t enough and two is perfect so I eat two but the way I cook
these I just wrap them up in a wet paper towel we rinse it a little bit under the
sink put in the microwave for nine minutes and then when it comes out as you
can see it’s super soft it literally just peeled out of the skin
I combined it with the ground turkey my favorite thing to put on it is ketchup
cause ketchup can go on literally everything I usually stick to the no
sugar added ketchup because I actually like the taste better now but yeah other
than that super simple meal keeping it easy quick digesting after the workout work out and that’s it all right guys so here with dr. Pank
from nobility chiropractic here in Ottawa been getting kind of fixed up by
him a lot lately I’ve had really bad neck pains in the past which lead to
migraines I’ve had tight issues everywhere lower back pain the magician
in all sorts of ways just making everything work properly making muscles
contract properly everything working in a functional manner and making me feel a
lot better in the gym so the idea behind the instrument system
therapies is breaking up facial adhesions so the muscle will actually
start to stick together in a way and so it’s helping break that up and so what
it’s gonna do is take a lot of stress off the tendons the muscle will be less
tight overall as well as help the muscle move through a more full range of motion
comfortably it’s tough to explain like he was trying to tell me when you run over a muscle it’s supposed to feel smooth but it’s like running over like something grainy like it’s not like a nice smooth muscle it’s just like
constant restrictions in it probably the best meal of the day as you can tell it looks
pretty damn delicious I got myself a steak and cheese sub BLT sub subway melt sub on an oven roasted chicken always mix it up with a bunch of
variety a lot of calories in here a bunch of protein might not be the best
food you’re gonna eat in the day but hey cheat meals a cheat meal this is what I
like to eat it’s gonna taste damn good finishing up pretty simple a lot of
flavor tastes good we’ve got 200 grams of 96/4r extra lean ground beef this is
kind of the meal I like to get in at the end of the day which have a little extra
fat in it still there’s no need for like having 90/10 a really high fat ground
beef it just almost tastes too greasy at that point so we have 96/4 extra lean
got about four tortillas I don’t think I’ll fill up five so four total tortillas
a little bit of lettuce to add some crunch and texture and the restaurante salsa love food I’ve been a foodie so I try
and do things like this actually make it taste good make it a little bit more
interesting and even full off season tacos always tastes good to me so when you find
little ways like this actually get all your meals it definitely helps but
most of the time when you’re deep in your offseason definitely feels like a
chore so that’s a full day of eating in my offseason if
you guys like the video be sure to subscribe below
now I gotta get some rest so you got to get out

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  2. this is clearly bulking period of the year, could somebody tell me how many month do they eat like this in a row ? thx

  3. The owner of this channel is dope and he replies to each and every comment and if you do see mine I'd love to be friends with you thank you.

  4. These guys doing full day of eating need to be clear. People think eating all day like them they will get muscles 💪. These guys workout 🏋️‍♀️ all day everyday.

  5. Awesome vid.
    You cant hate Chris….he's a really nice guy by the looks of it. And he's way of making his meals taste good and healthy in the same time is something that i do for myself. Strong vid. Keep them coming.
    Ps: Gotta look for that ready made guacamole. I spent to much time doing it myself and does not always tastes gotta look for those.

  6. When he's describing the apple in the car and says "nice little snack" I lost it, idk why. If you watch his channel you know he's always goofin

  7. Who the hell did the calculations of the calories, not accurate tho, not all of them : )) Other than that, good ideas for meals.

  8. Meal 4 says 381.2 calories

    46,3 gram of protein has 185 calories
    7 gram of fat has 63 calories
    49 gram carbs has 196 calories
    That comes to a total of 444 calories

    So actualy its not true

  9. 2 scoops of Serious Mass whey powder mixed with some milk is 1650 calories, just drink 2 of those and you’re good lol

  10. Chris you are a very humble, and laid back chill person! love it! Simply just showing us how you ear everyday! bloody amazing Chris! Love to meet you in person👊 Back to Subway? love it loads🙋

  11. I'm a 22 year old Indian from a normal middle class family and vegetarian.

    Honestly speaking, I get the protein you're eating in a day in a month may be . Lol .

    This video depicts Consumerism. Man , our organs might fail if we consume that much

  12. 5.19 stretch mark gang oh I mean battle scars 😉and ppl think pros don’t get them and there fresh af ones as well

  13. 5.19 stretch mark gang oh I mean battle scars 😉and ppl think pros don’t get them and there fresh af ones as well

  14. On the one hand it's super cool to be able to eat so much. However it also is kinda annoying because half of the day you are busy with cooking, prepping and grocery shopping and the other half of the day is exercising lol

  15. How tf do you eat 4500 calories when you weigh like 220 on stage that's insane I'm here struggling with 2400 calories at 185

  16. i love how bodybuilders always try and make you believe that the crap they eat is good. avocado, soy sauce and rice "a nice little fiesta meal," lmfao

  17. Isn’t to much protein in one meal bad? Well, not bad but someone told me you’re stomach digests 20-30g of protein in an hour or so. Can someone teach my uneducated ass 😂

  18. Can you guys do a full day of eating with the 2 time Olympia Classic Physique Champion…??? Breon is winning for a reason. Thank you and God Bless.

  19. Chris bro save your money chiropractic care is a joke use a massage therapist there's some scientific evidence behind that at least.

  20. Okay so I always sucked at math, but what is going on with the calorie count for meal two there? 300 grams of rice alone would have at least 900 kcal, not even factoring in the meat and the guacamole, but the total, in the end, is not even at 900. Am I just dumb or how is this possible?

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