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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey what’s up guys IFBB men’s physique pro branding and Rickson currently six weeks off from the mr. Olympia I’m gonna take you through a full day of me eating. meal 1 this is my meal I usually eat when I’m about from 8 weeks on forward until the show egg whites and 2 whole eggs and then we have 1/2 a cup of oats I put a strawberry blueberry honey and cinnamon and a little bit of almond milk for the moisture and then this is my first call out grapefruit and I just cut in half I drizzled some honey and sprinkle some cinnamon and broiled it for a couple minutes till it’s charred I actually take in a lot of my carbs well most of my carbs during the beginning of the day because I train in the afternoon usually around 2 p.m. so my the bulk of my carbs is usually between meal 1 and meal for after that they start getting a little bit lower so we’re at meal two now this meal is prepared by Eat Clean Chicago. Go to to you use my code bflex to save you an extra 10% off. It’s a 1 cup of brown rice 4 stalks of broccoli and then about 6 ounces of shrimp but usually this is my pre-workout meal because it’s a little bit lighter it’s not too heavy and makes me feel like bloated I like the shrimp in the brown rice because it’s a lighter meal to my workout but it’s enough carbs to help keep me full and give me energy just finished training and I’m gonna have meal three this is prepared by eat clean Chicago. So meal 3 is a post workout meal it’s uh 50 grams of protein of chicken 50 grams of carbs and then a cup of green beans this is a meal I always have for post-workout it helps me you know the carbs and the chicken really help me feel full help fill up my muscles so this is usually a typical post-workout meal So meal four we are at whole foods we have taht grilled salmon All they are seasoning with with was olive oil salt pepper and then I have garlic green beans I’m not doing any carbs right now it’s a low carb day so there we go let’s get it and we are currently on meal number five so what we got here is some shrimp jasmine rice and broccoli meal is by eating Chicago this is what we call the dead center meal so here we go we’re still working we’re on the meal five got one more meal to go. I will show you what I eat for my last meal of the day so we got here egg whites got about ten egg whites and two whole eggs I like to use turkey sausage mushroom onion and then some cilantro to top it off so that’s one of my favorite ingredients for egg whites super good I love it love you enjoy eating it every morning and every night so this is one of my favorite meals especially ending the day and beginning the day alright guys we just went through a full day of eating six weeks off for the Mr. Olympia hope you got a pretty good idea of what an Olympian eats during the day thank you so much for watching and subscribe below!

100 thoughts on “Full Day of Eating During Prep | IFBB Pro Brandon Hendrickson | 2,594 Calories

  1. This guy is a paid Steroid project. He is definitely of steroids. He may look good to you lames but his insides are all fucked up. Fake ass niggas. Get the fuck off YouTube with this shit.

  2. First bodybuilder who is sponsored by Beast and is marketing eat clean Chicago. What about Beast whey protein bcaa and other stuff ? You gonna loose your sponsor ship mr Hendrickson

  3. I swear that the eating part is the most important but also the most challenging..If you actually literally eat all the protein you need. You can go at the gym and workout with no special program just push to the burn and see great results. It's all in the diet man.

  4. Awesome video! and big congrats to Brandon Hendrickson, he's been on the rise for some time and followed him from before he even got the crown so super stoked for him!. I have a question though M&S, during a cutting phase.. I've noticed you're told to drink a lot of water. However.. I tend to find that I get pretty bloated by the end of the day, of course it will help flush out the toxins and you're still going to lose the water weight but my body holds on to water for dear life.. lol, I don't think my Sodium intake is that high cause Sodium also holds water plus I use creatine as well in general so that has the ability to hold water.

    However could it be my post workout meal?.. usually after a workout I have a shake that consists of one banana, whey protein isolate, and strawberries, I also use unsweetened almond milk.

    Then I have about 4 scrambled eggs. Is that too much in terms of caloric intake in the morning or perhaps I'm not taking into consideration that the food hasn't yet digested..

    I eat clean the whole day and have been losing weight correctly and consistently, went from 254 lbs last year to currently 216 lbs this year and going strong, my aim is to maintain the weight at around 200 lbs to give or take maybe drop down to as low as 195 lbs. I should be shredded at that point.

    Any other pointers will be a bonus!!..

  5. who else just sitting here watching muscle n strength eating videos ,, making me fuking hungry , might order some burgers

  6. Doesnt he get fat from eating all those calories i mean if u workouts He will get fat I mean 7 meals wtf I usually eat 4 meals eating clean broccoli is good but if u junk full day of eating u will get fattty

  7. I’ll eat about that much in 4 meals from 12-8 because of intermittent fasting. I can’t wait until I’m finished cutting so I can spread that out over 5 meals and eat a proper breakfast.

  8. whaaatttt i think i eat more than you im.1850 im only 5'1 and a girl…probably this is the reason why im freaking fat😭😭🤔😱

  9. It appears he's doing 35% carb 45% protein & 20% fat. Changes my whole prep watching this video… I'm 12 weeks out and before this video I was doing 50% protein 30% fat and 20% carb. Looks like my entire prep is changing now!

  10. Man works his ass off and diets hard and you dick lickers still commenting tren, test, etc.? What the fuck guys he does not even say he is natural, go comment on fake nattys

  11. What supplements do you use though? Mostly all full day of eating videos they include their supplements as well… so again.. what do you use bruh?

  12. Did this dude just say the carbs in the chicken make me feel full??? Bro chicken has no carbs unless your eating wings, drumsticks or thighs lmao! Wow great knowledge there pal!!! Smh fucking joke!

  13. Very low daily calories. I thought a man with his size and muscles would use a much higher callories diet……great video.

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