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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

whats up muscle & strength this is Errol Moore
IFBB Pro I’m gonna take you through a full day of eating hey guys this is meal
number one what we got is 250 grams of egg whites 2 whole eggs 150 grams of
cream of rice 30 grams of blueberries and one banana so I got my protein a little
bit of fats carbohydrates blueberry obviously is good for you especially with
the sugars and then my banana is another carbohydrate source so alright guys this is meal number two
post-workout meal it’s a mega fuel meal teriyaki bowl Jay Cutler actually
signature meal I usually try to get quicker digesting carbohydrates as a
post-workout as well as chicken that way the nutrition gets into my system a lot
faster so I’m actually a sales rep for nutrex
research considered a West Coast rep so I’ll cover California Arizona Nevada
Washington Oregon if anything once I got my pro card I actually started spending more
money because you know start eating more and coaches charge money for or
dietitians as well and when you’re a pro you got to start budgeting and saving
money to go fly somewhere to compete so you gotta think about expenses like hotels ubers about
getting food over there so it does add up especially traveling for a show and if
you’re not getting top 3 usually not winning anything we’re over
at winner’s circle athletics it’s a full-on prep school Academy Center as
well but I come here for my recovery I just kind of keep my body in tune to
keep my body fresh as possible from all the training so we’re gonna have Errol
here get in the cyrotherapy what it’s gonna be good for is it’s
going to help increase his recovery it’s gonna have helping build muscle increase
oxygen circulation and reduce any pain and inflammation throughout his body feels tight but it’s kinda relaxing as well
so with the Norma tech compression what it’s doing is once we get out of the
cyrotherapy it’s helping the body assist get those metabolites the lactic
acid and the soreness out of the leg starts at the ankle and works all the
way up towards the heart of the body and then releases so what’s that doing is
just creating that flushing effect of that bad blood and allowing the rush of
the fresh blood that we just created into the legs and speeding up that
recovery and muscle growth we’re in Chino Hills California
we’re bout to eat at waba grill let’s check it out hello can I get a chicken bowl
white meat just rice and then also a one of your steak bowls white meal as
well and then can I get the garlic sauce on the side instead of the teriyaki
ya no teriyaki and that will be it all right guys I got meal number three
it’s steak and rice no teriyaki sauce like I said just don’t want to add any extra sugar or calories for no reason I ended up putting some hot sauce on it to get a little bit of flavor we’re out running errands right now so what I’m gonna
do is give you a quick protein shake kind of help keep my metabolism moving I’m using nutrex isofit it’s the isolate it has mtc oil in it as
well so a little bit of fat to kind of keep the metabolism going a little bit
so this is meal number five we got steak
some vegetable green beans and some potatoes so I’m gonna go ahead and get
this in alright guys that’s my full day of
eating thanks for watching please be sure to subscribe below now get out

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  2. I eat 2600 on training days now don't feel so bad anymore. Usually on M & S! Meal 2 20 0000 calories. Great content and great stars thanks M & S!

  3. The meals look promising I will try them out the only thing missing is waba grill we dont have one here so meal number 3 for me will be just rice and a steak in general the same without the sauce.

  4. The correct calories if the macros are right are around 2317 calories. Plus pay attention to detail. Love you channel but little thing like this can discredit you

  5. Sorry bro but buying waba for lunch ain't doing it

    If i wanted to see you pay for meals then I'd go elsewhere..I want to see you in the kitchen cooking !

    Thumb down

  6. Okay….. Am I just eating to much?? I am about 5 feet 8, I weight 155 -160 pounds, about 8% body fat.. I eat about 2300-2600 calories a day and about 3000 calories on my cheat day…. I train almost every day but I do not lift like him. How the heck have I been able to maintain my weight with 2300-2600 calories while training every day? And he ate about 2400 calories ( not 2800) based on the calculations.. Is he cutting ?? No one way in hell all those muscles only need 2300 calories a day to maintain or am I just abnormal?

  7. Talks about budgeting right… yet buys chicken/rice and steak/rice bowl. Both things that are far faster and cheaper cooked at home. Even if you don't have a lot of time, there's instapots. Could've bought an entire bag of chicken breasts and 10lb bag of rice with the price of that lunch.

  8. What's his weight ? 2800 calories seems very little . If he's cutting , maybe it makes sense…but 2800 at that muscle mass seems very little

  9. For a bodybuilder is his calorie intake on the lower side? (Idk how it works, just comparing from your other videos😅)

  10. 0:55 it says 48g protein = 192
    22.5g carbs = 90
    10.5g fat = 94.5
    grand total of 376.5 calories. How on earth did yall calculate 927 calories?

  11. Old video? Jay isn’t with megafit meals and on their website they don’t call it the Jay cutler bowl anymore

  12. Big bowl or cream of rice, blueberries and banana = 22.5 grams of carbs? Not sure what your using to track but that's off lol😂

  13. Hi! this is one of my favorite breakfasts but because the rice cream and not the oats?
    This is your pre workout meal?

  14. My meal schedule is usually something like this:

    First meal: Whey 1 scoop, 1-2 banana, 4-5tbs peanut butter

    Second meal: 2 eggs mixed with some chicken, 4 scoops of yogurt and 100-150gm of whole wheat bread

    Third meal: usually something with rice, veggies, chicken and mashed potatoes, or a healthy double burger

    Fourth meal: a little bit more than handful of nuts with a glass of milk and/or a fruit juice

    Fifth meal: usually this is post my workout, take another scoop of whey, some oats mixed with milk and whatever my wife has cooked up

    Sixth meal: high protein almond milk, protein bar and some veggies. I like to pack something for my muscles before i go to bed.

    As someone trying to bulk up, what do you guys think of this? Anything you'd recommend me to change? All opinions welcome 🙂

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