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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

you know what’s funny man like every
dude we work out to like get muscles to get chicks the more muscular
and bigger you get the less chicks you pick up man muscle and strength what’s up its Sadik I’m about
to take you through a full day of eating when I do my cardio I I do my cardio
instinctively so I could plan to go do cardio 40 minutes light intensity a good
song will come on and I might fucking turn a steady-state cardio into a
high-intensity you know so you never know what you get
with cardio but my goal is to go there do 20 minutes on the Stairmaster medium
to high intensity and go home alright guys here’s a recap of meal
number one I got one cup of liquid egg whites what I did is I took my favorite
veggies and I pretty much just scrambled them inside got bell peppers spinach and
onions and for carbohydrates cream of rice and i got this water close by because my
goal today is to drink a minimum of two gallons so I’m going to start early You know what’s funny man like every dude we
workout to like we all get muscles to get chicks the more muscular and bigger you get the less chicks you pick up man like I started out 140 lbs no
chicks 155 a little bit more attention 170 to 175 fucking prime 185 they’re
kind of like getting a little scared you know it’s a point of diminishing returns
guys chill at the 175 mark don’t go crazy so I don’t even feel like eating
chicken this morning so I have 8 ounces of egg whites instead I’m just going to
drink it so I’ve been using this pink Himalayan
sea salt put a 3/4 of a tablespoon in there but cream rice is so dense it
packs so much in a little package that when you eat it you don’t really have
that bloated stomach feeling you would if you had two cups of white rice you want to
peak perfectly you know the guys in the early 90s they didn’t peak two weeks before
the show they didn’t peak a week before the show they peaked the day of the show you know
Ronnie Coleman did that Kevin Levrone flex wheeler like these guys peaked the
day of the show so now with social media everyone wants to rush it and they want
to look good for social media and show people that they’re ready because they
know everyone’s watching each other social media and it’s ruining what
they have going on because they’re really competing for social media
instead of competing for looking good on stage so I think that’s what’s wrong
these days we got a pre-workout meal you see
there’s no carbohydrates I just got three and a half ounces of broccoli
eight ounces of chicken breast I got my infamous pre-workout pickle for you guys
that know the reason I eat pickles is is because pre-workout okay what do you
need to consume pre workout to have the best pump sodium what our pickles loaded
with sodium so it just helps me get a better contraction a better pump in the
gym I’ve never been a type of person that could just like eat and like go
straight to gym I need like 45 minutes to an hour to digest man I just feel
like there’s so much going on in my stomach that uh really affects my
overall pump in a gym so post-workout I’m not one of these
guys that likes to carry around a cooler full of food in fact I like to eat every
meal fresh but in the exception when I don’t have time to I do 50 grams of
whey protein with half a cup of gluten-free oatmeal so if you let it
soak for about 5 or 10 minutes the oatmeal actually softens up and it
tastes pretty good last meal of the evening you’ve got one whole cup of
egg whites with some spinach bell peppers and one
tablespoon of the most delicious almond butter that there is justin’s alright guys that’s it you are in my
house you’re watching exactly how I cook and
how I eat now I got to kick you all out peace out

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  2. Sadik is easily becoming not only my favorite physique guy but bodybuilder in general! Super nice guy down to earth no ego, we definitely need more guys like him in the industry!

  3. There ya go folks. You don't need 5g of protein per pound of body weight. Eat clean and include a protein source in each meal and your good

  4. Hey guys. I need your help please. I’m from Europe and I use a different metric system. How many grams does 1 cup have? For example Sadik says that for his last meal he has 1 cup of egg whites…
    Thank you!

  5. Female attention mainly comes from being lean….face > height > body …….but i can understand why you'd get less female attention as an open bodybuilder freak lol

  6. 3:10 …. does he mean 3/4 TSP or 3/4 TBSP lmaooo cuz damn 3/4 TBSP is ALOTTTT of salt for one meal, 3/4 TSP is already about 1,500mg sodium

  7. i always find it amusing when people drive to the gym for cardio on a nice day. looks like some nice greenery in the background of his drive, the type that's perfect for running. but I guess it's better to go to the gym to do "instinctive cardio"

  8. It’s true if seen guys at my gym 280lbs bloated, bald, back acne etc who still say that most girls want a guy that is that huge. Me and a friend of mine once did a natural physique show and we were around 178lbs and at that show we got like 3 numbers. I’m now not natty anymore and i’m around 243lbs, i get less smiles from girls just the crazy once who take gear themself lol

  9. Dude that’s such s low calorie food lol I eat 3000-3300 and in 5-10 176 and and that’s just to maintain or a slight surplus. I know Sadik is cutting but that seems so low.

  10. So little fat… wonder why? Fat is vital for hormone balance. You’d need double that to remain healthy. Funny thing is you don’t really need as much when your injecting them. This diet would not be ideal for a natural lifter

  11. Please give me a god damn feedback some how, ive grinded for this video, did some sick edits, and barely get any publicity.. time ill come, but will love a review/ feedback

  12. I love the guy, but HE DOESNT HAVE ANY SWEET DISH???!!!!! I WOULD DIE. I need my oats with raspberries in the morning!

  13. I have never really understood why these bodybuilder get to the gym by car for cardio… instead of just jogging around in your home area lol

  14. Maybe I I'm a skeptic but does eating pickles or any kind of pre workout meal really have any kind of impact on your workout?

  15. This guy's macros I can get behind, a lot of these other bodybuilders just eat junk and rely on gear to get shredded.

  16. I think when you start doing competitions and fitness becomes your life you stop attracting females and just all looks …Y’all too big 😂

  17. Cant believe what stupidness.
    Crossing 20miles to do 20 minutes cardio
    Bro you could walk around your house 5 times and thats it

  18. This guy is definitely all natural. Idc what anybody say. This dude just works hard and has amazing genetics

  19. Never watched this channel before I like the fact that it felt no -manafactured asnitnpertains to the content,!, also never heard about the pickle, but makes sense

  20. Drive half hour to gym for 20 minutes on stair master then drive another 30 minutes back home. Makes sense 🤦‍♂️

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