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hey guys what’s going on in this video I’m going to take you through my day a little bit I’m going to show you what I ate today so this is going to be a full day of eating video and this is not going to be a video that will waste your time I will also show you my pre-workout weapon I will give you some valuable tips on the way so I really hope you enjoy this video and without further ado let’s get started so right after I woke up I went to take a walk in this beautiful area and like I talked about in one of the previous videos which you can check out I’ll make sure I link it in the description box it is very important to have a proper morning routine if you want the entire day to be a success the first hour is very important so what I did is I took a walk on on an empty stomach put on the headphones listen to end audio book you know just to get them the mind right to get in the right state so and it’s really important to write down everything you’re going to do the night before or right after you wake up because those five or ten minutes of you organizing and planning your day will save you at least an hour to oppose you not knowing exactly what you’re going to do the entire day but of course you’re not going to plan your day like a robot and have every single minute planned but you know just an overall view on your day fill it up with productive activities and you know I listen to I can remember who said it but he said that I think it was Rob Dom I don’t know but he said that the difference between a successful person and an average person or I don’t know the low average is that if you want to become successful you have to do more than an average person does in a day so it’s all about those daily activities success doesn’t come right away you know like overnight something magical happens and you suddenly become successful know-it-all about what you put in and every single date which is going to lead up to that success so right now I’m reading a book just to further get into the state this book actually contains three three books from Napoleon Hill Dale Carnegie and Joseph Murphy so here is the first meal of the day and I already made a similar video or a similar breakfast but I made a similar video in which I showed you how to make this kind of breakfast yeah that’s that’s the same video that has the morning routine the importance of the morning routine so in this for this breakfast what I use is oats a banana an apple I think sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds and peanuts so here is the second meal of the day here we have a salad quote-unquote detox salad which I also made a video about it will be all down in the description box some peas mixed with carrots some tomatoes and a pepper and the main course of course the white meat the the chicken breast and had some bread with that as well but it was a homemade bread yeah so first I guess I owe you an apology for not making a video for quite some time now but I have a really good excuse I was extremely busy with call it work and basically I didn’t have time to do anything but that is I didn’t go to the gym and it was crazy but now that contract doing a lot of productive and killer activities so I’m currently in the process of making a game but Fred and I are going to make an Android app so make sure you stick around for that well I can’t show you the design right now because we don’t want you stealing our ideas but anyways I’m making that right now and preparing for the damn times have my three workouts neck which that is my secret lesson which I’ll show you right now there it is it’s watermelon and not really much to say about watermelons you can you will get a lot of carbohydrates in you and will also get hydrated so definitely better alternative than having a pre-workout or coffee caffeine doesn’t matter and that’s what the much healthier one so yeah there will be ok guys so I’m on my way to the workout all to set up back and bicep workout and after that we’re going to talk about gym intimidation and how not to care what people think so make sure you enjoy the workout and the post-workout meal and also the the talk well yeah I have also the talk about how not to care what people think so yeah enjoy so I’m terribly sorry but I couldn’t there was no chance of me filming in the gym because it was too crowded so you won’t be actually seeing the workout again I’m really sorry for that but here is some posing footage at the end there were there was not the gym was not so crowded so I could film it lit this again guys I’m terribly sorry but you can see that the progress not the progress but you can see that the physique is not the same after pausing for a month but I’m definitely getting back on track and not just that I’m going to make all kinds of new games so make sure to go on for that okay so I’m just finished with the workout and I’m about to head home and play the guitar I’ll make sure I record that as well gonna get some most work out snacks gonna get some almonds and then I’m gonna go finish up my chicken breast and let it go yeah what coming up is how not to care what people think about you or Jim intimidation so I really hope you enjoyed make sure you check out my guitar covers on YouTube so here is the post-workout meal I finished up with some like I said I had almond on the way home from the gym and as you can see I finished up my watermelon with three applicants and after that I had a chicken breast tomatoes and homemade bread and after that here is the homemade peanut butter which I also made a video about so you can check out how to make peanut butter on your own now I know I promised to make the gym intimidation and how not to care what people think a part of this video but it took I rambled on for so long that the video turned out to be six or seven minutes so I really didn’t want to make a make it a part of this video because the video would be too long and the title would lose the point because this is a full day of eating video so if you want to check out that video you can do that by go either going to the description box or you will have it in the recommended at the end of the video and if it’s not already out if you’re a loyal subscriber and it’s been the first like two or three hours of me posting this video then you’ll just have to wait you I really appreciate you coming this early yeah anyways guys I really appreciate you watching this video and I really hope you liked it as well and if you did make sure you like it down below and also if you’re new to the channel make sure that you join the team by clicking the subscribe button for consistent weekly content so all that being said I really hope you all have an amazing day and I’ll be seeing you all in the next video

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