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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, this is Jeff Cavaliere from
and I wanna bring to you here today a new workout to address the lower part of our arms. Last time we got the upper half (triceps,
biceps), now we’re gonna talk about forearms with our Full Force Forearm workout. Now here’s what we’re gonna do… I’m gonna take you through it real quick,
but really the magic in this workout is how much you do, how little rest you take between
these exercises. The forearms are built for more endurance,
we use them all day long for the writing or for carrying things. They’re made to kind of fire and continue
to fire, we need to tap into that ability to make these things respond and grow. So we’ll do something called a Tubing 50/50’s,
I’ll show you what that is…50 reps each. And from there into a Plate Squeeze Farmer’s
Walk, something really easy to do, but big, big rewards. Gravity Wrist Curls, again I’ll show you here,
and then Olympic Bar Rolls….really simple, everybody who has access to an olympic bar
can do these. We’re gonna start right over here right now. One piece of tubing. Now how do you get in form with a piece of
tubing like this? It’s real simple. Spread your feet apart here and now I’m gonna
switch…take the one that’s in my left hand, grab it with my right hand and viceversa and
now I’m locked in place. If I need to put more resistance, I spread
my feet apart. And now I’m gonna extend them back, so my
wrists are going backwards. Just like this… Now I wanna go through the full range of motion
here. I would go about 50 reps here, ok? You can see already that it’s starting to
work. I’m already starting to really burn out, too. If I couldn’t make it through to my 50, I
could clip my feet this way and keep going. Now, once I reach my 50, I’m gonna spread
my feet even further apart…hands in here and now I’m gonna curl in. Now we’re working the other side of the forearms. [pause]
Ok, we’re gonna work out 50 on that right in a row, no rest. You already had the burn, you already had
the bump in the forearm, but now it’s time to keep going. Now I have two 10s here, I could grab another
pair of 10s here… The inside of the plates should face each
other, so that the slippery part of the plate is on the outside. Grip them with one thump here and four fingers
on the outside, squeeze them and walk. Walking is important in this exercise, because
just the momentum of having to stabilize these things while our body is moving really starts
to make our forearm extra hard. If I had to just sit there, it wouldn’t be
so bad. We walk for a minute…so I have two plates
in my right hand, two plates in my left hand and now I already start to feel these things
kind of drop…I need to squeeze extra hard right here. I’m gonna let them go over here one minute. …right into what I call these gravity wrist
curls. I hung a piece of tubing which is really thick
over the bar, hanging down with some kind of a loop. I could’ve used the same exact band that I
used in the first exercise. We’ll loop it around, drop down and for certain
guys that say they can’t feel this side of the forearm work, do this exercise and I promise
you, you’ll feel this side of the forearm all out like a baseball in there. You’re gonna sit down low…wrist is in neutral
position here… and I’m just gonna pull down. You can see right in here is where it really
start to wall up unlike any other kind of curl.
[pause] Try to get about 20 of these. You don’t wanna cheat and start pulling down
with the whole arm. Keep it blocked in. Ok, 20 and 20 both ways. We go right up into the Olympic Bar Roll. Grab the olympic bar, hang it in front of
you and we’re just gonna turn it. Nice, full rotations here…25. [pause]
I use a variation of this exercise with a lot of the guys, because baseball players
need extra forearms to control the bat. So we’re going 25 that way and then we’re
going 25 this way. And 25 there, then we come underneath and
we’re gonna walk it up this way. So we’re kind of curling, if you see here,
under, under. At this point my forearms are fried. [pause]
So no rest the whole way through…all those exercises and really, all you’re using is
some common piece of equipment. A piece of tubing…the same piece of tubing
can be used for the same exercise and the third exercise…just a couple of those olympic
plates, 10 pound plates is all you’re gonna need there. Pinch them and walk. Last one: an olympic bar. So hopefully, we’re sort of filling some of
the gaps here. You guys have seen some of the chest workouts
using the shoulders, the back, the legs. Now we’re just trying to fill the blanks with
some of the things you guys have been asking for, the forearm workout. Guys, if you want the entire system all put
together for you…not in pieces, but all together over 90 days to get you in the best
shape of your life, head over to right now and try it out for yourself. I guarantee you put this system to work for
you, it’s gonna get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in and it’s gonna take you
there in the least amount of time, with no wasted effort. Thanks again, guys. We will come back for part 2 on nutrition. We’ll start dealing with our snacks, lunch,
dinners…we’ll get into all that too. Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you here
next week!

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