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Hello Everybody welcome back again to my channel Healthy Friends Always with me “Putra”. In this video I will give a tutorial/Full Review about how we serve whey protein for us to drink daily. In front of me there is already a name Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein By the way I use my sister room now because the next to my house is a prayer room, and now is the time for tarawih prayer. I have prayed tarawih, but it only lasts for 11 rak’ahs. Because usually the tarawih prayer at my house is up to 23 rak’ahs. But I took the 11 rak’ahs. So I do half of tarawih, then I go home. Let’s to the topic. I will give example about how we present This Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Gold Standard. We must prepare first is I’ve prepared it here Shaker. By the way I’m not promoting the name of the Shaker is “smart shake”. And then, Mineral Water As you can see this is still sealed. This is Original. There is a Hologram. Then here is have Verifcation that this is fake or original. It is Cool, Optimum Gold Standard Whey the protein is there, until this happens There is a Hologram. There is a Hologram here. There is the serial number for verification that this milk is Fake or Genuine. And here one dish contains 24 grams of protein 5.5 grams of BCAA and 4 grams of Glutamine. This is Chocolate flavor. Double Rich Chocolate. I also sell this actually. So besides the promotional on my youtube channel. I also promote my shop. I sell this in Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada, and my Instagram too. So my Instagram for selling is the name @ barang_original_88. And Youtube Official specifically for sports is
“Sahabat Sehat Selalu”. You Can search on youtube. And the Instagram is “@sahabat.sehat.selalu”. For this 1 dose we mix with mineral water at most about 240ml. So around if my you know that, 240ml is about 1 glass of Aqua. And I haven’t ever spooned one spoon. Frankly, I am Optimum Gold Nutrition Whey Standard I’ve never been. So I usually drink L-Men Platinum. But this time I want to try it Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard to shape my muscle mass. Because, my muscle mass is really very lean. So I want to try this one. Who knows it might be suitable for me to increase muscle mass. One scoop or one measuring spoon is around 30.4 grams. So it can serve around 74 servings of one jar. Contains 120 calories, and most importantly, of course protein. About 24 grams. We can see this here. Calcium is also important in my opinion. 8% here too. By the way, I read this there have side effects as well. So don’t drink too much. “Excessive use of protein can interfere with kidney function” So just enough. One of these jars the price varies. Around IDR 850,000 if you can get the cheapest up to around IDR 950,000. I sell this at around IDR 880,000 up to IDR 920,000. So it depends on the period, depending on the high season too. Or even if the item is more rare it can be expensive. Something like that. And here is the sticker, there’s a hologram too. As you can see this is still sealed. Well, this is the seal. So I want to try what the taste like? We just open it guys. I open it now. I’ve opened it. Now we open it. And, this is the lid. Actually, it doesn’t same with L-Men Platinum huh. If L-Men Platinum has 4 bags. For Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard doesn’t use bag. But powder like this. Well, if you can see it is like this. So the milk is like this. It’s a coincidence that I bought Chocolate. See the powder like this. This is around 5 pounds (LB). 5 pounds (LB) or around 2.27 kilograms (KG). Many people say the taste not very delicious. the milk protein is exactly what I know that I tried like L-Men Platinum it’s not really delicious. yes maybe it feels almost tasteless. Have little taste, but not strong like ordinary chocolate milk or the other milk. Because this milk is specially formulated for health. So maybe the preservative is really little. Or other ingredients such as sweeteners are very little. So this milk specifically for people who want to have a healthy lifestyle. I haven’t seen the scoop yet. Where is the scoop? I will find the scoop. Is there have scoop or not? I also don’t know about this. And then I get the scoop. I get the scoop. It’s a bit deep. This is if you can see. As you can see the scoop like this. Well, I took it. So the scoop is like this. Now I put it outside. Well. This scoop contains around 30.4 grams. And it can be served up to 74 times. Sorry my hand is blocking huh? Is that right? I don’t know. If L-Men Platinum has 3 scoops to drink it. If Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 1 scoop is enough. I’m not sure for this. Now I will try it. I will tried it straight away. Let me open it. This is 1 serve. Sorry. I drink this. This scoop is like this. Just enter the shaker. Maybe if you are not enough, you can add one or more scoop. But I was horrified too. Because there have warnings, “It can damage kidney function”. And I’ll just pour about 180ml of water so the taste delicious. I will pour it here. After that I will shake,
I will not stir. Okay, I think this is enough. Done. And then, now we shake. It is like this if you want to see. Chocolate tastes. Now we are Shake. We shake about 30 seconds. “30 seconds from now” ! Enough. I have shake it for more than 30 seconds. Now I want to try drinking. Hmmm. The taste is similar. Similar, I mean it’s not too strong like L-Men Platinum. It feels like the chocolate doesn’t really feel on my tongue. Really tasteless. I watched videos of Brodibalo and Deddy Corbuzier That this milk protein tastes really not delicious. If Deddy Corbuzier said it was like “5h1*” he said. But indeed this chocolate/sweet taste doesn’t really feel. So if you like sweet of the taste maybe sweet milk can be added. Sweetened condensed milk like white milk or chocolate milk. This really feels like it is indeed tasteless. Protein milk is not tasty. It’s not really good. So on the tongue the taste just tasteless. Because this is health milk. So the sugar is a little. Something like that. Or maybe I pour too much water. Later I will try to make it again with less water. Accidental, I have been practicing Calisthenics yesterday. Finished I will try making milk with 1 more scoop again with a little water. I will make one more scoop. Approximately like this. Blank. By the way, the tarawih prayer just finished in next to my house. I will try pouring less water. I’ll just try pouring a little. So you can see the dosage later. Is it enough? Is it enough? I think a little more water. Stop. Done. I want to try whether this feels really strong or not by pouring a little water really? Now we shake again guys. About 30 seconds. Starting from now. OK enough. Wow this is good. Maybe before I mostly pouring the water. This chocolate taste is better. This chocolate taste feels a bit. Now here’s a glimpse of the milk. So this looks like this. I might pour about 130-150 ml of water. Very little because indeed I want to the chocolate taste feels on my tongue. Now we try it. Hmmm. It’s rather decent. Pretty thick. The chocolate/sweet taste feels a bit but still not strong on my tongue. Very thick. The chocolate taste isn’t too strong. Hmmm. But I like than before like more water feels. I made two kinds of things, one of the water is rather a lot the one water is a little bit. The taste of protein milk not strong. once again I say to you the taste is not too strong on the tongue. Not too brown. Not too sweet. It’s almost tasteless and arguably there is almost have a taste too. Because this milk is intended for health. And anything related to health is clear surely the sugar is a little or almost nonexistent. That’s it guys. Thank you so much for watching me in how to make Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein. Don’t forget if you really like this video,
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  1. Bang klo whey di campur sma pisang, telur, sma slei kacang trus di blander. Gmna bang.? Gk apa2 kah. Tolong bamg kasih pnjelasannya..

    Salam. Dari orang pedalaman.

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