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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. It’s one of those late night choices again.
Do I skip my workout and figure out any excuse to not do it? Or, do I take you guys along for the ride
with me and get started and get to work? Guys, you know it wouldn’t be a very interesting
video if I chose the first option. So, it’s time for me to get my ass going. So there you have it guys, 27 minutes later,
my work is done for the night. Now I can relax. Guys, if you’ve been following me on Team
ATHLEAN for any length of time, you recognize your exercises, you recognize your workout. There are elements of ATHLEAN XERO, AX1, AX2,
NXT, everything is combined into this workout. We did it in 27 minutes. I kicked my ass,
and now it’s time to get out of the gym and recover and grow. If you haven’t already, guys, and you want
to come on Team ATHLEAN, pick your starting spot. If you’re just starting out, AX1 is the place
for you. If you’re looking for an all bodyweight, completely
no equipment option, ATHLEAN XERO is for you. You work your way up through the progression:
AX!, AX2, and then up to that next level, NXT. In the meantime, guys, hopefully this video,
this exact workout, was helpful for you. And if it was, leave your comments and a thumb’s
up below, and I’ll keep making the videos. Alright guys, we’ll be back here again soon. Goodnight, literally.

100 thoughts on “Full Triceps Workout (HOME OR GYM VERSIONS!)

  1. Great workout, but hell I barely warm up in 27 minutes…lol…Good job just the same Jeff. Point to be taken from this? …He still worked out after a long F-N day's work!

  2. Will this workout work without the dubstep music? Or does that need to be there, because I'll need to plug my ears really tight before I put my headphones on lol. 

  3. I am looking to build my legs having done crossfit I lost my muscular legs because of the endurance side. Can you help me and show me  with a video on building them back.
    Thanks Jeff
    P.S. I just joined your site I think your adive is really really great thanks for sharing it.

  4. Jeff I have a question… At what point in this workout did you take the time to change into shorts… Then back into pants?? Haha

  5. Hi Jeff Thanks again for this kick ass workout. Will try for sure. It has been a while since you did a calf workout, We would really appreciate a video on it; Thanks again for ATHLEAN X; I am sure thankful I found it

  6. the problem on being obsessed with the workout is that people tend to exercise so excessively that this guy's face looks way too old as a result. ageing faster

  7. I'm gonna be honest here n' say that the music was terrible. Might as well be listening to chalk board scratching. Secondly, your thumbnail photo makes you look like you're cross-eyed.. L*

  8. Jeff, I have a question that I heard long ago (roughly 30 years). I really have never heard an answer yea or nay from a scientific perspective:
    "One set is all you need (except for perhaps a light warm up for the joints) for hypertrophy to occur if peak intensity is exerted." The common metaphor usually given with this was, "Only one well placed shot is necessary to kill a rabbit."
    I believe it came from Mike Mentzer but I could be mistaken on the source. Any truth here?

  9. I would love to see you do a Planche progression video Jeff, its one of my personal favourite moves in Gymnastics/Calisthenics!

  10. Hey Jeff can you show us the best workout for the V of the belly, i don't know what is it called and I don't remember you talking about it, please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks

  11. Jeff, keep the videos coming.  I've been lifting all my adult life (I was a competitive powerlifter and All-American football player in the 80's), and I love the fact that you're always coming up with new exercises and angles I've never tried before…keeps my workouts fresh, and I save all your videos for future reference.  I have been a subscriber to Athlean X for a year and bought your program, and I love it.  Keep up the great work.

  12. So what if I told you that in the next 27 MINUTES you could torch your triceps regardless of whether you train at home or the gym?  Let me show you exactly how to do that right here…

    Let me know where you train.  Home.  Gym.  Both?

    #tricepsworkout   #tricepworkout   #triceps   #workoutathome  

  13. like your videos, but the sound quality always sux.  you need to find a better way to mic yourself, the quality would be so much better.  the content is great tho

  14. Hi Jeff, big fan over hear in Liverpool. I always share your Vids and look forward to the next one you bring.
    I really enjoy circuit training and crossfit style workouts, whilst also trying to maintain a split body part routine, is this recommended?
    I'm just wondering if you could put a circuit together that would incorporate the above styles, as I could do with some inspiration. I would like to also start using Sandbags, if you could muster something up, that would be cool.
    Keep up the great work, it's obviously working for you.
    I look forward to your reply, if you can?
    Many thanks,
    Jason Wignall

  15. Can you post a video on how to fix wrist injuries (carpi)…I have this issue since the past 2 years…I cant go very heavy on my workouts.

  16. Love it, reminds me of week three in ax2. I like the revised versions as it includes more core.

    The elbow up plank to diamond cutter is very interesting layer combo. The planchee though is a whole new level of effort. Gonna try it soon.

    The band combo's I find in ax2 are super effective. I notice lots of gains post recovery.

    Jeff your training methods are by far the best and most effective. My body never stops growing.

  17. Sorry to ask off topic but I have a question about pull ups.

    I have heard read many sources that say doing pull ups to failure over time will actually decrease your ability to perform pull ups, and that the instant you do a rep that isn't identical to the first rep you should end the set rather than going to failure.

    Is this true?

  18. Hey Jeff I have two questions. When I do tricep work I sometimes lock my elbows when extending my arm. Is this a good idea or not? Also I hear popping in my elbows when working out. Is this good or bad?

  19. the workout was short,,, so what do you suggest >> what should be the rest time between the sets to keep the workout intense and effective?

  20. Jeff, I'm 16 and I'm on the wrestling team, I'm a bit skinny for my weight of 130. Is there any programs you could recommend to help me bulk up and requires no weights? I can't quite afford the Athlean Xero program, and I can barely get freetime to go to the gym. Anything you could recommend would help. By the way, I watch alot of your workouts and I recommend your videos and tip to everyone I can.

  21. Could you record a video with exercises for people with Spinal Disc herniation (L4, L5-S1, etc)? We heard a lot of things about this, but i cant trust none of them.. i follow you for a long time and in you i know i can trust

  22. hey world whats going on need someone to please help me make a good routine so i can stick to so i can make gainz, example Monday chest n triceps Tuesday back n arms etc.also any advice on how to make better gainz to at least lift heavier with only being able to go to gym 2 and if im lucky 3 days a week and with no partner Thanks in Advance.

  23. thanks  X this was a great workout for me i do follow you for the last  couple of weeks i do the result, but here one question can i do two exercise together and what exercises i must dot together for getting a good result? 


  24. Q:  Do you have to (does it really MATTER to growth) do all your triceps and biceps sets in a row, or can you alternate between them?
    Ie. Can you do all your bar curls sets,  then overhead extensions, then DB hammers, then kickbacks?
    OR, do you have to do bars curls, then hammers THEN overhead extensions, then kickbacks?

  25. In my humble opinion YOU SIR HAVE THE BEST WORKOUT CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE. I started watching your work 3 months ago and you have helped me chisel my body. Thank you so much.

  26. how many sets should we perform for triceps??looks like jeff is performing over 30 sets for triceps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Wow its 23:00 i i just started warming up for a tricep workout at home and searched for an atlean x workout damn JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. what are the reps and sets youd use on these? i wanna do this workout but i dont know how many reps and sets im supposed to do. please help

  29. man i love your videos, you are so much inspiration you have no idea you totally changed my life thanks a lot keep up the good work budie.

  30. Hey jeff i have a serious doubt about single arm dumbell extensions are the gud for shuolder health i am getting some sort of pain while lifting heavy any alternative excersice for that single arm tricep extension …..??????
    Please help me

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