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Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition
of Ask The ND. I’m Dr. Jeremy Wolf. Did you know our body uses chemicals called neurotransmitters
to transmit information between neurons? Essentially, it’s how our cells communicate with one another,
delivering important information throughout the brain and body. There are many chemicals
in the body that function as neurotransmitters. In this episode, we’re gonna focus on the
neurotransmitter – Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, most commonly known as GABA. GABA is made
in brain cells from a chemical called glutamate. It’s own body’s major inhibitory neurotransmitter,
and helps to balance out the body’s excitatory neurotransmitters, basically acting like a
break to calm the nervous system. Currently the GABA system and its receptors are target
to a wide array of pharmaceuticals on the market. These drug classes include anxiolytics,
sedatives, anticonvulsants and general anesthetics. Let’s take a further look into how GABA functions
in the body. Here’s the rundown. Without the proper amounts of GABA, our nerve cells would
fire too often. Individuals with lower levels of GABA tend to feel on-edge, stressed, and
anxious. GABA may help these individuals to feel calm and relaxed. Attention deficit disorder
(ADD) is a developmental disorder characterized by a deficit in behavioral inhibition. Recent
research has concluded that there may be a link between ADD and a deficiency of GABA.
Body builders are beginning to use GABA, as it may help to increase levels of HGH if taken
before exercise. Although GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain,
research is finding that it is produced in high levels in pancreatic islet cells, making
it possibly beneficial for type 1 diabetes. I always recommend choosing professional grade
supplements whenever possible. This is because of their manufacturing standards and quality
assurance. In general, a dosage between 500 and 1,000 milligrams of GABA taken daily has
been recommended for individuals who are looking to be more relaxed. There is controversy as
to whether or not GABA supplements are effective, because they may or may not cross what is
known as the blood-brain barrier. This barrier is a system in the brain that separates circulating
blood from reaching your brain tissue. In other words, it prevents chemicals and drugs
in the blood from reaching the brain. There are other natural products including herbs
and supplements that may help to change GABA levels in the brain, which may offer better
results at effecting GABA. We’ll talk about these supplements and herbs in other episodes
of Ask The ND. Thank you for watching another edition of Ask The ND. Make sure to subscribe
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41 thoughts on “GABA | Ask the ND with Dr. Jeremy Wolf

  1. I did some research on synthetic gaba suplements and it basically said it doesnt work. (Blood/brain barrier) I suffer from benzo addiction and sever anxiety and adhd. I would like to know if SYNTHETIC GABA can help with anxiety and benzo withdrawl? please let me know if it actually works. Thank you.

  2. i have taken this for a few months now. but when i dont take it. i cant sleep and high anxiety and running thoughts. also have fevers and sweats.

  3. GABA has multiple ways to get into our brain, not just blood brain barrier. People need to start reading scholar articles that were created by legit researchers from universities, not some bullshit sites.

  4. Check out my review of GABA, I get a little more in depth on the benefit side, overall good video tho!

  5. What is gamma aminobutyric acid made of in supplements? I can litterally find no information about this on the web. I really want to know if the acid is coming from animals or plants. I will be forever grateful for your answer. 🙂

  6. Hmm.. since it's non-essential (meaning your body produces it) maybe the best thing to do is to take the precursors or develop the habits that will help promote your body's natural production of it.  Seems like if your body is already at a certain level, any supplements you throw at it are going right back out anyway.  Unless you know through testing that your body isn't producing enough of it, you may be literally pissing away your money.  Seems the key strategy would be to find a reputable manufacturer with a reasonable price and try a bottle, but not get ones hopes up too high.  The question is do reputable supplement dealers even sell this product.  The last thing I'd do is trust this monkey to tell you the truth.  If he's a medical doctor from a legitimate school, then we're all in trouble.

  7. Apparently my use of GABA does cross the barrier. Been using now for 5 months or so. Take it an hour before going to bed. It's a miracle supplement for me. Best I have slept in years. No ill side effects that I'm aware of. Since taking, I sleep quite hard and relaxing and there has not been one night that I haven't had dreams. Never bad dreams, just dreams.

  8. It don't work for me. I am going off 10.5 mg of Xanax. I read the information and saw GABA pills do not help.

  9. Does GABA cross the blood-brain barrier? Absolutely – it has an insanely strong effect. It’s even comparable to ecstasy at a high enough dose, but without the risk of dying. I pair it with marijuana since marijuana alone causes high anxiety for me.

  10. All these people on here saying it does not cross the blood brain barrier and/or is a placebo only speak for themselves, not the majority. GABA works for MOST(not all!) people. I just tried today in spite of the naysaying and within 5 minutes i felt a numbing down of my tension, and thought wow this feels great after work and glad i gave it a go! so i am here to tell you if you're thinking of trying it out, do yourself a favor and PLEASE DO!! it was the answer to my anxiety/insomnia issues! May your health improve!!

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