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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, this is Andy Wilkinson from,
bringing you another video lesson on how to gain weight if you’re skinny.
And in this video we’re covering the main Eating Habits that you need to apply as part
of a muscle building diet if you’re skinny and want to gain weight.
And getting these habits right is so important if you are skinny and you want to gain weight,
because your body – as a skinny person, an ‘ectomorph’, someone who’s naturally thin
– your body responds slightly differently to the foods that you eat, as compared to
a more medium-sized ‘mesomorph’ frame, or a larger-bodied ‘endomorph’ type person.
So it’s really important you understand and apply these eating habits if you are skinny
and want to succeed at gaining weight. So let’s take a look at some of the key problems
that skinny guys face. Well, when you are naturally skinny, you tend
to burn up calories more efficiently. And you have more slow-twitch muscle fibers than
fast-twitch muscle fibers in your body. And a whole bunch of other challenges that
you need to overcome, as a skinny guy, in order to gain healthy weight.
Because slow-twitch muscle fibers have LESS growth potential than fast-twitch fibers.
So you need to look at certain behaviors that you can undertake, and make ‘habits’, in order
to overcome this. So, what ACTION STEPS can you take as a skinny
guy to gain weight more easily? Well, here are 5 Action Steps you can use
right now: #1: Is to focus on a High Carbohydrate Diet.
Aim for 50% – that’s fifty percent – half your overall calories, to come from “complex
carbohydrates”, like whole grain rice, wholemeal bread, sweet potatoes, and fruits and vegetables.
And then #2: Aim for a MINIMUM of 3,000 calories per day as your starting point. (And there’s
another video showing you how to calculate your calorie needs more precisely). But for
now, 3,000 calories is a pretty good starting point.
#3: Distribute these calories throughout your day with 5-to-7 smaller meals.
#4: Aim to consume between 1 and 2 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight
you have. And if you’re working in pounds, that’s 1 gram of protein per pound of body
weight that you have. And then finally, #5: Make sure you eat within
45 minutes of waking up each day. Get that first ‘meal of the day’ in quick and early.
So, go start putting those 5 tips into action, as part of a healthy muscle building diet
to gain weight. And keep doing them, over and over, until they become HABITS.
Okay, that brings us to the end of this video. Thanks very much for watching.
And if you like the information here, and you want to learn more about what you can
do to gain weight and muscle if you’re skinny, then I’ve created a bunch more videos for
you. And to get 20 more free videos, simply head
on over to Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you soon.

19 thoughts on “Gain Weight Fast – Top 5 Eating Habits

  1. thank you for your videos bro. I will really apply those tips. Actually,I thought I should eat less carbs.

  2. I'm a girl, I'm 13 I am Skinny Geneticly and I don't eat much so I tried every thing and this helped And I look alot better thanks.

  3. these videos are really giving me hope for putting on weight 🙂 i think i'll try the high carb eating is pasta good too? anyway thanks alot.

  4. We were all born with deferent qualities love your self 1rst.
    …I've notice that when "certain" ppl gain a nice weight & reach that perfect muscle tone look…they become egotistical assholes who beat & abuse Thier super cute girlfriends …then cheat w/ othet super fine girls!!
    Aww man I can't wiat to get my "beefcake" on… BEEFCAKE!!! : ).

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  7. Like the vid, thanks. But u don't have to say 'skinny guy' – lots of us skinny girls want more muscle, too!! 🙂

  8. Hey, I got a question, what if you're extremely intolerant to all the carbs you mentioned? I react like crazy to fructose, and been diagonsed with fructose malabsorption.

    Not one of the carbs you mentioned are good for someone with that, due to fructsoe and fructans in the whole grain.


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