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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Pharma toon love you brother from India
want to know about you? Pharma toon thank you for your comment sending good vibes
and love back to India I would love to visit India by the way I’ve never been
have a lot of friends from India as well and I would actually love to visit one
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Abraham the forms this video in the future welcome to another episode of
responding to your comments my goodness the channel is booming we’re getting
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so what we’re waiting for let’s dive in Jade Garcia an amazing pharmacist I have
a question for you how do you gain weight if you’re skinny Jade thank you
for your comment I like what you’re saying
amazing pharmacist I always like a compliment in terms of gaining weight
well firstly if you are on the way you are at risk of having the weakened
immune system your bones are more fragile
you’re gonna generally might feel more tired a quick way to check it is to
check your BMI so you just put in your weight and height and they’ll give you a
number and they’ll tell you if you’re normal under way overweight I will leave
a link in the description below and it’s quick and easy you can do it and test it
now if you are underweight when you test it you need to think of a few questions
these are small questions that I usually think of have you felt unwell because
there might be an underlying medical condition that’s causing it and also
have you been finding it difficult to find time to eat a healthy balanced diet
have you been struggling to find time to eat at regular intervals or have you
lost your appetite because you’re worried or stressed or you’ve been
trying to lose weight and you have lost weight so there are the general types of
questions that I would ask and then to put on weight well you need to being a
healthy balanced diet you need to be in Whole Grains you need being proteins you
need to be eating your fruit your veg basically everything you grandma tell
you to eat that’s what you need to be eating because it’s generally right now
I know this is quite basic but if we go quite deeply into it this video is going
to quickly become very very long so what I will do is I’ll leave a really useful
link by the NHS in the description below it’s got loads of useful information
about dietary advice for you and healthy foods that high in calories too it’s
also got information on there that you need to be checking about why you are
losing weight and when you should seek medical attention which is the most
important junk ooh idk why is it dangerous to have
thread worms could you die from it Junko thank you comment this is from the
thread worms video on how to treat it is it dangerous is it harmful or not
usually but it does cause a lot of side effects and symptoms basically one of
which is itching very itchy around the bottom area and children can get a lot
of discomfort because of this you can also get a lot of abdominal pain if the
if the thread worms increase in number but I think the most important thing is
that thread realms are very contagious and by not treating it you’re putting
other people at risk who might not want red worms I don’t identify it as a
yellow recoop malassezia globosa sounds like a Harry Potter spell great name by
the way so picture of Pikachu is their username profile picture this is from
the Hendrick video malassezia globosa is the fungal infection that causes
dandruff and it does sound like a Harry Potter spell I’m also a massive Harry
Potter fan by the way I’ve never told you guys this but big fan here and I
think my favorite spell would be Wingardium Leviosa that’s the levitation
spell and yeah so now you know a bit about me if there’s any Harry Potter
fans watching leave a comment below of your favourite spell we can compare
spells I guess dark hates a 100 I thought they caught pharmacists chemists
in England Darth Vader thank you for your comment you’ve got my attention
this is a good comment yes and no I’d probably say the older generation still
call pharmacist chemists it doesn’t happen very often now probably say 99%
of times we call pharmacists and I think it’s probably because back in the day
pharmacists did do a lot of compounding work and things like that so they were
generally called chemists but now we’re still experts in in medicine but we’ve
also taken on many more roles as time has progressed and we’ve taken on a lot
more clinical skills which we apply in in job roles which is prescribing and in
a community setting so yeah I think everyone she just calls pharmacist their
random Puran do you like turtles Brandon thank you for your comment this is from
the how to get rid of dark circles video so little random but I like the comment
it’s got my attention do I like pterosaurs yeah I like turtles
but I’m just slightly impartial about them they’re not really that fun to
watch because they’re a bit slow but I don’t dislike them in terms of animals I
like say dolphins are my favorite and also
dogs and that’s the end of this week’s episode if I missed you a comment or I
haven’t got back to you I’m really sorry we get so many comments so the best way
is leave another comment and I’ll trying it back to you on the future episode
also if you have any ideas for a kind of future series or cool videos that we can
do on the channel leave a comment too because I’d love to read them as well
always remember that you’re awesome and I’ll see you next week hey guys thanks
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