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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m going to check my supplements so here is creatine whey protein beta alanine tyrosine rg9 multivitamin VCAs Taurean situation Gautam a zinc an SEO I’m gonna treat that empty white and needy and going down quite protein Reutimann and what is this mass in grinder turkey oh yeah this is Gunnar I know what I will do now I don’t want to eat diner motherfuckers diner is shit and shit goes to toilet what’s up guys my name is Alfie Rio and today will be new video about Gunners and why you shouldn’t buy them first of all we’ll check what the treants contains Giner so why they’re giant make a mass four thousand seven kilograms contains proteins 35 Browns fats 4 grams vitamin C vitamin b1 vitamin b2 niacin forcing biotene zinc okay everything is great but now listen in 100 grams of this gainer you have 64 grams of carbs why the fuck you want to buy this shit guys if you want to eat sugar rather buy chocolate because it stays better yeah a lot of echo Mars and hardgainers tell me I need to buy gainer because I need to have more calories yeah you need to have more calories but you need to have more healthy calories not unhealthy calories it’s better to eat calories from for example meat then for example from chocolate from meat you will gain muscles and from chocolate you will gain a fat and here comes another question but I’m so skinny I need to gain fat trust me nobody wants to gain a fat maybe it will be bigger but it will be fat your muscles you won’t look like that he will more look like that if you are hard gainer you have big advantage you can gain pure muscles without fat we put diet you can have six pack and you can be ripped all the year so don’t eat unhealthy foods or gainer because from this you’ll gain on the fact gainer is not good for everybody our body don’t eat carbs to build muscles our body just need carbs only after training to refill glucagon in muscles and liver if you want to buy some supplement then buy whey protein and drink it after training trust me guys gainer is not important companies which sells gainers often tell you hi everybody buy this awesome mega ultra geekamouse gainer 4000 to be the best to be the unstoppable to get out of muscles you can be mr. Olympia in just three years just with this awesome gainer but this isn’t true don’t believe these motherfuckers they just want to make money from you gainer is just over prices sugar baton building is not about supplements bodybuilding is about 100 percent diet 100 percent trainings 100 percent regeneration and maybe ten percent supplements so if you want to buy gainer rather do this so guys if you like this video please give me like share subscribe and if you want some tips from me or something from me just send me a message my contacts in the end of this video so bye don’t eat carbs before work out eat carbs only after workout to refill your glycogen don’t eat cow before workout by doing this you can build muscles and cut your fat at the same time hey man my question is how many years have you been training probably

11 thoughts on “GAINER IS SHIT !

  1. haha strašne dobre videjko toto 😀 ale skoda gajneru…este ma napadlo ze v piatok pred prezierackov davas "lahky kruhovy trening" alebo ides bomby 😮 …dik za odpoved 😉

  2. Genau dies was du mit dem einem Pulver machtest, also in das WC kippen, das kann man mit allen Pulver-Chemie-Dreck machen, wo angeboten wird, um Leistung zu steigern usw.!

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