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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys this is Matt Tolbers gonna do
another like updated tour of my home gym Here we go this is gonna be the changes as you’ve seen
in the last video if you saw it this is my Inspire Fitness ft2 I still haven’t
done the official review on it but my last gym tour video you can see me
explain it quite a bit this thing does everything but I’ll put a link below the
description if you want to check that out and by the way if you want to get it
and you don’t have $5 it’s basically almost $5,000 when you get with the
bench and then the extra plates on there but Amazon if you’ve had you’ve had
Amazon Prime for over a year you can they have a way to do five payments to
pay for it so I think the first payments like 1200 and then the next four like 850
bucks or something like that if you wanted to get it you didn’t have quite
$5,000 but yeah so this is all the same those are the attachments leg attachment for
the Inspire Fitness ft2, my garbage wipes, refrigerator
this thing’s nice I love it 33 degrees The V8’s are almost gone
couple protein shakes in there. My TV pocket door, step platforms I think I got
under here, thermostat 66 degrees in here that’s without the heat on because it’s
warmer outside now in Minnesota finally TV that moves around it’s got cable on
it. A scale to weigh myself which I don’t really do but hyperextension the Body-Solid but this is what I got new these mirrors I got four of them
I got three right here zoom in here I got three right here I got one right
there see me whoo try to get big a long way to go but we’re getting there
yeah so I kind of put that there so I can kind of see what I’m doing dumbbell
curls and stuff those the iron max adjustable dumbbells I got the
extensions they go up to 120 pounds love those extra plates that’s at home for
fitness adjustable dumbbells go up to 50 pounds if it’s not it’s like where are
you right now but sorry yeah well you’re super nice got my heater that hopefully
I don’t have to use anymore finally it’s warming up yeah I moved this was over
here more my squat rack or power rack I mean I moved that over this because I
kind of wanted to Center it in the mirrors have more in the center it was
kind of like in the crack when you see yourself in the crack it’s kind of
annoying I got these mirrors at Home Depot
they’re like two bucks apiece I like um comes with
the little clips hold on I if it comes with six clips but I actually ended up
getting these little metal railings you can see here see the railing it’s on
just cuz that wouldn’t make sure hold it up I didn’t really trust the plastic
pieces here but uh yeah so I think the railing was like 15 bucks for the
six-foot one and then like the four-foot one or whatever which was a little bit
bigger than the mirror cuz these mirrors are 60 inches by 36 inches so 3 feet by
5 feet 5 feet tall and I have them 18 inches off the ground
so I mean I can see my whole body especially your clothes I mean you can
see I’m 6:1 you know I can see my hands basic above my head if I’m closer but
actually many people in farther know that could see good and I read that was
like a good height so try to get shape here just doing back and biceps today
did some deadlifts got up to 405 which was kind of weak sauce but you know I’m
getting backed up threaded 475 last year was my max so yeah so I moved all this
over and put my dumbbells kind of rearrange those this was over here and
stuff so I’m liking how I have it so me you know a little bigger yeah this is
what my setup here my bar is over here you get two more it’s the body saw g9s
you do everything on this bad boy obviously I still need you Padgett here
for the extensions or yeah work back so everything you work everything in this
thing the leg press cat press yeah it’s a tricep extension role belt holder but
yeah that’s kind of the same as the other a little bit I just didn’t want to
go into detail I just kinda want to show you what update got the mirrors in here
and to move some stuff around so I’m gonna get some like motivation type
posters and stuff in here cuz I don’t know if I’m gonna finish the walls I
don’t know how long I’m gonna live here plan to get a new house in a few years
and just get a really big huge garage that would be like two or three times as
big as this for the gym but guys

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