Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey everybody this is mark from Team gat today we’re going to introduce the radical mass knew from God our weight gain with 50 grams of protein and the big thing we want to convey to you today is the mix ability heard a lot of issues with weight gain or is not being able to mix in a shaker cup we’re gonna mix the three scoops and we’re gonna put it into 14 ounces of water to show you how good this milkshake is alright scoop number one we’re gonna put in the scoop what you want to do is each scoop just shake it up a little bit we can get three scoops in here and it’s gonna mix just like a milkshake made at home and it’s gonna taste so good that’s scoop number two chocolate yeah I’m making a mess I know powder everywhere radical mass team gap weight scoop – one more scoop that’s a 50 grams of protein amazing progress scoop three in a shaker look at it’s almost full atop all powder can we drink this shake if your weight gainer doesn’t mix like a smooth milkshake in a shaker bottle by radical mass room tactics let’s see what we got here alright come on shake we’re going to pour this baby let’s see how the pores look at that shake that’s a milk shake after

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