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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Everything gotta be on point, not just your upperbody it gotta match. It has to flow so you have to have the right matches It’s rough and it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lot a lot A LOT of hard work and dedication and perseverance. I think we all can acknowledge it’s not producing champions of our era. I don’t wanna be one of those guys and say our era was the greatest era of our sport .. But I tell you this it was probably one of the most competitive with the most incredible and outrageous physiques that ever walked the stage. One of the hardest things is being really honest with yourself. Whether you choose to run from a fight or to the fight .. Because I knew it was gonna be extremely challenging. There is no way for me to fully know until I get into the workout. Once I got into the workout it was purely a mental battle. Of willing to go into that pain. In my opinion still to this day that was the best physique EVER graced ANY stage in bodybuilding. I always try to create my world as this harsh environment mentally. I could go through all kind of hell and train my ass off, I can diet.. I created this outer world where this is normal. To be unhappy, eating this crapfood, going into the gym, training every day.. This is normal. Those people out there don’t get it .. I’M BUILD FOR THIS. I was very comfortable in that world and I knew I did my BEST.

100 thoughts on “GENETICS X WORK ETHIC

  1. He has every muscles so perfect with good condition, definition, and symmetric. He just was born in wrong era. If he's looking like that today, we all know he'll be the champ

  2. He doesn’t even need to flex. And for fuck sake, one the the amazing shoulder ever, I feel like he has three heads.

  3. back is nor everything look at the symmetry of Flex against Ronnie, a tremendous back let the body ugly as hell, look at the current champion, hi had less back too than the others, and take a picture of the two in front of you, you just will see the front of the body, chest, abs, and everything and good arms(fucking arms, bigger than Ronnie, Flex had, see the comparison) but will the don't see the snippet of the back in front of the body which mess everything, forgive me fans of Yates but this mess up started with people maniac with back, "cool cool cool cool, but he has las back" , "symmetry good, size perfect, but has less back than the disformed guy" then the body became ugly and more ugly, but it is simple, just makes your body has less back, with good arms, legs and everything, the abs will be much more beautiful, the arms will be apparently bigger.

  4. Such a true legend. Miss seeing you on stage. Mr symmetry, my opinion no one could touch when it came to this.

  5. The truth is that nobody can come close to Ronnie Coleman, he was on another level, in terms of mass, buy Flex had the best lines in bodybuilding , probably ever! Bigger ain’t better.

  6. 10x Mr. Olympia physique that never actually one a single one. Sorry, but big Ron didn't look as good as Flex, even if he did have a slight size advantage. Ron was not as well put together with the symmetrical flow and proportions.

  7. Why nobody had a gut? They were big, and I mean Ronnie Coleman level big, but on stage they were all sharp and controlled. What went wrong?

  8. Hahaaa flex and ronnie before they stepped on ANY GEAR had what one in 100million people cannot repeat..With respect,Lee aswell but he was way too short…..Look at Ronnies pre gear era,its hard to believe any human is capable of that.Flex for ever

  9. El verdadero mr olympia sin titulo, si en la actualidad transportaramos su fisico a competír con los competidores de hoy 2019 sería un serio aspirante al titulo si no es q el campeón.

  10. le haney was right flex and ronnie shouldnt be on same stage together it is a different categorie flex should be in classic pfysiques , ronnie is great but i love flex build better ..

  11. Dont be modest, Flex. Your era was by far the greatest era. From about 92-02 bodybuilding was at its all time best with talent.

  12. Flex looked WAY better than Ronnie. Big, full, and pleasing, beautiful. Ronnie was just so big. Flex could pose too, Ronnie sucked at posing.

  13. never forget or ignore the chemical side of this "freak" nobody is born with the animal steroids inside them. No gym can produce this kind of build

  14. Every time I see these old school videos of flex it’s just like looking in the mirror apart from me being white and I also have better genetics

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