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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(upbeat music) – I first started working
with Gerard back in 2003 for the Phantom of the Opera movie. We’ve also worked together
for Law Abiding Citizen, Den of Thieves. These days when I train with Gerard, we’re not really trying to bulk up for a particular role, more or less looking for body
composition type training. Like maintaining lean muscle mass, sort of decreasing some body fat, in that case what we typically
do is total body workouts, and we typically train every other day. During the workouts,
we’re usually doing things like non competing paired sets, and typically finishing up with like a metabolic
conditioning exercise. (upbeat music) The first two exercises in the workout, they’re both gonna be non
competing paired sets. The first exercise we’re gonna do is a double kettlebell front squat. George is gonna pick up the kettlebell, he’s just gonna rack ’em. From here, he’s gonna
slightly bend the knees and he’s gonna drop the hips down. He’s gonna lower straight
down for a three second lower and then a one second raise. The weight of the kettlebell
wants to pitch you forward and sort of make you collapse down, so you wanna keep
yourself nice and upright with the core tight. The second exercise in the first pairing is going to be a three point cable row. It’s a horizontal pull movement, predominantly working the lats. So George is gonna basically think about first initiating by
bringing the elbow back, and then following through by pulling the hand towards the ribs. He keeps his shoulders
and hips kinda square, while trying to prevent really any kind of rotation of the torso. So after you finish this
set, of this exercise, you’re gonna rest 60 seconds and then you’ll go back and you’ll repeat the first
exercise in the pairing. And you’ll repeat that three times total. (upbeat music) So our first exercise
in the second pairing is gonna be a barbell RDL. This is gonna be a hip
dominant hinge pattern. Primarily gonna target the hamstrings, glutes, and actually the erect responding of the lower back area. What you wanna do is make sure that the lower back stays
in a neutral spine position. We don’t want too much of an arch, and we definitely don’t want any rounding. So we’re gonna do 10 to 12 reps, three seconds lower, one second raise. Okay, so the second exercise
in the second pairing is an alternating flat
dumbbell bench press. So George is gonna start out, he’s gonna lower one dumbbell for two seconds down on one side, and raise back up one second, and keep repeating the process. I like to have the client keep pressing up towards the ceiling the
dumbbell that’s always extended. So you get a little
serratus anterior action. Okay so after the second
exercise is complete, you’re gonna rest 60 seconds, and then you’ll repeat
the cycle two more times for a total of three rounds. (upbeat music) So the final exercises
are gonna be a triset. Three exercises linked together. The first exercise in the triset is just an easy bar curl
targeting the biceps. George is gonna curl up on a one count and lower on a three count. What I like to do is
try to have the client maintain a very vertical upper arm. So basically the forearm is just totally pivoting
around the elbow joint. Okay, the second exercise in the triset is the chest supported
overhead tricep extension. So what I like to do is have the upper arm basically parallel to the floor. So we usually have the bench set at about a 35 to 40 degree angle. George is gonna extend the
rope handles away from him. Good. Notice he keeps his head
in a good neutral position that’s in line with the rest of the spine. We’re doing three sets, 10 to 12 reps. So now we’re gonna do the third movement in the triset, and this is gonna be a landmine
torso rotation exercise with an anti rotation emphasis. So we want basically the hips to stay facing forward
towards the landmine, and even the shoulders forward, and then as we rotate, we only wanna rotate just a little bit while keeping this staying forward. If you imagine a clock, you’re trying to work between the hands of either nine and three, or 10 and two, depending on how strong you are, and where you are in your fitness level, and even in your range of motion. So it’s two seconds one way, two seconds the other. He’s gonna do eight to 10 reps per side. (upbeat music) The final exercise of the workout is a little metabolic finisher. We’re gonna use the fan bike for this one. What we’re gonna do is 15 seconds of work, followed by 45 seconds of recovery. For the 15 seconds of work,
it’s all out, it’s hard, it’s like a 9 out of 10. And we’re gonna do five to six rounds. Okay, so that was a sample of one of Gerard’s training sessions. You can do this workout
three times a week, and I would say somewhere
to four to six weeks, and then maybe you could
change up your whole program. Remember guys, train hard, train smart, and train efficiently. (upbeat music)

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  1. I like the clock faces as a teaching point on the landmine torso rotation. Easy for the client to follow.

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