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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up warriors, it’s Amit. Today is German Volume Training Chest workout Always warm up your rotator cuff so that you do not injure yourself Back to back we will do two exercises together. Flat bench press and decline barbell press Flat bench press mainly engages middle portion of Pectoralis major muscles Please note that never bounce the barbell from your chest Decline bench press mainly engages lower portion of chest muscles of Pectoralis major In both the exercises, you have to breathe in as barbell comes near your chest Breathe out or exhale you you press the barbell away from your body You have to do ten sets of ten repetitions with same weight take twenty seconds of rest in between the sets Next week you have to increase the weight by four to five percent In which again you have to do ten sets of ten repetitions Next super-set is incline bench press and chest machine fly Incline bench press engages mainly upper portion of chest muscles Muscles will grow in time under tension That’s why mind and muscle connection is very important during the exercise Machine fly is for the width of your chest Breathe out as both the hands comes close to each other breathe in when both the hands are away from each other Squeeze your chest and maintain continuous tension throughout the exercises So that more blood reaches your chest muscles and you get a nice pump Please download workout and recipe pdf whose links are below in the description box of video Push ups mainly engages chest and triceps muscles Most people do not do basic exercises like push ups in the gym No matter how great athlete you become, you should never forget the basics Check the card notification above where I have made a tutorial video for push ups separately Cable cross-over is again a very good exercise which engages mainly pec major muscles of chest Exhale when both your hands comes close to each other Inhale when your hands are straight and away from each other similary, next week you have to increase the weight by four to five percent and perform tens of ten repetitions That’s chest workout of German Volume Training : Mass Machine This is Amit. Signing off

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