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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up warriors , it’s Amit Today we are going to exercise Leg muscles Always stretch or warm up your quadriceps , hamstring and calf muscles so as to minimize any risk of injury We will start by super-set of barbell squats and stiff legged dead lift Squats is the king of lower body exercises Because squats engages many muscles groups together specially quadriceps and hips Make sure your back should be in a straight line and should not be rounded like an arc. Otherwise you will injure your lower back Stiff leg dead lift engages hamstrings , hips and spinal errectors muscles As per your mobility permits try to keep your legs straight You have to maintain continuous tension in your hamstring muscles Similarly, you have to increase the weight by four to five percent of current weight you are lifting And you have to complete ten sets of ten repetitions with same weight Your knees should never pass your toes perpendicularly Otherwise your knees will get damaged Inhale and brace your abs as you go down and breathe out as you go up Remember the more is the pain , the more is the gain Breathe in when the barbell comes near the ground and breathe out when your body becomes straight You should not see what other people are doing or how much weights they are lifting in the gym or how many sets or repetitions other people are doing in the gym etc You should always focus on yourself and your muscle building goals On reaching seventh or eighth set , your legs will be on fire because of intensity of the exercise Next we will do super-set of leg extension and hamstring curls Leg extension engages all four muscles of quadriceps rectus femoris, vastus medialus vastus latralius and vastus intermedius During rest period you can sip water or branched chain amino acids ( bcaa ) Hydration will improve your performance in the gym Hamstring curls engages both hamstring muscle of leg as well as gastronomeous muscle of calf muscle Always maintain full range of motion because by doing incomplete repetitions you are training muscles partially While doing leg extension, breathe out when your legs becomes completely straight Breathe in at your starting or initial position If you are unable perform ten repetitions then it means that you have picked heavy weight Kindly decrease the weight and maintain proper form during the exercises During hamstring curl, when your legs are straight you have to breathe in When you are finished curl then breathe out Download workout and diet pdf below from description box of videos Seated leg press engages quadriceps muscles if your legs are placed on lower plate of leg press machine or legs are placed close to each other If you have placed your feet on upper portion of the plate then it will engage hips and hamstring muscles Similarly , next week you have to increase four to five percent of weight of what you are training currently and you have to complete ten sets of ten repetitions with same weight Breathe in when your legs are bent at ninety degree and breathe out when your legs are straight Calf raise on leg press machine engages gastronomeous muscle of calf When we place our leg inwards then lateral head of gastronomeous muscle of calf gets trained When we place our toes towards meaning in V-Shape then medial head of calf muscles gets trained I have placed both the legs parallel so that both heads of gastronomeous muscles gets trained equally Remember : With great power comes great muscle gain Seated calf raise engages soleus muscle which is located under gastronomeous muscle of calf Breathing pattern will be exactly same just like calf raise on leg press machine which is breathe out when your heels come up and breathe in when your heels comes down You are more than an athlete , more than a bodybuilder more than all those things You are a warrior That’s it warriors ! Have your post workout meal It’s time to grow , it’s time to recover ! This is Amit, signing off.

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