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In this video I’m going to share with you what has become one of my favorite tools for strength training and that is this this is a 130lb (60kg) lifting stone that I made for 20 dollars It’s very basic in concept, very quick and easy to make, but incredibly effective at developing power, strength, and coordination All this is is three bags of gravel that I purchased at a hardware store and Then wrapped together with duct tape. The first step in the process was to shake the bags to settle them and then to tape down the Remaining loose plastic so that each was nice and firm now You could potentially leave it a little looser if you want a slightly less stable object This one for me is perfect because there’s a little bit of give a little bit of shift but it’s still a very solid stone and Then all you do is wrap them in tape no you’re gonna want to wrap kind of a grid in two directions and then wrap Around more chaotically to give it structure make everything stick together, but the beauty of this is it’s almost a hybrid between Something like an Atlas Stone which is a very Idealized smooth shape and something like a sand bag, which is gonna shift and change shape a lot this is almost more like simulating a naturalistic stone where it’s kind of an odd object lift because Each side is shaped a little bit different. It’s a little bit awkward to grab there are different angles You can grab it at which each has trade-offs so the beauty of this and strongman style training in general Over a barbell is there’s more neurological engagement, but with in the sense that it takes actual thought Deciding how am I going to lift this am I going to shift it between different parts of the lift? but also for stabilization and reaction this Object doesn’t always move the way you want it to Because there are rounded surfaces and shifting and you’re always going to be a little off on the angle you apply force You’re gonna have to react to it If you try to get it to your shoulder and you miss You have to react to it falling down and find the best way to catch it So this is amazing training it builds a very athletically useful kind of reactive power Much like an Olympic lifts the shouldering motion. I’m going to show you is very similar to something like a clean Because you’re having to do several motions in sequence And you have to do it very quickly you can’t slowly lift a stone like this to your shoulder So I’ll be showing that movement at the end of this video each of these bags was a bit over 40 pounds, so this is about a 130 pound bag for me. This is really the sweet spot. I’m currently at a body weight of about 190 pounds That’s about 85 kilos. So this is a little bit under 70 percent of my body weight So just as a frame of reference But if you’re a more novice strength trainer you might want to start with two bags or find some way of putting a lighter material in the center of the lifting stone And of course if you’re stronger you might want to add another bag now the interesting Dynamic to a tool like this is adding another bag also changes the balance and the gripping options But I do plan to build a four back version very soon And I’m looking forward to that that’ll be very interesting to play with it’ll be closer to my actual body weight ideally I’d like to have one the weighs the same as me because I’m very interested in grappling And I like the idea of learning to manipulate an object That’s roughly the same weight as me, so there are a variety of things you can do with an object like this But your bread-and-butter main lift is going to be shoulder loading so what you’re gonna Do is you’re gonna grab the stone on the ground and get it to your shoulder? I’m going to be showing you the basic way of doing that now I might try to put together a video in the future of Supplementary exercises you can do with this to get a more well-rounded Development, but the main thing with this tool is lifting it onto your shoulder so now I’m going to demonstrate a basic two part shoulder load using this stone from a couple of different angles so to start off you’re going to set up like you’re going to deadlift the stone of course it’ll be much more like a Deficit deadlift, you’re gonna have to get really low I do recommend having a very solid barbell deadlift before you try this You really need to trust your back and as long as you have good lifting form though. This is perfectly safe What we’re going to be doing is loaning this stone onto our thighs? turning it because this stone is has a rounded side and we’re gonna take advantage of The shape of the stone, so we’re going to turn it sideways Get a good grip and we’re gonna roll it up the Torso and catch it on the shoulder so put together if that looks something like this put your feet on either side of the stone Reach down and get a nice strong grip with your hands underneath the stone Square your shoulders up over your hands get your hips nice and low lats firmly engage to keep the shoulders strong and stable pull lift Turn get a solid grip and get ready to explode up and catch the weight And that’s it that’s the basic shoulder load to get it down we do that motion in Reverse. Don’t weigh it down the core so catch it on the knees Turn it And that’s that now I’m going to do that again from a front-facing view to give you another angle From here you can of course also squat So You clean it up to your shoulder squat Squat it back up Pull it down turn it and That’s that It’s a great exercise it engages your full body I’m already a little bit winded just from a couple of reps demonstrating on this video, so This tool will get you a lot of mileage very minimalist very cheap. You can use it anywhere You don’t need any special setup. Don’t need a squat rack So even if this is all you have you can get in really good shape with the tool like this You

6 thoughts on “Get Freaky Strong for $20 (DIY Strongman Stone)

  1. If you keep it out of the rain, it can last a long time. I've made sandbags that way for a long time. But, the rain will ruin the tape over time.

  2. You can buy a river rock (smooth stone) for 10cents a lb….my 100lb 'atlas' stone cost $10 AND its indestructible lol.
    Just go to a local landscape materials yard and pick yourself out a reasonably round and smooth rock. Easy!

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