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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

-Whats up guys? Getbiggtv here today, I got my boy “Big” Nick Cicardo with me (Nick)- What’s good YouTube? (Me)- We’re going to work a little bit on that bicep peak (Flex it up!) (ohh..) (Nick)- Just got done doing arms, with my boy big C-Mees, about to show you a quick bicep peak exercise.. -(nothing crazy) (Me)- We’re going to show you something called “incline dumbbell curls” (come over here..) -Now, this is a very effective exercise, for building those huge a$$ biceps.. -Take a look.. (Nick)- All the way down, let your bicep stretch..squeeze at the top (Me)-Now, this is extremely effective because when he’s all the way straight..gonna put a lot of stretch on the bicep. -You have a lot more range of motion. -(stretch and squeeze baby) (Me)- Make sure when ya come down , the arm’s nice and straight. -The straighter the arm is, the more stretch it has on the bicep.. – The more stretch, the BIGGER it’s gonna get ! (There ya go baby..) -(Put them up !..) (Nick)-Work’s the long-head, right here..This is what you want right here.. -(That’s it Getbiggtv right here) -Now were going to show you another quick exercise. -Called “reverse cable curls”. -Now these are very effective because they’re working the long-head of the bicep, -now that’s what you want to build up, when you’re building up that peak. -Also, works another muscle called the “brachialis,” -Very important when you’re building up the peak. -Not only does it work the bicep, but it does in fact work forearms.. (Nick)- comin’ all the way up (Me)- coming all the way up, constant tension the whole time.. (-There we go..) -You can see he’s pumping up. (Nick)- Stretch & squeeze baby (Me)- Always stretch and squeeze.. -Effective for the forearms too because with a jacked arm, you need those jacked forearms.. (ya know what I’m saying..) (Nick)- Hell yeah.

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  1. Yes guys your explanation is from …. You just guessing.
    I can tell you why to do these exercises just ask . Don't make up things .

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