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100 thoughts on “GET RID OF BELLY FAT & BACK FAT | 30-Minute Dance Fitness – Fun Workouts – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

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  2. Thank you so much for your all videos I love them 😭❤ 😘😍 love you best teacher in the world 🌏

  3. I Will do this once a day in like 2 weeks and See if it works👏 thank you so much for this video❤️ keep on going girl😁

  4. Your commentary reminds me of the Dance Dance Revolution game..except yours is positive. Lol i remember if you start sucking at tapping the arrows in time with your feet…the commentary dude will start talking about how much you suck lol. Still loved that game

  5. Wow. Just wow. U just gained a new subscriber. I just finished doing this and im hella sweating like craaaaazy. Thanks for the motivation. Im taking up the challenge. Will keep u updated. Love, from Belize. Central America

  6. i adore this girl … and i do all ur workouts now all my family love watching u !!

  7. Your workouts make so fun! Love you💕 and best wishes from Germany ^^💕🦄(I hope it's the right word 😅)

  8. You got a subscriber here too girl! You make me smile and laugh and sweat. ❤ So happy after this.

  9. I really love your videos, ur most inspiring than anyone! I get bored easily with other people, but with you it's like I want to do more and more! thanks for that, love u!

  10. Thank you so much! I am sweating like crazy, just finishing the workout and subscribing. I usually don't last more than 15 minutes doing a single one on other videos because I get bored or it gets too complicated. I felt engaged and motivated throughout the video thank you for your positivity. I actually had fun doing this one and smiled a lot!

  11. I just did this for the first time today and I loved this video I’ve been looking for one just like this 🙂

  12. After having my son, 4yrs ago, my belly never go back and I still look pregnant😭 Can this exercise help me to be back?

  13. A huge thank you for this video, I really loved to work out with today. Your comments give me strength. You are amazing, keep going!

  14. This is amazing! I'm not too tired, but I sure am sweating. Something about you just motivates me 🙂

  15. Omg Girl! I lovveee U so much for Your fitness channel…I look form something like this alll ages 😀 This is the best kind of workout I can do it! And Your motivation words (love U too :), nice voice (U don't shout loud what I hate it on fitness class sometimes) and nice to ears music 🙂 I LOVE UUUUUU very much! Keep going! I send You lot of positive vibes with kisses 🙂 P.S. I just can't stop dancing with Youu 😉 I just start job…and exercise ith U from short films…but I wanna know U closer 🙂 greetings from Poland 😀

  16. I love what your doing! You're videos make me want to workout and keep me going! You're also really silly so it keeps us entertain. You inspired me, thank you and keep being you! 😁 😝 😊

  17. OMG I love your work outs, your voice is also motivating. I can't wait to try it out and also see the results. Keep the videos coming, you've gained a new subscriber ❤❤❤🔥

  18. I don't think I've ever looked more ridiculous! Seriously though – this was GREAT. So easy to follow and I'm sweating like mad. New subscriber!

  19. Done! I just subscribed to ur channel I’m going to do this for 30 days Im so excited I’m gonna start this today!

  20. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!! I dont work out with anyone but hearing you push me even tho I just started your videos TODAY!!! I feel even more motivated than before. Thank you so much. You are an inspiration :')

  21. thank you so, so much for this! i finally have the willpower to start my weight loss and fitness journey because of you and this channel. so long looking for a workout routine that fit me and that was most importantly fun! this was definitely it. subscribed for life 💕

  22. I’m not the best dancer but laughing while working out is better then being close to give up. having fun while doing something good for your body gave me no reason to stop. This was hella fun and made me sweat hahah definitely gonna do this again soon. Also not only the fun workout but also what you said was really motivating! thank you so much

  23. I am not in bad shape, I move everyday because of my job, but I know I could be in a lot more better shape. I was sure I would not make it the whole 30 minutes. But after the first rest, I had so much more energy and I did all the moves! Back problems are common in my family and sometimes my back hurts so much I can´t go to work. But I could do all these moves and I am feeling good. Loving this video.

  24. Omg this was absolutely amazing I can't thank you enough this helped me so much im going to do this everyday from now on

  25. My friends, If you wear a girdle with this (If you can't suck in your core naturally) You will SWEAT! this exercise is great doing this every morning and will let you know of my results!!!!

  26. For anyone interested, I am doing this work-out on a daily basis and everytime I burn about 100 kcal (warm up and cool down included).
    Also, thanks Koboko – I can't bring myself to do any exercise if I don't follow this work-out first. 🙂

  27. okay but am i the only one who shed a little tear at the end after being told “youre amazing im proud of you” ..?
    never been abke to do a 30min. cardio workout like this i am SO PUMPED!!! thank you ❤️

  28. You remind me so much of Leslie Sansone. She is my best, and you are second to her. I enjoy working out with you. I started your 30days plank challenge yesterday, I need abs like yours, lol

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