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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

The Lower Back. By far one of the weakest and fattest areas
on a guy’s body, but I’m going to show you today how to fix both of those problems in
this one video. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. The Low Back. By far one of the biggest banes of existence
for men because it’s the source of two of the biggest problems we face. Number 1 right here, it’s the source of one
of our largest, actually the largest, source of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort right
here in the low back, and also, one of the aesthetic problems that
drives us crazy, and that’s something that we call back fat or lower back fat. The issue is, guys, at the root of all this,
is the same thing that’s at the root of most other issues we face, and that is a bad diet
and wrong types of training. So, what I want to do in this video is show
you guys how we can address the low back to help alleviate the low back discomfort that
a lot of us face, men and women alike. But again, this is strictly sort of geared
toward guys here. This is the low back pain that we feel, and
then how to get rid of these areas of low back fat that a lot of guys will write in
and ask us. Alright, so first, let’s deal with the low
back fat, alright. We have to understand that low back fat, guys,
is not some kind of isolated area. We certainly know that we can’t attack it
with any specific exercise. We can’t really zero in on a target or any
specific area of fat. But, we do know that it’s just an extension
of our love handles, alright, but what it happens to be is the most stubborn area of
fat that we deal with as guys, and how do I prove that? Because even at my body fat level here guys,
I can still pinch right here. I don’t know if you can see that, but I can
pinch here in the low back. Because right around this area, there is still,
unless I was a skeleton, I am still going to have some deposition of fat and it’s going
to be right there. Because guys struggle the most and store body
fat the most in that last stubborn spot right here in the back of our waist. So, if you think that you’ve got this problem,
I can tell you, you’re not alone. But what it comes down to is, you can look
really, really good and still carry some of that low back fat. You got to work on getting rid of the bulk
of it, the rest of it from your midsection and from your love handles, and again the
bulk of it from up here around your lats. So, we do that, guys with our diet and nutrition. I talk about it all the time. We go into a day by day plan in our ATHLEANX
Training System to help you guys to really cut down the fat. But, to give you guys some overall goals. If you have a lot of fat and you sort of look
like this guy here, I can tell you, you’re not really doing much right with your diet. You’ve probably got gross imperfections that
you know how you can fix it. You got to get rid of the bacon. You got to get rid of the cakes and the sweets
and the alcohol. You got to try to cut down on what you’re
doing at least if you’re going to try to trim this down. But, beyond that, if you’re a guy that’s actually
in pretty good shape, you got good lats, but you still have some of this overall fat
hanging off your side here, it comes down to how specific you want to get dialed in
on your nutrition. And that’s an important concept that you have
to follow here, guys. How specific do you want to be? How much do you want to lean this out? How badly do you want it? You know that you have a lot of the information,
it’s just how badly do you want to be able to follow it? What type of sacrifices do you want to make? Because as I’ve said, this is stubborn.This
is not going to come without perfection to have literally nothing back there, ok? But if you have some flexibility in your diet,
you’re going to be able to get rid of the bulk of it, but still be able to live a normal
life. And that’s what our whole, as I said before,
our whole meal plan is about, allowing guys to live normal lives, but to make sure that
we get you as lean as possible. Some of the main things you want to focus
on? When you have your carbohydrates, yes, you’re
going to want to have carbohydrates, don’t make that mistake guys of eliminating starchy
carbohydrates. But you want to favor the fibrous carbohydrates
in place of the starchy carbohydrates, ok. I always say, 2:1 ratio. So, whatever time, whatever meal you’re eating, if you can have a 2:1 ration of fibrous carbohydrates
to starchy carbohydrates, you’re going to be doing a good thing towards helping to trim
this area. You also want to get protein in every single
meal, alright. It’s got a satiating effect that ‘s going
to help you with your cravings. A lot of times guys succomb to cravings. If you can stabilize your blood sugar, if
you can have your protein in every meal, as incorporated with this, you’ll have a stabilizing effect on your blood
sugar by combining protein and carbohydrates as well as fat. If you can include some low amounts of what
they call incidental fat, that’s going to help here too. But those are the major things that you want
to try to do. And start working on incorporating them into
your meal plan to get your body to start stripping away fat. But, when it comes to the low back and the
strength, you know, we have to look at that side of it too. Because think about it, even if you have a
very lean low back, if you have no muscular development down there, then it’s not going
to look very good either. It’s like having a very ripped arm with no
biceps musculature. But if you have a bicep muscle, and you have
a ripped arm on top if it, now it looks great. So, many guys are overlooking some of the
most important things we can be doing and that’s strengthening the low back specifically
with low back exercises. They should be part of your plan. We incorporate them right into a lot of the
exercises in the ATHLEANX Program. But you should actually be working on them
even more so if you are dealing with low back pain, alright. So, a strong low back, when developed muscularly,
is going to give you tone that will show up when you strip away the fat. It’s a very easy equation. So, let me show you a couple of my favorite
low back exercises, and then I’ll come back here, and I’ll talk about the benefits. See what happens, guys, with a little bit
of effort? We just completely transformed that back,
right. Basically guys, what I want to point out though, In those exercises that you saw me doing,
we have to understand that the low back has muscles that, there’s a lot of different layers
to the musculature in the low back. There’s some that run really deep and vertical
along the spine to provide protection of the spine. Remember, your spine is absolutely critical
to everything you do. Your body’s aware of that, well aware of that,
and it wants to protect that, so it has multiple levels of muscles in here, again, surrounding
the spine to keep it protected. We also have muscles that transverse and cross
the entire low back. So, if you look at that you have to understand
in reviewing the exercise I just showed you, you want to make sure that you’re incorporating
the exercises that not only extend the low back front to back, but also incorporate rotation,
and ideally, rotation and extension at the same time. That’s why I showed you and demonstrated some
of those exact exercises for you to do. So, the bottom line is this, guys, you want
to be training your low back. If you feel like you have a low back problem,
pain, then we got to get it stronger, right? Spasm comes from a lack of support. If the low back feels as if there’s not enough
stability there, it fears damage to the spinal cord, right. It always is going to fear and protect the
spine. So if it doesn’t have support and stability
through muscles, it’s going to cause artificial support, and that is spasm, ok. So, a lot of back pain comes from weakness. Almost all back pain comes from weakness,
unless it’s a mechanical issue in your discs. Beyond that, we know that we need to make
it look better if your other reasons are aesthetic. If, aesthetically, you have a lot of low back
fat here, then you’re going to want to again, tackle that through diet, and then once you
get rid of that, you’re just going to be left with an untoned back that doesn’t look very
good or strong. So you’re going to want to again strengthen
your muscles back there to provide more of that impressive look in your low back so it serves two functions, to look better
and obviously, to keep you stronger and feeling better. So, guys, that’s your attack plan here for
your low back. Again, I don’t care what your goals are. Most likely, if you’re a guy, you’ve got one
of them, because it’s a very common problem to have
that fat back there, and secondly, it’s a very common problem for guys to have low back
pain. Again, I want you to be doing it for both
reasons, but whatever your main goal is, just remember, attack it as a 2 part plan, start
incorporating these exercises into your extra work. And if you want to get an entire program that
builds these exercises and these focuses right into what we do every day and a meal plan
to attack day by day to get you lean and ripped at the same time
that you’re building muscle, then head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and join me on Team
ATHLEAN and grab our program, alright? Guys, make sure you let me know if this was
helpful for you, and what other types of videos you like to see. Remember, 3 videos a week coming out now,
so whatever you’d like to see, just let me know and we’ll do it. Alright, guys. See you back here soon.

100 thoughts on “Get Rid of LOWER BACK FAT and PAIN (Must Watch for Men!)

  1. I love his videos I am a woman (62) and I use the men's program.. because I don't want to tone.. I want muscles. I know men and woman are different.. lord knows I did enough research on how they differ. But his videos helped me with my arms and chest and with diet I lost over 80 lbs. It took me a year. I started with a women's program but just was not getting the loss or the gains I wanted.. I love weights.. and I am glad that I found this guy. He's awesome. I still have a little fat around the waist.. love handles.. but I know that I will get there.

  2. ??? that last exercise you were pulling up and turning I was told I would actually hurt my self??? is it ok, doing it with very low weights or is it just okay to do???

  3. MAJOR lower back injury at 27 y.o 55 now, so far so good luckily, back fat included, good video…….although i of course have and know my limitations in the back dept. always room for improvement here, thats for sure………

  4. I Heard u Speak a lil Bit About Diet. My Take is that u are not a very big proponent of the KETO Diet My Question Is Why And What is your own basic philosophy on diet?

    I have practiced the KETO Diet And Have Had Great success with it and even greater success when I incorporated intermittent fasting as on top of it. I Lost Over 50 Pounds And shrunk about 6 inches from my Belt Line Over a 5 month period.

    Anyway my name is Alexis, I’m 49yrs old and haven’t felt this good since. My early 20’s or maybe even TEENs. I’m FAR from the Shape your in But not exactly Embarrassed To Take Off my shirt Either Although If u Were me you’d probably would be😂😂😅🤣
    Anyway thanks for your Passionate Videos And Great Work. I’ve learned a lot and have Miles To Go.

  5. Guys please don't do this back exercise especially if you have lumbar 4,5 or disc slip or herniated disk,
    This guy is just talking about ripping body and how to grow muscles, he doesn't have basic idea of skeleton formation,
    If you have back pain, don't just jump to work out your back muscles, instead start from working strong thigh and leg muscles, majority of back pain is due to weak legs/ thighs and your body as whole try to use your back in balancing, lifting and turning your body, which causes to serous back pain.
    First start from good higenic health food, slow exercise, listen to your body, don't push it hard, you will do more damage and then work on your legs, try to make your thigh and leg muscle strong, start with fixed machine in gym, don't use dumbells, or rods.
    Walk on 5-6 km/hr (speed not distance)on trademill with incline in intervals,
    Slowly then work on your back muscles once your leg are strong. This will not damage your damaged back but instead give you more stability and support. That's it's guys , rest is upto you to decide.
    This guys are selling bullshit and making money out of YouTube and supplement.
    I have gone through this back pain and over come it by 90% therefore trying to help you whoever are Misled by this video

  6. Please please make a video about the best one exercise for lower back fat which can be done at home without any instrument

  7. I watch videos before training the body part for that day. These tips are awesome. I plan on finishing my current program then switching to yours. Thank you Jeff, I will put this in my collection. The sternum hack is mind blowing.

  8. I got me some wide birthing hips and some love handles sitting on top ruining my aesthetic bruh!
    demoralising for losing that final bit of day because it's still going to be wide and uneven

  9. I don't eat sugar foods,I don't drink i don't eat gresey goods and I still have good back fat I just eat to much healthy foods

  10. hey Jeff, i do have fat in those area`s, but i also have a fucked up lumbar!! 4 of my 5 lumbar are worn down with nothing to protect them anymore!! the only good lumbar i have keeps locking out on me. for the fat, i have been working on my food intake, mainly because after my 4x bypass surgery, it was suggested that i eat more vegetables and try to cut out my meat intake, and if i did have meat, it had to be a piece the size of a deck of cards. i can have fish to my hearts content, but it was suggested that i cut out my meat intake!! i`m a meat eater, but for the first 4 to 5 months after my surgery, i ate as little meat as possible, and increased my vegetable intake 3 fold!! now i am weight training (i started August 14th, 2017), and have gotten back into eating more meat for protein, but i still eat tons of vegetables!! i took a veggie stir fry of onions, green peppers (red and orange too, when available), carrots (grated), zucchini, and mushrooms, added water to it to make it a soup/stew, added 2 little cans of tomato paste, 1 can of diced tomatoes, and 1 can of black beans to it. i make a rather large batch of it once every 4 to 5 days, and eat it, sometimes with meat be it boneless skinless chicken breast, ground beef, or pork chops, and sometimes i`ll eat it as is with toast (made with villaggio olive oil bread), but i eat it 6 times a day!! i season this soup/stew with onion powder, garlic powder, celery seed, dill weed, ground black pepper and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. it is so good, i could never get sick of eating it. thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  11. Ok guys first off Jeff referring to "pain" is saying you have one or two levels of pain above that delayed onset muscle soreness. Point in case I am 50 and have led a very active/high risk life putting off all my pain issues until after 40. I have paid for this dearly (3 shoulder surgeries) and a two year diagnosis process through the Veterans Administration has validated my hyper-chronic back pain. Let's just say you would cringe looking at the x-rays. I have a lower thoracic/lumbar lateral curvature – several spinal processes nearly touching (that is in a resting state) – both of my hips are now positioned in not one but two irregular angles. I am told I will be looking at a 2 maybe 3 year recovery process. Let's all remember Jeff is both a Physical Therapist and an elite strength and training coach. I have seen some of his videos that make me say WTF was I thinking. It has been almost 3 years since I have been on my last mountain. For now its time to dispose of my ego and hopefully get to the point where I can start applying Jeff's training magic, if I am even able to reach that point. Hooya!

  12. What if you are skinny and your upper back is much larger than your lower back so it looks like you have a hunch

  13. Nice vid bro!!! Love watchin & listenin to u… Truth be told, ur tha reason I am Pickin weights back up, Pickin clients back up, and goin back to another college course. Got 2 years PT college and 2 years of Art college… Ur easy to listen to, understand, and u don't compound tha message with a overload of knowledge. Just wanna say thanks my friend….
    People of tha world,Ive had my PT certificate since 2004,been in tha game since 1988 started boxing, TKD, and wrestled,but working out and at 1 point seeing how big I could get with just my genetics,hit 285 with 11% body fat, then dropped down to 235 with about 7% body fat that wasn't by choice lost my daughter in 2005 and my world crashed & burned simple as that!!! …but anyway, First rule of thumb is certified PTs are not doctors unless they added tha extra years etc to be a doctor. So don't take what this man says and go get hurt then come back to say it's his fault or anyone's fault but ur own, training safe starts with ur family doctor or doctors visit first.
    So I would say first consult ur family doctor to rule out any Medical issues, as in disc,nerves,high blood pressure etc. I've seen in my time 2 people that had no business bein in a gym from what their doctor said and 1 got up on tha pull up bar and got 7 reps in on 10 sets of 20s and dropped dead. That is 100% a true story. If u have any pain,or look cut tha SHIT even if ur 285 with 3% body fat and can run 5 miles a day, daily, still get checked outta,shit creeps up on u,This way ur 1 step Ahead of tha next man, or Women. u don't wanna compound ur health issue if any with a work out. PT can't diagnosis or treat any illness unless they have that extra MD etc tag.
    One,u get a good bill,or bad bill or inbetween bill of health u work with what u got & with what ur doctor says is oka or no leave that exercise(s) out until what ever gets in check and then climb that latter straight up. 10% mental,10% what u do in tha gym and 80% what u eat!!! Don't be afraid to ask for help, pick as many books up and read, study learn tha body and body parts… This is why I respect and can say have loyalty to this man right here,up in these 100% OUTSTANDING & GREAT videos… He gives u enough to get that hamster runnin in that wheel of urs,but not everything….motivation to wanna learn more, gain more, and bustin ur A$$,to fight through tha fear of pain,blood,sweet, tears….all to feel great, look great, too live free…. AND SMILE WHILE U DO IT ALL!!!
    P. S
    There is a big difference between listening & hearing …and a want & need…
    Learn what they are,then what they are mean too u. We listen but don't hear, or hear just don't listen… Learn to do both and watch ur gains go past those limits of tha sky.
    Be well my friends,
    Blessed be…

  14. Awesome video!!! LOVE your channel bro!!! Your channel plays huge part in my transformation… I started working out 3/19/18 and looking story short… through diet change and going to the gym, I'm down 45 lbs already. My goal is another 30 lbs. Your channel is so motivating and educating at the same time… thank you so much for you channel.

  15. I love that intro. The way he said the beefiest part of a man's body.. was so sombre but funny cus of that American accent.. reminds me of Majorie from fat fighters Little Britain lol😂

  16. Hi Jeff! May I request you create "Finisher" videos for all target muscles (Back, Legs, Abs, Arms, Chest, Shoulders, etc.) please? Highly appreciated. Cheers!😊

  17. thanks Jeff this area gives me metamorphic disorder {makes me think im fat } Your awesome Thanks Jeff – Izreol Ramirez Denver, Co

  18. Is it me but compared to his videos now…he was bigger here.  I love your videos even though I'm a female…I learn a lot from you and incorporate what I can.

  19. Why we have that fat around our waist?

    It's not fat silly these are muscles which I specifically train everyday and the exercise is "eating".

  20. Thanks Jeff. So that’s what caused muscle spasms. I had those mainly around my lower back from overworking my body and it got to the point where I stopped working out for a very long time cause I didn’t know what the issue was. I don’t have them anymore and your professional advice really has helped me to recognize and understand how to get to my former physique and at the same time recognizing key muscle elements and progression to develop more safely and effectively. Thank you Jeff Cavaliere

  21. I know this was mostly meant for guys and all.. but I'm still doing this.. the men's version just feels so much better.. and much more educational. Thank you Jeff! 💕

  22. He's a hundred percent correct and this is coming from someone who suffers from back issues due to injury on a daily basis. Once I got to a certain point and finally got my back strong enough and trust me it took quite some time. I started having fewer and fewer and fewer issues with it. So yeah I a 150% agree with him.

  23. Hi This is Monica here well I workout at home and I hve to reduce my back fat would you plz suggest home exercise to melt away back fat quickly and with how many sets I should do everyday please if u can help that’s the only part of my body which need to be reduced
    Waiting for your reply thanks😊

  24. I negative incline my bench because it stretches my hip flexors and it was really kicking my ass at first because everything was so tight but it has really helped with a herniated disk down near my tailbone as well. I just discovered this when I really wanted to bench press from a negative angle and it was very hard so I decided to just stretch instead until it was comfortable. Now I do it a few times a week. I hope this can help someone with similar issues.

  25. Jeff you are changing my life. Thank you for everything you do. The way you break it down scientifically has changed the way I exercise.

  26. not going to lie. they are good workouts but it was just a lil funny how a few seconds of it and the guy on the board lost all that back fat….lol. but dude..your techniques are the bomb though!

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