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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet


  1. I’ve done this for week now and I could only do one on the first day, now I i can do 3. Goals for next week is 5 rounds

  2. I dont even understand how i did 5 round of this killer work out , i never sweated like this ! thank you !

  3. i’m gonna do this one month before my prom, see how my progress gets. i’m gonna be posting day by day, starting with day one in the comments, stay posted

  4. I started doing this workout routine and some others from Thnx, I lost 20 pounds in the last 2 1/2 months. This workouts are amazing!!!

  5. Thanks a lot for your instructions Chris. Love it. In this video I found soundtrack is bit loud, I can't hear you properly.

  6. after 4 years of not working out…i only did 2 rounds but instead of 45 seconds i did 35 seconds
    this workout killed me…going to keep it up. thanks for the video

  7. 13 years old, getting in shape for football did 5 of these, end it with a nice cold shower before bed🥰 i’m 6’2 270 so ima beast for football

  8. Gonna try to do this at least 5 days a week… i have some previous workout experience so hopefully this isn’t too hard 😄

  9. 여러분 이거 하시고 나서 꼭 스트레칭도 같이 해주세요 다음날 바로 체감이 오실겁니다

  10. Al cien, ejercicio al estilo PRISION. unos cuantos días más y subo mi foto de perfil con cuadritos al Yotube

  11. Dude tHE First few times I do this I feel sloppy af but right now I do this before my 5*5 strength workout as a warm up ! yes !

  12. I am lucky to see this video today. I saw the newer videos of Chris and I was completely blown away with the intensity of those. I could not even do more than 1. But after watching this I feel this level of intensity is manageable.

  13. Loved the app and your workouts. I’m totally out of shape. Any practice I can find to build resistance and strength? I found myself out of breath on some of your routines but really want to make it happen for me.

  14. Someone needs to wear one those watches and tell me how much calories this burns cause damn I’m sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage 😅

  15. I've only watched a handful of your fat burning and muscle building videos. ive been working on my core, upper body strength, and weight loss for the last couple of days and I can already hold a better bolt hold and planks from this. Thank you for your help so far. I plan to continue using it!

  16. Alright first time I am definitely a beginner. Tips for people so you don't give up. Burpees : dont be afraid to skip the pushup in later rounds but still jump drop and keeps those legs pumping. Russian twists : I had troubles forcing my legs up. Rest them on something to get that height. In and outs do squats if your shoulders cant take it. Plank is just a bitch tough through it.
    The goal here is to keep your heart rate up if your muscles cant take it today they will later but dont skip out . Don't give up
    I missed my run today and had to find this video damn glad I did

  17. Can I do this everyday and look like him or do I need to lift weights at the gym too? I’m already skinnyish, 6’1 180 but I want that tone and bulk.

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