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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Fitness is my life. I’ve worked for
everything I have. I can squat 700 and bench 480. Come on, G, push it, push it. I’m at home on magazine
covers and body building stages. I train the research
labs and weight rooms. I won’t settle,
won’t stop, won’t quit. I’m more than a cover model,
more than a power lifter, more than a body builder,
more than all those things. I am swole. Swole is an attitude. It’s no holds barred, never give
up, work smart, one more rep, two more minutes, get big. Swole is more than size. Swole goes beyond that swagger. Swole is the pursuit of
your biggest and best self. Stop guessing, start
growing, get swole. I’m Cory Gregory, co-founder
of MusclePharm, gym owner, natural competitive body
builder, and power lifter, and cover model. Get Swole is a product of
my life pursuit to create a muscle-building program that
maximizes lean mass gains and minimizes fat gain. I want to make it
perfectly clear this is a clean muscle-building program designed
to work for any body type. For all your hardgainers out
there, you’re gonna pack on the pounds because of all the
constant changes of the routines, with heavy weight,
high volume workouts and the correct recovery
supplements and quality food. For all you dirty bulkers
out there, now I’ve tried it. You’re mowing down on hamburgers
and fries, just trying to put on as much size as you can
and push heavy weight. I get it, but I’m telling you,
you’re not gonna hold on to any of that bloated
mass that you put on. So this program might be like
a cutting program for you, but you’re still gonna be putting on
quality mass while you’re losing some inches on your waist. For all you advanced lifters,
you already have a pretty good physique. You already know what you’re
doing on your nutrition and you already know what you’re doing
in the gym, but everyone likes a program change, so come on over
here, train, eat, and supplement with some new variables. Get Swole is a
16-week, 4-phase plan. Each phase of this program is 4
weeks long and you only change your program every 4 weeks. The first phase is
the foundation phase. This is where we’re gonna shock
your body to hell and lay the true groundwork for
the following 12 weeks. The workouts consist of
high-volume super sets with minimal rests. Next is the pyramid phase. You’re gonna get introduced
to the training technique of pyramid sets. This is where you’re going to
pack on some serious size and strength. Then you begin the second half
of the program with the pump phase, boosting the volume to
increase your muscle fullness and overall endurance. Inspired by golden era of body
building, I’ve pulled workout tiplets from Arnold
and added my own twists. And finally, we’re gonna wrap
it up with the detail phase. Everything you’ve done for the
first three phases is leading up to this. Here, your cardiovascular
endurance will shoot through the roof, but without
sacrificing that size. We’re giving you an in depth
video that covers everything you need to know from training,
supplementation, and nutrition, including a scientific breakdown
of your nutrition plan from MusclePharm Executive Director
of Medicine, Dr. Mike Kim. Plus, you’ll have a daily
training, meal, and supplement guide for each day of the plan. Every sample meal and workout
will be broke down in detail right here on You’re even gonna be able to
link this whole program to BodySpace and sync it right to
your smartphone so you never miss a beat. Build muscle, add
precise size, and get swole. Scroll down and start the
phase 1 video for full details.

50 thoughts on “Get Swole | Cory Gregory’s 16-Week Muscle-Building Training Program

  1. Is this a joke? "I am swole"…. really lol?
    I much rather do Mike O'Hearn's Power Bodybuilding again. At least he was actually swole and strong raw.

  2. Was this supposed to be funny? I laughed as soon as he started talking. I'm sure there was something useful in there but this vid was so pretentious I couldn't stop laughing long enough to catch much of it…

  3. I love me some pyramid sets. I pyramid my bench, squats and deads. I'm actually kind of interested in seeing the rest of this program.

  4. I did this program once through and was in crazy better shape after doing.. Doing heavy weights with small reps and sets is good if you like to have strength for one second.. Great program for MMA fighters and athletes around

  5. the 480 bench yeah but the 700lb squat, not really. Look up Jesse Norris hes 198 raw and hes hit a 700lb squat and a 410 bench i believe. Then again all he does is powerlift so I geuss i owe this guy some props.

  6. a natural bodybuilder doesnt take steriods, their in their own class so their not overshadowed by the likes of Jay Cutler and Kai Greene, in otherwords this programme is meant to gain mass without roid rage

  7. So….there is something really wrong with this program. It says it uses a 2,500 Kcal template diet. Doing some research in MyFitnessPal I discovered that the meal plan is actually way beyond 2,500 Kcal. It also says 10% carbs? Well the carbs are way off also. Everything is off. So is there something wrong here or….?

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  9. I already told you. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well.

    Listen I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

    worth watch here now

  10. Yes i mean it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

    And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

    have a look here

  11. This Almost-Magical Exercise Strategy gets regular guys built up quickly.  Just go And Google  Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

  12. I've been lifting consistently for 1 year now and I just started this program 1 week ago, and in just one week I've noticed a difference in how I feel (good thing). The gains are coming though, been sore all week and I'm loving it. Cory is my lifting inspiration #getSWOLE!

  13. I am in the middle of the program and suddenly I don't have access to it anymore unless I pay, thanks a lot guys for fucking everything up

  14. Damn, haters and complainers all over this, your hung up on the word swole…. Love this series of work outs, I've done it 3 times in full and always come out the other end stronger and leaner. Which body building .com was being lame and charging for once free programs, good thing internet has it covered 😉

  15. Does anyone remember the purpose of each phase? For example, phase 4 was meant to shred your body. Also, why did he do 50 reps instead of splitting them into sets?

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