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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey everyone welcome to Episode 4 of the Hourglass Program. This workout works your butt and also your legs at the same time, and you can find the full schedule of this program over here: Now smash that thumbs up button, subscribe and also turn on the notifications so that you don’t miss out on my new challenges and programs. And also do share your progress photos or videos with us, and let’s jump into it guys. So we have 3 sets of exercises today 30 to 60 seconds of exercises and 5 to 10 seconds off Let’s start with 3 stance squats: We’re starting with narrow squat followed by a regular squat then a sumo squat. Take it nice and slow, and go down as low as you can. Make sure your core is engaged and repeat the exercise for 60 seconds. Now get on the mat, and now we have diagonal leg raise followed by a straight leg raise. This works the glutes and also the outer part of the thighs; giving you that nice round butt. Now let’s do the other side. Lateral lunge leg raise is next take a step to the left and lunge down then come back up and do a side leg raise. Another really great exercise for the outer glutes. Now onto the other side. Now we have curtsy lunge with a pulse. This is really going to burn your glutes, so make sure you focus on your butt. In order to get the most out of any exercise you have to have that mind muscle connection. Now let’s do the other side. Now we have squat side leg raise. Squat down as low as you can while being in good form; then get up and raise your right leg to the side. Then repeat on the other side and all up 60 seconds. Make sure your core is engaged. And this exercise is absolutely great for your legs and also for the side of your butt. Don’t give up now! This is the last exercise for this set. You can do it! Now we have a quick 10 seconds break. Feel free to pause the video, if you need a longer break. We have standing side leg raise next. Raise one leg to the side and keep your core engaged. This exercise is really great for the side of your legs and glutes, and also the love handle area. Now onto the other side. Now get on a mat! We’re doing some donkey kicks with a pulse. This exercise is so amazing for the butt. Are you feeling the burn? Now onto the other side. Now we have sumo squat with a pulse. Have your feet slightly wider then shoulder width apart; squat down and pulse 1 time then come back up and repeat. Now we have crab walk with a squat. Do 2 crab walks then squat and repeat. Make sure you’re focusing on the glute muscles while you’re doing the crab walk. This is so gonna burn the side of your butt so badly. So come on guys you can do this! This is the last exercise for this set. Now we have a 10 seconds break, but feel free to pause the video if you need a longer break. We have single leg deadlift with knee tuck next. Start by pushing your hips back while raising 1 leg behind you. Make sure you’re back is neutral. Don’t arch or round your back. Then bring your leg back in and do a knee tuck. This works the abs at the same time. So your working your butt and abs at the same time. Now do the same on the other side. Next, get on the mat again. We have fire hydrant. Raise your leg to the side like so, and this is so gonna burn your glutes again so badly. But this exercise is so amazing for the side of the butt. Let’s do the other side. Now have reverse lunge with a pulse. Make sure your front knee doesn’t pass your toes as you lunge down; then use your front heel to get back up. My butt is burning so badly at this point, and I hope you’re feeling the same way too. No onto the other side. We have single leg bridge next. Make sure you squeeze that butt at the top position and give it a pause. Then come back down and repeat. We’re almost done guys! Just 4 more exercises to go. You can do this! Let’s do the other side For the last exercise we have: curtsy lunge and a pulse again to give our butt an extra burn. Let’s do this! Now onto the other side. Good job everyone! I hope you’re butt and legs are feeling the burn. Don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button and also turn on notifications so that you don’t miss out on my new videos and programs. And I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Get that Toned Legs & Round Booty Workout | Hourglass Program

  1. who wana be internet best friends? really no joke lets both commit to workouts and lets lose weight together even if were 10000000000 miles apart haha and we talk through emails or messeges or whatever bcz all my friens literally say they are gonna workout with me and do the programs but they donttt so anyone ? plus its scientificaly known that ull lose more weight with a friend 😀 ;D

  2. I'm trying so hard to do these workouts but it's so difficult. Every time I do them my throat feels like it's burning. The struggles

  3. Did 3 sets of 30 clam shells on each leg after completing this (all workouts done with a resistance band) and BOY is my side booty feeling the burn.

    Love your videos!!

  4. It's been a month and I follow a different video everyday and I gotta say there were huge changes in my body. Chloe love your vids they have helped a lot. Keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I’ll keep you guys updated:
    I’m also doing an abs workout twice daily with the legs workout and I’m also watching what I eat to try and lose weight.
    Before I weighed 141lbs

    Day 1: Workout was intense my legs killed by the end omg, I also went swimming and swam lengths to do some cardio. I went out for dinner with my family and I rejected pudding which was difficult but I didn’t want to undo all the work I did earlier 😂Praying for results😂😫

    Day 2: Worked out in the morning and was super sweaty and tired. Went out for lunch with my family and had a salad (I was proud of myself😂) did the 2nd workout in the afternoon and wanted to die by the end my stomach and legs are killing me I’m struggling already help

    Day 3: So I got kind of drunk last night and had a hangover this morning so I was only able to workout once in the evening when I felt well enough too. I also ate takeaway pizza cause I felt sorry for myself so now I’m annoyed cause I’ve probably put weight back on😑but I put in effort in the exercises and they’re getting slightly easier so I’m hoping to see good thingssss

    Day 4: Could only workout once today cause I was busy but went swimming as well.

    Day 5: Worked out twice today, once in the morning and once in the evening. I saw my mum today after not seeing her for a week and she asked if I’d lost weight which was a confidence boost 🙂

    Day 6: Only did the workout once cause my muscles were protesting lmao but I am seeing changes

  6. Trying to slim down my thighs because they seem to bulky from muscle and I just want them to be cute and slim.

  7. Hey I’ve been doing this for Im not sure how long maybe 1-2 weeks and I’m already getting a slight thigh gap 🙂

    But now I’m going to add weights so I’ll update in a couple of days 🙂

  8. i have to be honest i was not at the worst place with my body fitness wise but i knew i needed a push so i then got on youtube and chloe’s ab workouts popped up and from the moment i saw her channel i realized how great of a person she is overall and her reliability based upon fitness and how she guided(s) her viewers through it all. I absolutely adore the fact that her videos are much more organized and put together as compared to others and i also might add that chloe’s videos really did give me that push to motivate me in the fact that i knew that my body had a potential of being where i wanted it to be and i knew that the only way change was going to happen was with me doing something about it. thank you sososo much for all your hardwork in all the videos you put out and i cannot wait to see you succeed and helping others as well:)!!

  9. Everybody: wants to have good body for summer
    Me: wants to have good body for school so my crush is gonna notice me

  10. Have you guys ever seen the movie “Carrie”? You know that scene with I believe goat blood or something like that? Well every time I do a squat on my period that’s what I picture

  11. Would anyone like to join a group chat where we’d share and plan workouts to do, motivate each other and share our progress? 🙂

    I’ve been working out for what seems like forever but I thought it would be fun to try to help other people get into it, and it’s a good way to make new friends as well Xx

  12. So i’m doing this workout after a 7-minute and 10-minute workout (which i started over a month ago) Let’s hope i see some results…
    Day 1✔️
    Day 2✔️
    Day 3✔️
    Day 4✔️
    Day 5✔️
    Day 6✔️
    Day 7✔️
    Day 8✔️
    Day 9✔️
    Day 10✔️
    Day 11✔️
    Day 12✔️
    Day 13✔️ (couldn’t do them for 2 days)
    Day 14✔️
    Day 15✔️
    Day 16✔️
    Day 17✔️
    Day 18✔️
    Day 19✔️
    Day 20✔️
    Day 21✔️
    Day 22✔️
    Day 23✔️
    Day 24✔️
    Day 25✔️
    Day 26✔️
    Day 27✔️
    Day 28✔️

  13. Her "come on guys keep going we are almost done you can do it!" Gives me so much motivation 💜🤧🤧😭love you

  14. What if I miss one day of the program? Will it do anything? Cause like today I just feel lazy and Im actually on Day 15 of the program and I’ve kept up a good streak of not missing a workout and I font want to start now. I just feel really lazy and tired but I dont want to miss a day ; ^ ; help (then again I went swimming yesterday which is probably why Im tired and feel lazy. Im not sure but help)

  15. Was I shaking the whole time? Did I have to pause the video? Was my form far less than perfect?? Yes. But I completed the workout and that’s all that matters. Thx Chloe, I’ll be doing this workout for a while! I love it!!

    Fourth day doing this! Yesterday I didn’t bc my legs were like dying. Lol not even kidding my thighs are so so much better.

  16. I already started the first of August hoping for a changed in the last month of summer but I wish I did it sooner

  17. My knees really hurt when I do the Squats is there any way i can change that or make them stop hurting? they make popping noises and ache same as my shoulders

  18. Okay so I have recently finished the hourglass program and here's are my thoughts/results.
    I am a 16 yr old, 5'5, and female. When I started the program I weighed 127 pounds and now I weigh 122. So in total, I lost 5 pounds in 26 days. I didn't eat healthy at all because I don't have healthy food at my house but wasn't too worried since my metabolism is so good. My mom and sister have noticed my booty more. They say it jiggles more and is more noticeable. I didn't take before and after pics cuz I'm dumb😔 BUT I believe it did improve my booty at least a little none the less. I have a lot of stomach fat so my stomach didn't flatten but I do believe that since I lost pounds that I most definitely lose some fat in the stomach. I feel like if I did this challenge 1 or 2 more times my stomach fat would be completely gone especially if I actually decided to eat healthily. Overall this program is really good. I lost tons of weight and even skipped some exercises (like the side plank) that I didn't feel like we're doing anything for me. I took a couple of extra rest days in between and everything still worked out fine but then again I'm a teen with a good metabolism. Overall I'd rate this program a 9/10 only because I didn't see a major change in my booty. But that may be also because I've only done this program once. So yes I recommend you give it a try. It's nice to be on a program. Helps stop me from procrastinating.

  19. I'm a beginner. I've a question chole!! pleas can I know that…all of those hourglass programs, can i do all those exercise every day ?..sorry for my mistakes.😅.I can't talk english properly..pleas reply 💕🙏..I need it

  20. Its out of earth how im too lazy to do anything even go out but when i gotta do any of your programs im like okay this is gonna be fun

  21. My arm are uneven, they are the same size but don’t rest the same way on my body my right arm is lower than my left can you please maybe suggest something I can do to fix this (I love your workouts btw)

  22. i love how even though this is for legs and butt she still includes some ab 💞 honestly all the best workouts out there are by chloe ting

  23. Your videos are incredibly inspirational and encouraging. Even when I am done with one of your video workouts, while taking a break, I watch your another video. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
    I already have hourglass figure, but I am trying really hard to get your abs. I think they would suit me and I don’t care if others try to mock me, but I am doing this for myself and myself only. I am getting more and more confident with my body and thanks to you, I can get those abs one day! This is a promise! After I am done with that, I will try your butt workouts. I wish you all luck and don’t give up! You can do it and be proud of yourself! If you get too tired, you should definitely get a rest. It won’t affect you badly. Just don’t tire out your body to the point that you might collapse. Just do it if you truly want to. Don’t let the other people’s harsh opinions discourage your self esteem. If you believe in yourself, you will get the results! Love yourself and peace💜

  24. I followed 5 of your workouts today, but I want to do more, I just love it and want to see the results quicker. I was still eating food with a lot of fat and didn’t do cardio, but that was a BIG mistake, so I asked my mom to get me a shit ton of vegetables and I started cardio workout. Cardios are reaaaaaaly hard and extremely exhausting for me, but abs exercises are not. However, I will get used to it by the time. Wish me luck☺️😍

  25. I finished the program today lost 2 inches on my waist and hips. Great program easy to follow and i recommend everyone try it. It's the first program ive ever completed. My legs are looking good af. I didnt measure my butt because that wasnt really my goal. Thank you for good videos chloe i am now a subscriber.

  26. Ok.
    I did this challange for 3 full weeks, I will probably not finish it because I got sick, but what I can say at this point is, the effort is worth it, I feel better with myself and I'm already excited for the next challenge from Chloe.
    If anyone is looking for motivation here it is, even if you don't see the dramatic results after you finish this challange you still will see results. So good luck everyone 💗 reading comments during these workouts really helped me and so I hope this will help someone too 💞

  27. I love working out my butt and legs!🍑 Having strong beautiful legs makes me feel so confident and empowered🍑💪

  28. This workout doesn't make my muscles burn at all. The other ones leave me sweating and craving for air. That's why this one is my favourite.

  29. I predicted that walking would be hard after this one and I'm right 😂
    Hope this workout will give me nice glutes like I desire 🤔

  30. This is my favorite leg workout of yours, Chloe!! It has all my favorite lower body exercises (fire hydrants omg yas)

  31. You guys want a bigger butt? I did Chloe’s booty workouts, then I got a good amount of sleep, ate a good amount of food & I let myself rest. That’s all you gotta do. You got this guys!!

  32. Hourglass Program!
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4 REST DAY thank god
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7 REST DAY

    Day 8
    –Exam week so I couldn't work out for a few days..Honestly the best sleep I could get was for 4 hours😭😭But I’m not gonna give up so here we go again!
    Day 9 I started my period but I already skipped so many days so here I am!!!
    Day 10

  33. Chloe: feel that burn

    Me: i not feeling annything cuz im doing it rong.

    My mom: should i help you?

    Me: gets so angry slams the door

    And now there is no butt and leg inprovement for me😅

  34. Been doin this for three days now and people usually call me flat and make fun of me (not in a mean way… kinda) but my butt is rounder girl I’m happy asl 😭😭

  35. I love that she makes a program to get results similar to the hour glass figure, because I'm pretty sure I don't have it, but would love to look similar to it! For those who don't exactly look like her, remember its completely genetic and everyone's body type is different! Love yourself!

  36. Is it ok if i do this workout for thigh fat to slim my legs? but this workout only for 30days, u think it will work? Thanks for answer,

  37. So I lost some weight (before i had 73kg and now I have 65kg). Mainly thanks to Chloe's workouts and thanks to intermittent fasting, but I kinda have a non-existant ass now 😂. So I will try this workout for 1 month starting from today!
    So I am starting from 101 cm (I have kinda wide hips but my butt is flat 😅).
    Day 1: I was sweating so much! But I didn't have the urge to stop in a middle of a exercise wich is good. When I finished I felt amazing.

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