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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello, my name is Darin Steen, coming to you
from to share with you what I believe is the absolute best chest
exercise to build big, thick, massive pecs. It is the dumbbell bench press. Forget about
the `how much a bench’ mentality. I wish I had a dollar for every time some asked me
how much a bench. A straight bar bench press is going to give your rotator cuffs some bad
tension, but dumbbell chest press is absolutely the way to go:
Sit down on a bench Put the dumbbells up here (see picture) Keep your elbows close to your side
Bring them backwards As you lay back, feet on the floor
Arch your lower back out Dumbbells slightly face each other
Separate them – go down – breathing in Pick up the dumbbells still slightly facing
each other Keep that lower back arched up and chest still
open, shoulder blades low and close together Because we are maintaining a slight forward
tilt on the palms, separate them at first, go down (breathing in)
The elbows come down a little bit closer to the body, then out here which is negative
on the rotator cuffs So, keep the dumbbells facing each other and
the elbows will come closer to the body…and…that’s 3
Down, separate them…down (breathing in) Dumbbells stay about 3 or 4 inches off the
pec (don’t let the dumbbells stay close and touch the pec). Keep them out here – keep
them constantly touching on the chest…and blow – haah
Separate them… come down (breathing in) Pause for a second, feel the stretch – haah
Keep that lower back arched up Separate them…down…slow
Bring your elbows in Dumbbells on the floor
Do three or four sets of those to failure in the 12 – 15 rep range and you will absolutely
put constant positive focus on the chest. Do it a couple of times per week; plug together
great nutrition, endomorph cardio first thing in the morning, social support and a great
goal setting strategy and you will be well on your way to having the physique and the
chest that you want. If you would like more free videos, free reports
just like you this, please go over here to the left and click on
If there is no link over here, please go to This is an exercise
that is in my exercise library, and on page 256 of my book The Fat Loss Lifestyle 12 weeks
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for you – Thank
you. 2

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