Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I love working out on this machine. The first time I saw the Fusion I was like, ‘Wow!’ My favorite thing, having the trainer there. It’s super motivating. Trainer: “Let’s work. Alright, here we go!” I hated high intensity interval training. Trainer: “We’re gonna go through this together.” It made me love it! Your heart is pounding. The trainer will change the resistance for you. There’s a magnet that makes it challenging. It’s a lot of fun. Absolutely. When you’re pulling, you’re pushing, bending and turning. You’re just going. You’re exited. You’re pumped. Trainer: “Now we’re going for strength!” It was my complete workout, all in one. Before you know it, your workout’s done. Sweating like crazy. I’m sweating. I’m having a love affair with this machine. I’ve never had abs before! I’m more lean, I’ve got more muscle tone. More tone. My chest is a lot more defined. And I have like a… Pounds of fat. Thirty three and a half pounds of body fat, and now I’ve got this. And I look good! And I feel amazing! I feel amazing. And it’s happening for you, it’s not happening to someone else. Your results start at

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