Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

If you love training, if you love bodybuilding, if you love the gym.. It’s not hard to get back. Trying to find your way back to the gym, like trying to find a reason to go to the gym .. .. would mean that you don’t really enjoy it. You’re doing it more because of some other purpose, like trying to lose weight or look good.. But you don’t really enjoy training. If that’s the problem, if you don’t really enjoy training but you’re doing it for another reason, then you just have to have the discipline. There’s no trick. You just have to wake up one day and go you know what.. You just have to GO. You just have to get up and go. Every day you gotta put something into it, to get something back. If you just wake up and you’re like ‘I kinda feel like sitting on my phone..’ not getting out of bed. That’s bs.. Get out of bed. Go to the gym. Get a training session in, just sweat it out. If you’re only doing it because you’re like I want a mens physique type of body or I wanna look like a bodybuilder. You’re probably not gonna last man.. This isn’t the kind of thing that you just do and then stop. Because the effects dont stay. If I go to the gym and I look phenomenal and I get ready for a show and I look shredded and peeled.. As soon as I stop going I return to looking like a bag of sht. Find something that no one can take from you. No one can take that work ethic away from you.. We only get better by being uncomfortable!! Knowing that I built a reputation for work ethic. No one can take that away from me. Be the hardest guy working in the room. Be the hardest guy working in your gym.. Make everybody else in the gym look over and go holy fk. That guy is killing it.


  1. ''There's no trick. You just have to wake up and go.. EVERY day you have to put something into it, to get something back.'' #EveryDayCounts

  2. There is no SHORTCUT to success
    – Relentless attitude towards reaching your goals and becoming obsessive
    – Do whatever it takes. If you are trying to become a bodybuilder – eat on a toilet if necessary

  3. In india we cannot go for bodybuilding…we indians cannot spend so much on food beef meat protein …we here struggle for good job pay .education for children ..blaaa blaaa…we have poor system

  4. the age of men is falling and it is your duty to be, it is your duty to stand out as the most massively developed person in your local area. Don't be like other people, don't be feeble and weak walking the streets with your head down like a little bitch, the time is now to become a superfreak.

  5. I go to the Gym for torture man. You gotta Love it. You gotta embrace. Bodybuilding, going to the Gym every fucking day should be a part of your Life !! IT should be a part of YOUR HEART !!!!

  6. I LOVE TRAINING but come see where i was and see where i trying to come back to dying and waking back up made me wanna live harder i promise i AM coming BACK STRONGER than ever.

  7. I love this guy. He doesn't need to scream and yell obscenities; talking about how everyone's a little bitch. He just speaks the truth. Anyone can get big and strong, you just have to want it more than comfort and complacency.

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