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(Laughing) Hey everyone, it’s your friend thinknoodles. (Laughing) I’ve turned into a stickman. Look at this! What on Earth has happened here? I’ve got my ninja stance actually. (GASPS) Dude that guy is buff. This is supposed to be a safe place. Look at these hulks! Stop it, dude, stop it. So, welcome to Weightlifting simulator 2, where you’re supposed to bulk up and fight. I’m just gonna, I’m gonna pump some iron. Let’s see what happens, am I, am I getting anything for this? Yeah, let’s do it dude, flex, flex, flex, flex. What? Okay hold on a second here. What, what are we doing here? Stats, okay, strength 12, durability 155, height 1, weight 3, and speed 15. Ok, but what? So wait, What was my strength? It was 12. Let’s see if it’s actually going up. Let’s see if it’s actually going up. Let’s do a little more lifting, he’s definitely, uh, less skinny than me. Oh dude. Look you can actually use the weight equipment. Maybe we should be doing that, yeah. I’m gonna go… oh wait, I got strength 15. Ok wait, dude, I’m gonna go over here I’m gonna do some… I’m gonna do some benchpress here. Yeah, okay. Oh, and then you just sit here, wait, you just lay there and then put one leg in the air, I don’t know what… no, no, no, no, aren’t you supposed to, like… Is this the only weightlifting you can do? I feel like they’ve got these machines here, and I’m laying down like a baby about to get its diaper changed. How about here? Let’s try the shoulder press machine here, can we- here we go. Do it! No? Ok, How about the treadmill, can we do that? Maybe we get speed from the tre- Oh! Oh dude! Look at this! I can actually run on the treadmill, okay, cool. So, I can get away from those big fat ogres! Whoa, dude! I got so fa- wait, did- what? My speed was like 16 when I got… Oh, 19! So now, now, I’m actually too fast for the treadmill, I actually run off of it, watch, Here we go. Oh. Maybe not, no, yeah! Look at that I’m too fast for the treadmill. All right dude. Uh oh watch out, dude! Dude! Get away, watch out. No, no, no, no, no, no, you can’t – Whoa dude, he- Oh, no. He can’t keep up, Look, look, look, he’s so slow! You’re too slow! Okay, so- Woah! Dude look at the size of the weights this guy’s lifting here! Ok. Let’s do a little, uh, what is this? This is a little bench press machine too, can- Can- we actually- We can’t really use any of them! I think you just- You just use the weight that you have, and then you use the treadmill. But I want to like, I don’t want to run off to the treadmill, but I wanna- No! I want to get faster! Watch out! Look, the guy behind is actually hitting him. The guy behind is actually hitting him. Let’s see, come on. Get him, get him, get him, get him, come on. We can get him, we can get him, no! He flattened me. YES! YES! It was a group effort! I died though, I did die. Nice. Oh look, look, we’re friends now, the three of us, even the big dude. He has to protect us. He’s got to protect us now. Look at him! like- Oh! Okay! Nice! Look at your head, dude! Like, I can- You’ve got like no neck at all- *All around me are familiar faces* Your head is- What i- What I love about the model, when these guys are super buff, is that they- They- They have like a regular-sized head, but the rest of their body is enormous. We’re a team now. We are a team. Oh, you’re leaving dude? Oh, man. Ok, that was my first workout buddy. He couldn’t take it. He got- Why are you so small? He’s like buff, but he’s tiny, but my first workout partner couldn’t take it. He couldn’t keep up with me just Woah, his weights are tiny. Uh, just like constantly lifting, lifting, lifting, and he just didn’t have the stamina to keep up. Whoa, dude, my friend’s back. He’s like you kid. I’m his only big friend get out of here. You are my best friend. If I’m dying, you dying with me. So, I wonder, do you get like- Do you get points or more strength for attacking other people, and like- If so… Do you want to beat up bigger people because then you get more points? See, that’s the question. That is the question. All right, let’s see so what do you get from the shop? Ooooooh. What’s salad dinner? And, we can get Kung Fu, and double weight? Yeah, ok, let’s- let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do that. I’m not Gonna get training boost. We’re gonna get a salad dinner, and we’re gonna get Kung fu. Let’s see what I just bought, alright. Let’s close it down. All right, here we go, here we go. Let’s do double weight. Oh, there we go. Yeah! There we go. Boom, hey! WOAH! Nice! Nice Um… HUUUH! HUUUH! Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. What’s going on here? Who’s doing the fighting? Ok, so, wait. Let’s get back to the double weight, Yeah. Yeah, oh, I think this is really boosting my strength quickly. I think it is, so, wait… Where’s the salad dinner? What was that? I.. I don’t… I don’t… I don’t really see that anymore. Where did it go? Did I lose my salad dinner when I died? Kung Fu. (Karate Sounds) Oh! OHHH! Dude! I’m sorry! I’m gonna be the biggest, baddest, Kung Fu master you have ever seen. Ok, strength is at 255, so what I want to do now is try and run on the treadmill. Because speed 19 for a fat guy like me, look at me, is not working out, too well. Can I even go on a treadmill now? Oh, man. I still run over it though, I want to get my speed up to like 20. This is not that easy, because I keep running off of it, because I’m guessing, like, I’m guessing I’m still… I still move at the same speed, but it seems like I go faster. Oh, does this work? No, I don’t… I don’t know if it’s working. Yeah, that’s working. Oh, there we go! Hey, actually, this is actually pretty good, because I’m too big, that, uh, That I sort of fall off of the- aw, man, did I get any more speed? No, I think maybe 19’s the max. Look at me! Fat guy in a chair here! Look at this! Yeah, alright. I need to lift some more weights. So, wait. I’m getting… I’m actually getting faster. So I’m up to speed 29. So, if you guys notice… let’s get out of here. Let’s.. let’s.. let’s run, Look! So, I’m one of the big, huge guys, But, what I noticed is that so many of them are very, very, slow. Like this guy, look how slow he is, look, see? See? I’m totally outrunning him, dude, so, I thought I was big- (Laughing) This guy is huge! I mean, what is the maximum size or height, like where is it? Ok. I was gonna say. Oh, no. He just got rekt! Dude, wait a minute. So, wait, the- wait, Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! WHAT!? How did that little guy just wreck me? We’re fighting? Why? Why are we… Dude just punched me in the face and I- (Laughing) Look at my head! It’s like, Wait, wake up dude, there! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What? Wait, how did I not hit him? I totally hit that guy, wait a second, wait a second here, (Grunting) Come on, get him! How can’t I hit this guy? WHAT!?!? DUDE HE’S HACKING! Wait, what are you doing? (Gasps) YOU!!! What were you doing? That was not smart! Dude, no! Bad! See? See, I can knock him out no problem! But… (Laughing) I just, I don’t, Wow, look, dude. He’s like he’s stuck. Oh, no. He’s on my shoulder. I was gonna say he’s stuffed inside my shoulder, but like, what? No, no, all right. We’re gonna lift some more, but, I’m pretty sure we cannot beat that guest. BOOM! Get out of here, Macarena! Er, uh, Machacana. Hey, Macarena! All right, that is it. So, guys you might notice, I got skinny again, a word of advice when you’re playing this game, um, It does not save your progress, so don’t leave the server and expect to come back and be huge, you get one play session, so, anyway, I’ve found on the treadmill, that the max speed is 40, and, Look at me go. Oh my goodness, and, no one can catch me. I need to do some weight lifting right now. You’re coming after me. I think she’s coming after… no, no, no, no, no, I got some kung fu for you, BOOM! Man this guy, yeah, you can’t catch me. I’m the gingerbread man. Hello, guy! Yeah, we can work out together. Yeah, man, so, you know, It’s weird, I think it’s because I’m using the double weight, I’m actually not, I don’t look as buff or as strong as I was the last time I had 326 strength, I feel like when I was in The 300s for strength, I feel like I was already more.. Looking more bulky. So, I might be a sleeper, people might not know that I’m as buff as I am, like this guy he doesn’t think I’m that buff right? Do you want some Kung fu dude? You want some Kung fu, bro? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Oh. Okay, dude, the guy’s flying! Look at him, he’s lifting and flying. What? (Gasps) He’s called DabDude! Dab police! No, no dabbing. No dabbing, noob! No dabbing. Oh he’s a fan. Oh, I’m sorry! Alright. We’re good. We’re good. Everybody’s okay. Hey! Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! All right, Here we go. Come on. Die, die, what? My kung fu moves do not work! They are supposed to be awesome. And they’re not I paid for these. What is going on here? I hate- Oh, I got him. I got him good. I got him good. Huh! That’s right, buddy. That’s right! Wait, watch out for ultramettaton. Okay. I need to upgrade my strength. I need to upgrade my strength. Oh my goodness, look at the doge! So cute! And the guy’s- Oh my goodness. He, like, one-shots everything, but you see, I have max speed. I think, 40, and when I get that big, I Look how slow he is. I could just catch him, run up behind him, and wreck him. We got Ultramettaton, ultramettaton incoming, get her. Did we get her? Did I get her? No. Oh. We got the wrong person. BOOM. Kick her in the head. Yeah. (Gasps)You just killed the Bulbasaur. I do not accept it. I reject that! Okay dude. That was not cool! Not cool! Do not kill the Bulbasaur! Look how slow he is, and watch this, watch this, watch this, So, he’s coming over him, Woop! Look at that, look how slow. Boom, boom, but, you know, but he’s nice. He’s nice. He’s nice. NICE. Dude! Look at that! Look at that! Wayyy! (Laughing) This is crazy! Oh, man. There’s so many huge guys! I feel like a weakling! What are you, are you like, a, Are you a gorilla or something? I can’t tell. It looks like gorilla feet. Protect me dude. Whoa. How’s that guys so fast? Oh, what is he doing? Man, this guy. He is going after everyone! I think I need to- I think I need to go after him. I think I need to go after him. Let’s see if we can get him, come on. Get him. Can i- am I even hitting him? Oh, I got him! I got him! YES!!! I killed the big dude!!!! WHOOOO!!! Oh my goodness, watch out, watch out, get this bird one. Yeah! I want to look that big, I mean, taking them out is cool and all, but, like, I don’t know. I think it’s because I’ve been lifting with the with the double weight, um, you, actually, your strength goes up faster than your size. So, these guys are huge, but I’m not anywhere near as big as them. But I’m pretty strong though. I think, so, no, no, no, no, no, look how slow you are, that’s right, buddy. I’m gonna go around you, I’m gonna run circles around you bro. I’m gonna run circles around you, bro. Yep, that’s right. You’re in the corner, bro. Nope. Come on. Get… Come here. Come here! There! Ha! That’s right! That’s why you upgrade your s- Oh. No, no, no, no, don’t do it! D’oh! YES! He wrecked him! Yeah! So, I’ve got my strength over a Thousand now, but I’m not anywhere near his size, this guy’s gotta have his strength at like 2000, I thought maybe once I had a thousand, something awesome would happen, like I would, like, I don’t evolve almost like a Pokemon, YOU GET NOTHING. But, uh, and get a lot bigger, but, no. You just slowly grow and grow, and this like elephant, or gorilla, Or whatever he is, and let’s go check on, Let’s go check on some of the people that were being not so nice before, and let’s see if they want to play. Let’s see if they want to play, like where’s mettaton? Oh, wait you! I remember you. You were always killing me! That’s right. Yeah, I think I started a trend, everybody is fighting. Everyone seems to be fighting… ah, wait, is that mettaton? Look, mettaton there you go, ultramettaton. I cannot Kung Fu you at all. There, no, I got it. I got a mettaton. Oh my goodness, mettaton got ME!!! Oh, my goodness, guys, I’m lifting the gorilla. Oh, no it just sat on me. (Laughing) The gorilla just sat on me. Hey! Hey, Little guy, what are you doing? That is not smart! You do know that. I’m way bigger than you now, and I’m quicker. I just bopped him, i just bopped him. Look at this. They’re using me as like a weight bench to lift weights on. I love it. I love it. Yeah. Come on. We’re bonding here, guys. Ok. 1275, I feel like I’ve got to get above 2,000 to get anywhere near their size. Although now that I look at it, I’m starting to get to be the size of the doge guy. 1500! What are they doing? Look at this we’ve got like this massive workout session, And I think, well, other than over in the corner there, most of the biggest guys are right here training together, What are they doing exactly? I’m not… I don’t even know how they do that, but anyway, (Laughing) I’m glad I’m in their protective custody. We’re doing this, boom, did i miss? How’d I miss? Kick him! Stop it! Come on. I cannot hit him! How much, how much health do I have? 6,000 health and somehow, Someway, he is like, He’s like maybe three shot again, so he’s go- like doing 2,000 damage It’s almost as much strength as I- That’s actually- Oh my goodness. There’s more strength than I have and I am tired of it. Well, mainly it takes him like four hits, but that means he’s got about the same strength I do. Stop fighting me, dude! Stop fighting! Stop fighting, stop fighting, stop fighting, Stop fighting me dude. Hey, no, I don’t want to fight 2 of you. I just want to fight this guy! I want to fight this guy! WHAT!? HOW!??? There, somebody got him. Thank goodness, get him out of here. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don’t do that! Okay, almost at 2000, look at my little buddy right there, doing, doing arm curls, there it is! 2000 strength! Look at that. I can’t even see- look at that, look at that. Yeah, we’re working hard, man. We’re working hard. Yeah! I’m still not anywhere near as big as this gorilla, but wait, are you hitting me? I can’t even tell. (Laughing) Look at this. This is great. It looks like I’m doing.. what is it? It looks like I’m doing like sit ups. Ooh-hoo. Yeah, man. Yeah, ok. All right. I need to… ok. You know what, I need to use this strength a little bit, but, see he’s not fighting. I feel bad about that. We got to find someone who wants to fight. I feel like I’m just like, look at that, I can’t hit him! I can hit the hacker master? Can I hit, what, do you have to be close to him or what? There, I got him. okay. You have to be like sort of standing on him to get him. Maybe that’s how it was with the other guy… Maybe that’s how it was with the other guy, yeah, all right, but I still only am listed as one kill. Hey, are you punching me? Like, I can’t even feel it dude. I think he’s punching me. Yep. I think he’s punch- Dude. Don’t, yep, he’s punching me. *PUNCH* (Laughter) Oh, my goodness. Oh, wait. What’s going on here? Oh, this guy. this guy, huh? Yeah! Dude, okay, I think I understand- your head’s wobbling. I think I understand the combat mechanic now you just have to be like really close to the person, look, you know when, when I Started, like Pac-man was like one of the biggest guys in the game, and I’m almost as big as him! Not quite, but I’m close. I’m close. Should I fight him? I’m gonna fight him. Fight. Fight. (Fighting Noises) Fight, dude. Boom, boom, boom. Boom! Yes, I took out Pac-man. Yeah! Whoa. Whoa, smelly, oh, let’s go! Wait. I’m facing the wrong direction here, wait. What happened? Get up you baby! Get up you little baby, smelly. should I hit smelly? Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Come on, Get him, come on, I gotta kill the gorilla. I’ve got to kill the gorilla! The gorillas biggest guy on the server! YES!!! I’m your gorilla bodyguard! I had to take out the gorilla, I had to take out the biggest guy on the server. Hoo! Oh no, oh, no, my gorilla bodyguard’s turned on me guys. I did it to myself, didn’t I? Alright. Well, I guess he’s got the biggest weights on the server though, but I g- check it out! So look at my size, compared to the cuddly bear in front of me. And there you go. that is how much I’ve grown at this gym. now unfortunately when I log out. I’m gonna lose it all! Don’t fight, hey, hey, no bullying, no bullying, imandy. I lose everything, but we’ve got it preserved in video. I am a MONSTER in the gym! So, guys, if you enjoyed this video on Roblox, And you wanna see more Roblox on my channel, Go ahead and pick up those chopsticks, and poke that like button as hard as you can, also, Don’t forget to post in the comments what you guys get your strength up to I’m up to 2090, But I bet you guys can do even better. So, let me know what your max strength was, and do follow me on Instagram and Twitter, And please don’t forget to become a noodler today and subscribe. I’ll see you guys again soon, Thanks for watching, and of course… Noodle on! (Outro Music)

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  1. look just Thinknoodles is the funniest videos on the whole universe that's why I always watch Hills well every day every month and every year

  2. look just Thinknoodles is the funniest videos on the whole universe that's why I always watch Hills well every day every month and every year

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