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this video called that’s what that was about yeah she’s over there yeah are you going in there there will be a lot more people in it thank you that was a like that was an awesome Hey scenario that just said you recalled picking up girls without talking to them a YouTube video fuck called picking up gross hey before you guys cross we’re making a video called picking up girls without talking I knew they knew I was in something I have to show your your reactions were great is okay you’re in video yeah that’s so much you guys are awesome thank you have a good day Oh [Music] oh no I can’t Oh oh my god hi are you I have a girlfriend right now I mean are you serious or we should I give you an i oh oh my god okay so we’re actually making this video called picking up girls without talking okay so this is when it like one of those fails okay I’m sure it was really awkward yeah I’m sorry no it’s fun okay do you mind if hearing like the extras no that’s fine okay that’s funny okay thank you have a good day okay what’s up this is really happening the dare or something flying have to give me $1 [Music] what you haven’t said a word what if your needle and I don’t want to date one if you think the raw grills to this funny talking to me I’m not going to give you my number you know these are expensive classes so what is this for YouTube for the views down oh great it’s okay if you guys are in it no cameras in the bottom oh yeah oh you guys like ready to get okay god I’m awesome thank you no problem [Music]

100 thoughts on “Getting Girls’ Numbers Without Talking Extras

  1. You should try a challenge where you're at the gym. And pretend not to know what you're doing. Because you "don't go to the gym" and ask girls to help you figure it out lol

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  3. If I know girls, I don't think girls like a show off. I'm muscular too but the only reason I would take my shirt off in public is if it's hot outside or I'm going swimming. I feel uncomfortable just taking my shirt off outside just to impress girls. From my understanding of most women is that women genuinely don't care about muscles. Women love social interaction a lot more. It is the only way to get to know someone after all.

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