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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

wake up next minute let me never get a
pause you’re gonna get the pump before you go out you just age you know what
day it is you say hey so I pass today we went to Burleigh
Heads got myself a fresh haircut for the stages coming Sunday and then a few moments later good night Terry
what’s up Brad where we going yeah yeah big oversized
t-shirt tanning Mitch for the first coat and doing myself yeah it’s pretty much everything you go
boy was that handing me Tammy what are you telling you I’m gonna get nice and
black to the stage what yeah let’s get how you holding man hey how’s veggie
Maya and does not have borrow with veggie Maya
whether it be toasts a sandwich no no Vegemite by itself you do not have
Vegemite by itself are you even a stray lien stop stop
crying he’s just pieces carrying the whole thing you know yeah that’s it man
toaster now no come on man let’s get some drinks straight up if I can’t have
it until after Sunday you can’t be up in my house freaking Mitch no come on I
want some who doesn’t have squirt it’s not happening I don’t even have this at
the moment no no come on man nope where you on
tired I’ve had enough now are you going to come back
caught tied me come back man I need it I’m gonna have some drinks man well I
need a teacher for what’s big seconds later we’re gonna go to the gym
well Jim Burley and train nothing in particular just an all-over body pump to
get ready for the call anything in our washer where we go what we wanna
shop spray yeah I miss that let’s go yeah somebody
forgot to pay for the food yesterday exams too busy arguing with me about two
minute noodles and drinks and we’re gonna go back and pay for it right now
you gonna make me drive all the way drive one two three four five
c7 hey ten basta by right we need that place to talk you
go to get a pump everywhere being buried coconut was that poppin right man I need
some carbs no I can’t yet no carbs until tomorrow I get some sweet potato I have
to have that twice and then at five o’clock
Rose goes through the water and then oats oh just a compa and then the next
day you know it’s the same Cybercom oh I scream Mac is okay FC Hungry Jack’s i’ma
go feel fee with all these man like you guys are gonna see some yeah sorry I’m
just gonna have my Mac is now oh this is a hundred sign man why is it so slow
welcome to paradise we even drink coffee went out after the
Jeep everyone I’m getting like McDonald’s we had a burger from Hungry
Jack’s get some popcorn she got from KFC I’m just glad about this fat fade and
then I’m gonna finish it off for the whole table better Jerry
so excited so excited so excited my one’s good actually at the point where
I’m more excited for that that I haven’t to get on stage watching the dishes make
more dishes you guys will see I’m crazy catalyst all right we have got the
athletes meeting today I’m super excited my boy Donny’s all the way out from
Adelaide so yeah where is he doesn’t find him they’re all I don’t eat over
there my where oh yeah looks good looks different when I do it yes that’s sexy
man I try to get back we are going to the official athletes meeting and Wayne
and drug test for the Musclemania Australia so this video is gonna end
here so if you want to watch that make sure you go to the link in the
description and follow his journey video next video alright let’s do this

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