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6 thoughts on “Girlfriend continues to support Macomb County bodybuilder after brutal attack caught on camera

  1. Wow, I hope his gamble doesn't pay off and they throw the book at him. If not that girlfriend probably won't be so lucky next time.

  2. This entire case is fake, filled with unbelievable “evidence”. Don’t get caught up in the drama they have created. You mean to tell me that a bodybuilder pounds on a woman for 40 minutes and stabs her over 30 times and she lives? The entire alleged “beating” happened off camera with him WWE-style throwing chairs at her and then beating her with a canvas after stabbing her over 30 times, doing a donut with his muscle car I n the street to draw attention to himself before speeding away.!?!?!? U believe that?
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot: He also dragged her unconscious body onto the porch before leaving so the neighbors could take a look.
    Also note that the “surveillance” vid zooms in and out THEY DON’T DO THAT.
    So you’ve got toxic masculinity, domestic abuse, the problem with HGH and steroids addressed and everyone watching and upset.
    It’s all a ploy to keep people tuned in and push an agenda to further divide the sexes.
    I call 100% BS.

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