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ah Yo, what is up guys? So I have a pretty good idea of what you guys think about me because I actually do read the comments But I’ve always wondered. I’m sure you guys are wondering to you What do girls think about my videos so I’m either going to get in disguise or make them think that? It’s not me show them my videos or I get their opinion then reveal that It’s me, and then we’ll see if their opinion changes at all right now guys this might completely destroy my ego But for you guys, we’re going to do it anyway, so let’s see what happens. Enjoy. I’m having her free Accident I’m going to show your video of this Amazing new series. I have a brother his name is connor Probably what you think about him some girls in collect this guy? But some just think of the douchebag so not as kind of a buff guy He has like a million subscribers or something like that, and he basically goes around and take this shirt off This is him on omegle. Have you were about omegle yeah, and he’s like He’s like shirtless like posing for girls if he agent asian really that mad I think he’s 5% asian. Yeah He’s having a girls quick dessert Papi It’s not a video chat like I do that’s not me. That’s my friend. This is my brother on Me no, no my brother were we were twins. Yeah. His name is carter. My name is Eddie. Sorry and rope right here You’re trying to impress them in oh Sorry Sophie sure what do you think about that? What what do you think about that? Yeah I can totally do that. Yeah, so if you like did want to be something to you like. What would you do? I just kind of walk away. I would want to be a part of this whole You wouldn’t want to be a part of it. That’s ironic. Shouldn’t give him your number. Yeah for sure Right now you would never do Something like this like you probably weigh anchor So what would happen if you were in like the video like right now like it did so much great. You like shirtless how do you wait Please will tell me. What gave it away Brown hair like the whole Tea. Tree, okay, make sure that they know strong girls are smart But no like every girl we’ve done so far has not realized to be shout to Sabrina Scott Not the brains around look at those beautiful brains. Oh man those are both weak you need to learn the difference between a Deaf person feel it how do you do that, right? I did it I just I fell into a toxic waste and like I just started like forming over. We’re dinners. No I used in your hair Thank you, Johanna. I grind up the fake in the blender industry I drink Mr.. Cardenas. I don’t think you can drink toasting powder if you have to florida. I’m just kidding I don’t I don’t have a brother. That’s actually I don’t actually have a brother you guys probably figured that oh yeah, we’re just we’re just havin fun. I’m a youtuber So now we’re having girls react to my videos Edelman get in shape have some ladies All right guys. Thank you so much for watching the video. I hope you enjoyed listening to girls opinions about me Hey your opinion about me in the comments below also just want to let you guys know that the fuckable physique Just relaunched alright It is finally back out so many people on the way to live so yo go check that out the fuckin pacific is now also Called the Adhan expesive apparently talkable some people isn’t family friendly or something like that. I don’t know anyway We also just released a ton of new iconic clothing so check that out, too And of course check out someone at nutrition if you want to make some gains Yo, everything you need is in the description below. I love you guys, and I will see you next time oh

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