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okay guys welcome back we’re down here
filming at the commission of Richard Taunton college and we’ve got a great
event on today we linked it into some rugby are some questions to three of the
world’s strongest men we’ve got glen ross here and we’ve got deep mark
Sabatino and we’ve got nick hatch okay and they’re all competing in the
ultimate strongman summer mania down at South Hamptons and Mary’s I’m a bit out
of breath I’ve just come back from another event and we’re going to ask
them some questions we’re going to look at some of the stuff they do they’re
going to work with some of our students although we’re not gonna be filming
laughed it we’ve got some questions about training we’re gonna be asking
them some questions about their all-time strong man eights returning into a rugby
FAC you can pick your and comment below get involved a little bit of a break
from the line but also a little bit of fun but halfway through the show it’s
going to do a hundred and forty three kilo Tom Bell and break its own world
record chemists are shown how they left the right as a warm-up Coldplay come on folks give a big cheer I’m tell
you came around applause laughs it’s going to go left I’m come on let’s give
a big cheer in the left next wrong relevance on now Glenn’s very much looser they said and then in any hole
any oh I think so we gained a Masonic a fix of a China’s focus think run round
as a food for right don’t thing they’re going back to the Sun Times me that one
check around midnight now Johnson is sure though they’re big strong man a
world strongest whenever an officer but he was fifty a wealth of man yeah where
he has two thousand nine areas fiercely and he was really shocked Annie Burton
and it he’d be perfect for those sort of rugby get alongside yeah yes into even
in oxalic you’ll I think probably thanks the unique not stop doing it yeah
but you can kind of keep it clean what you taking me you don’t put dirty
fuel you know what I mean right so important I’ve got a feeling hey guys
welcome back on it and you a nice compliment I’d come and grab you thank
you very much now he’s going to try and be Glenn in Dimitar best eight-ball
words I gave all time so three big strong guys in the front row yes and
suggestions they pick themselves and someone else I can’t remember right now
who do you go for the big strong guys what maybe I mean is it cheating to pick
training people put him in the front row you want these
six oh whatever that’s right he’ll struggle to get to his life I’m staying
strong it’s not really hot any old pure strength I think Dimitar
and Dimitar Alex ever frankly nothing is Cassandra graphic yeah oh yeah time
stopping I can only do so much Thomas is junior already honorable simple I can
not forgive this is going to be a morning and night – yeah which is like yeah so you come back that may be now sadnesses house liquid absolutely
smells yet I just asked again last question you fight your strength we’ve
talked about training with Glen and Davis are there let’s go strength so as
far as like static power I don’t think I’m ever going to try status my like me explosive background between boxing
football and how you told you actually talk about more yeah yeah farmers frame
you okay guys well there you have it three and the world’s strongest men
talking about training Glen Ross Wilsey very keen Ulster fan talking about rugby
now your job guide is to pick a strong man eight forward Patrick and beat
there’s you can pick it from any sport if you want but obviously strong man’s
the obvious choice really good with them to give up the time to do that really
interesting as well please comment below on that strong man eight and so just
very quickly back on to lions Crusaders have announced their team they’re
absolutely stat and they’ve got all blacks all over the place was a torso
the front five is absolutely stacked with all blacks that could pretty much
be the all-black starting front thigh obviously you probably put rhetoric in
there instead and you know they’re looking great but I
would say the lives have got their strongest team out for sure so it’s
going to be a fantastic match like another Test match again thank you for
all the comments they’re fantastic all the different views remember and when I
give scores a five that is a standard score so I’ve actually played quite a
good game and it’s just their comparative purposes we had a toe marrow
toe Jays big brother saying maybe you should score a bit higher and I
completely agree with him probably should he had a good game he’ll be on
the bench again it’s going to be fantastic and the All Blacks squad was
also announced it’s looking great depending on a few injuries and thank
holes maybe he might be out it’s looking a bit dodgy but Taylor’s great player
coming in there and if Kano and reader fit or that absolutely fully stacked
almost you keen reviewers please tell me who you think you should start seven I
mean I’d probably go with Todd that maybe other people would go with severe
and suddenly build from being a start 12 right maybe not you tell me and then at
Brown 13 and the rest of the team pretty much picks itself perón R&R in Beauden
Barrett dagger severe Smith back three anyway until next time enjoy a rugby

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