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Hi guys, Paul from here
and today I’m going to talk about glutamine, or L-glutamine as it’s also known, and whether
it has any value as a supplement for those of you involved
in strength training and body building. I’ll be right back in just a couple of seconds,
stick around, don’t go anywhere. Alright welcome back – and thanks so much for sticking around. For those of you who haven’t watched my videos
before, I just want to let you know that I include links to supporting peer reviewed
clinical data in the description under the video. I do this for a couple of reasons; one, so that you
can confirm my conclusions for yourself and due your own due dilligence if you want, and
two, so you know I’m just making this stuff up as I go along. OK, so let’s talk a little about glutamine,
or l-glutamine. As you probably know, glutamine is an amino
acid and it’s considered a conditionally essential one, which means the body can normally make
enough on its own to meet its needs. However, in times of stress or trauma the
body can run low on l-glutamine, and needs to obtain extra from an outside source. Glutamine is also the most abundant amino
acid in the human body, and is is involved in more metabolic processes than any other
amino acid. Its functions
are many and its role is critical. Having said, let’s get right down the the
crux of the matter – should you take glutamine for bodybuilding or weight training? Well actually, it’s a fanatastic supplement
for bodybuilding, but not because it makes stronger, or builds lean muscle mass, or helps
prevent the loss of lean muscle mass in a dieting or cutting phase. Clinical data confirms that glutamine has
absolutely no benefit in this regard. In other doesn’t work directly to build muscle or make you stronger. Alright, so I’m sure you’re asking… If glutamine doesn’t make me stronger, why
should I take it? Because it offers benefits that are also of
interest to you… For example, long periods of intense exercise
have an immuno-suppressive effect, which essentially means exercise kicks the crap out of your
immune system, and can compromise your body’s ability to fight
infections. In other words, it makes you more likely to get sick. Glutamine counters this effect, and in addition
also protects against elevated levels of plasma ammonia, which is also a side effect of prolonged,
intense exercise. In addition, it also improves glucose regulation,
protein synthesis and promotes a positive nitrogen balance, all of which is essential for muscle growth. So while glutamine doesn’t have a direct effect
on performance itself, it’s a fanatastic supplement for bodybuilders because of it’s positive
effect on a number of critical processes essential to
muscle growth. So well worth taking, IMO, and one of my favorite supplements. Just don’t expect
to see immediate results and strength gains in the gym. Alright guys, thanks for watching. If you liked this video, I’d love it if you
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