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The supplement industry is a multibillion
dollar a year industry and GNC, one of the largest distributors and sellers of supplements
makes about $3 billion a year from their products. But according to a new class action lawsuit,
some of these supplements being sold by GNC are improperly labeled leading people to believe
that they actually have health benefits that may not actually be there. Joining me now to talk about this, is Scott
Hardy from Top Class Actions. Scott lay this one out for us. I mean we, we’ve discussed supplements before. Not a ton of regulation on these, but the
very few rules in place, GNC doesn’t seem to want to be playing by those rules, do they? No, and it’s, it’s frankly really surprising
that GNC would get nailed with this class action because they know better. They’ve been doing this for so many years
and it’s always so cut and dry if you’re selling supplements. You know, you’ve got to have that disclaimer
on there saying that it has not been overseen by the FDA and that you know all of your claims
or, you know, saying how marvelous these things are and the magic pills and the magic beans. The, you have to make it very evident that
the FDA has not investigated any of those claims and for some reason it appears that
GNC somehow forgot on some of their products and especially on these products that aren’t
just, hey I’m trying to get my weight gainer going and get by beefcake status. No, these are products that are supposedly
there to help men and give them a healthier body. Or in this case at least one of them is a
healthier prostate and you simply cannot forget to leave these disclaimers off of your magic
beans or else you will get sued. So we have a very clear distinction here. You know, the, as you pointed out, you’ve
got the GNC products that you know, you get your protein, your creatine, all that kind
of stuff, you know, cause you want to bulk up, you want to hit the gym. Then you’ve got the other supplements that
people take because hey, I want to make sure I am healthy and I’m taking care of my body
and that’s where things get a little gray because these claims that oh hey take this
supplement. This is going to, you know, help your prostate. It’s going to help your heart. It’s going to help anything you might worry
about as you age. The, they haven’t been investigated by medical
professionals. There is no real longterm credible studies
to show the efficacy of a lot of these supplements that are sold out there. And they’re not telling people that. You know, that, that’s supposed to be on the
bottle, that these claims have not been evaluated by a medical professional or by the FDA. I mean you see it in the commercials. The very, very tiny fine print across the
bottom of the screen saying that we might be making all of this up. We don’t know. And it’s also supposed to be there on the
bottle too, isn’t it? Exactly. You’re supposed to have those disclaimers
on the bottle and then you can’t also put on those on the bottle, things like physician
approved, doctor’s reviewed, clinically tested. If you’re going to start throwing out any
kinds of those claims, you have to make it 100% clear that you’re throwing out these
claims and the FDA has not reviewed said claims. Otherwise, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re
going to get nailed by a class action. You’re going to get nailed by the FDA on this
because they’re already on thin, thin ice anyways, right. Because they’re sitting here claiming some
health benefits. And as you said, heart, prostate benefits,
with when there possibly might not be much science to back it up. So without any of this additional documentation,
you’re going to get nailed. And I’m, I’m really surprised. I’m not surprised that GNC gets hit with class
actions regarding the claims for their products. I am surprised that they get hit with the
class action for something that they know better than, you know, they’ve done this for
too many years. One of the other problems too is that these
things aren’t cheap. You know, people are paying top dollar for
these supplements. It’s not like the generic ones you see in
a big box store, perhaps your local grocery store. You go to GNC because you’re serious about
this, so you pay a lot more than you would buying this thing from a grocery store. And that’s also another part of the problem. The, these consumers believed they were getting
something that was going to do what it promised to do, only to find out, oh, none of this
might be true. Some of it may be true. All of it might be untrue. Again, we don’t know. And as you said, I mean, GNC has been around
forever. You know, they know better, they know what
to do, and they’re, they’re making the conscious choice here to not do it and that, that’s
what’s so disappointing about this. This is a conscious effort on this company
to not do what they’re supposed to do here. Exactly. They, they, they know what they’re supposed
to do. They’ve got documentation. GNC reached $3 billion earnings in 2018 and
you know, they’ve already been hit with investigations in Oregon, in New York. So the, this, they’re no stranger to this
kind of drama and they should know that they can’t make these claims. I mean, heck, even the Superbowl and the National
Football League rejected their ads due to the claims that they were making. So come on guys, clean it up. Those Superbowl ads cost a lot of money. And when even the NFL and network TV is like,
yeah, we’re going to pass on your millions of dollars that you want to pay us because
we don’t, we don’t believe you. You’re, you’re advertising substances, they’re
actually banned by the NFL. So that says a lot when they’re willing to
pass on millions of dollars, you know, what this company is up to. My best advice to anyone out there is looking
to, to take some supplements, vitamins, whatever it is, do your research on it. A lot of these supplements, in many cases,
have to be taken with another substance or need to be paired with it in supplement form,
in order for the body to even absorb it. So do your research before buying any, any
supplement at all. See if there are medical tests available because
some of these have been evaluated by medical professionals. Arm yourself with this knowledge and another
way to arm yourself with the knowledge, follow the link in the description of this video. Head over to Sign up for their newsletter, get all of these
stories and more delivered directly to your inbox every week. Scott Hardy, Top Class Actions. Thank you very much for talking with me today. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time Farron.

32 thoughts on “GNC Deceptively Labeling Supplements, Lawsuit Claims

  1. GNC is notorious for doing this! A decade ago they sold "legal" steroid pills and claimed they had no clue 😝

  2. are the effects proven? No? then don't fcking put it on the label or you willl have to defend it in front of court, both the positives and the negatives, otherwise you are just abusing placebo effect

  3. It's about time they all go to jail .their the most dishonest horrible people .they deserve to get what's coming for them

  4. GNC rips off !
    In Denver, Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers. pulls supplements that don't need standards. And they work.
    GNC is the go to for the graduates of Muscle & Fitness Mag, aka muscle and fitness heads. zzzz

  5. GNC has been peddling ripoff crap and swamp gas claims for ages. All of their stores where I live went out of business.

    There were also allegations that some of their overpriced products contain toxic Chinese ingredients that are illegal in the US. I don't know what the final decision was on that.

    I only take 2, or rarely 3, very basic daily supplements. However, the noticeably best ones are house-brands from a national drugstore chain. Bought on BOGO sales, they're cheap and much better than the overhyped stuff at GNC.

  6. I'm not surprised! GNC has over priced bullshit in their shitty stores! Those supplements are just whey protein powder in capsules! GNC is a fucking over priced joke! I like the washed up football players on their commercials you've never heard of saying that their supplements raise testosterone and they don't! Who the fuck is the big hurt anyway?

  7. I understand everything that y'all are saying and the point of this class action but did you know that there are peer-reviewed medically approved herbs to treat illnesses out there? Look up Germany's Commission E, they regulate, standardize, test and approved dozens and dozens of herbs to treat medical conditions.

    My point is that America needs to get off its ass, especially the FDA and figure out how to learn how to utilize the herbs that are here instead of letting big Pharma patent drugs that keeps killing us! There has to be a middle ground! To say all herbs are bad is as nonsensical, a saying all FDA-approved drugs are bad….

  8. Supplements with stearic acid or magnesium stearate ARE using industrial lubricants for production which causes a loss of up to 67% of your natural absorption rate… Of everything you consume!!!!

    Silicone dioxide is a poison so everybody needs to look at the back label of EVERY product you are buying ~ OTHER INGREDIENTS to determine if you are getting ONLY what you are paying for or a lot of other crap which either is a poison and/or a lubricant. I order many supplements in bulk through Amazon. Many in powder form without capsules, lubricants or poisons. Check it out! GNC sells a ton of crap.

  9. I worked for GNC for 3 years and it was all about numbers.
    We were to always up-sell, sell at least $35 of merch per sale, 15% of sales were to be the gold card, premium products (usually $50 or more) to be sold at 35% of sales. They had something called OMS (one more sale) which was some candy with fish oil or berry extract that had "health benefits ".
    If you didn't make your numbers then you got written up. Then you got fired.
    Yes, I was fired.

  10. I worked there just as seasonal help once to get the discount on the protein powders and things that are really beneficial. I always told the men that would walk in trying to boost their testosterone and thinking they were buying miracle cures that it was all bullshit nothing beats diet and exercise. They should freakin put a gag on Dr Oz he sends more people into GNC for "miracle cures" than anyone else out there.

  11. We could be paying for supplements that's not good for us, not what it claims to be in the bottle or that could cost far less than what GNC is charging.

  12. I'm not surprised by this. Most "supliments" provided by similar stores in my area should have the word homeopathic on them, as every single one of them is diluted to the point where you have a 20% chance of a single molecule of active ingredient being in the whole bottle.

  13. I used to work at a GNC and I even tell my customers to do the research too, because there were a bunch of stuff that sounded like snake oil, like the CLA, Test 1700 and so on. On the other hand, I am still relatively loyal to the brand for the fact I have tried a number of products and got fantastic results from certain supps and I would recommend the same stuff I use to my customers. In short, please do your research and remember that there’s a 30 day return and/or exchange policy incase something went wrong (even when said product is open). They policy is on the back of your receipts.

  14. I have a vitamin D deficiency and get a lab test every six months for D level. I bought a 2000 IU bottle of vitamin D from GNC and took a tablet daily. The next lab showed no increase in Vitamin D in my system. So, GNC doesn't put any vitamin D in their vitamin D tablets. Buyer beware.

  15. If you buy supplements from GNC, you're dumb AF. I stopped buying their shit back in 1993 when I realized they don't work

  16. I don't fully trust the FDA either because it is part of the 1000+% exponential price hikes on conventional medicine pills in order to cover legal costs of law suits against the pharmaceutical companies. The FDA rapidly approves of pills developed with limited research time. I have a problem with politicians like Dick Durbin who introduced the anti-supplement bill back in 2013. The quality of my health depends on the supplements prescribed to me by my naturopathic physician. Example: Synthroid (levothyroxine) is a conventional synthetic thyroid medication which was prescribed for me and worsened my symptoms such that I had my will made out at age 49. A lawyer and a registered nurse gave me the name of a naturopathic doctor who showed me 11 different newspaper articles covering a decade where the FDA knew Synthroid was ineffective for most patients. It does not convert T4 to T3. T4 just builds up in the liver over time. The thyroid controls the heart, adrenals, skin, liver, pancreas, metabolism, etc., but physicians and pharmacies can make more money by prescribing other meds for these organs rather than if the thyroid had been addressed and taken care of in the first place.

  17. I am not big on supplements or enhancements. But I have purchased vitamins from GNC. Frutis, veggies, meat, exercise, and water can always get you to where you need to be.

  18. GNC is just another corporate abomination that puts profits ahead of everything else. And that includes the safety of their consumers and things like honesty and accountability. I hope that they get sued into bankruptcy.

  19. I purchased the vitamin and cleansing supplements from GNC for 10 years, off and on.
    Then I found last year, that the products were not that great any longer.
    They had changed the ingredients. I don't remember exactly, but something in the cleanser, and the vitamins was missing. I was told by one of the store clerks which was not there but I do not remember exactly now.
    This was regarding the vitamin supplements, and probiotics, and cleanser.
    I posted a comment on Google about GNC products not working as good – yet the prices were climbing. I also stated in my comment that I asked the employee/supervisor at the store for a refund.
    And he was not kind, nor professional to me. And he eventually, reluctantly stated that he would only make an exchange since I had used a few supplements of one of the bottles. And he added that he "had seen my comment online about his store" and did not appreciate it. It was unnerving.
    So I told him that my posted comment was about the "product" – not his store, per se.
    It was bad.
    I stopped purchasing from GNC altogether after that exchange.
    So now I eat better & smarter, walk more, purchase vitamin supplements, etc. from a health food store, online, and/or the vitamin shop.
    Thank you for this story! God bless you.

  20. I have not shopped at GNC, so this is not a response to them specifically.
    But here is my question, does Big Pharma when they advocate the use of their medicines OFF LABEL do they have to the same standards, specifically the lack of research FOR THAT OTHER USE of their medicine?
    I mean it just seems to me that there should be one standard equally applied, yea I know I just evidenced an increadable naivety.

  21. Since the departure of their qualified ceo Joe and senior VP Darral , their replacements were far beyond lost and the company is suffering and lost in all fronts. There were no clear strategy and the company is lost and have no respect.

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