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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi I’m Clare and welcome to British
Rowing’s Go Row Indoor workout class #1 so we need to set the machine
up so make sure when you put your foot in the footplate the strap is across the
balls of your feet I’m gonna set the damper lever to four or below it’s up to
you and the monitor up high so you sit up nice and
tall you can put your feet in and just secure them in and take hold of a handle
for a four minute warm up starting now start with rating about 20 light
pressure controlled rhythm thinking about the technique and that technique is legs body arms when you do the drive leg start body leans over arms pull
through and then on the recovery it is the reverse arms out body over and legs
up nice and controlled sitting tall and enjoying it making sure the body lean is from the
hips the back stays strong and the core is locked in using all those muscles now we’ve got the basic set of the
technique we’re just going to take the racing up a little bit try and get a bit
more power involved taking it up to 22 now squeeze the legs so the drive is a
little bit quicker stay steady on the recovery though and seeing as this is a warm-up let’s
take it up again to 24 now just need a little bit more speed throughout still thinking about the technique it’s your chance to bed it in for the rest of the
session good work take the racing back down
now to 20 slow and controlled on the recovery and just take the pressure off
the legs a bit nice and controlled you want to try and get a nice long
stroke but don’t overreach sit strong in the back and squeeze through to the
finish nice fluid movement feeling really
rhythmic and controlled last few strokes last chance to get the
body warm used to the movement one more and relax there for a second
well done feeling warmer good interval one thirty seconds light thirty seconds
hard rowing four times the light as light as you like the hard as hard as
you can go simple okay reset your screen to just row take on a handle sitting up
tall at the star light rowing for thirty seconds off we go like I say light as you like slow and
controlled again bedding in the technique that you’ll
need for the drive make the most of your recovery back up
the slide in five we’re going hard ready go
drive with the legs pushing through sitting tall – I can hear the drive sitting strong nearly there three and light really easy sit up
breathe deep one down now you really need to make use of that
recovery control second set coming in are you
ready let’s go drive it take that rating up steady recovery don’t rush back up good work ten seconds and relaxed well done now we start to
look for the rest moving through feel the motion this is your penultimate sprint I’m
gonna go in three and go pick the power back up long and
strong in the legs that’s it sitting tall pushing through five seconds and relax well done one left feeling all right pretend good you’re
doing good I’d say it’s all downhill from here but
we have a little bit longer to go 10 seconds then we’re bringing in the final
one go a little bit crazy if you can ready let’s see it now push drive that’s it drive the split down 10 seconds keep holding and relax oh well done little shakeout
I’m moving into the circuit it’s easier it’s steadier I’m gonna work with some
other exercises in 30 seconds on the rowing machine 45 seconds of exercises
five exercises in total when you’re ready just place your feet back in take
part of the handle this is the equivalent of the recovery bit of the
row off we go thirty seconds nice light maybe just a little squeeze on the
legs just so you know you’re working that’s it and last one excellent put your handles
down take your feet out for some press ups and do them next to the machine
you’ve got options you can start in a box hands around the shoulders on all
fours you can take it out to 3/4 or the full 45 seconds I’d like to join me on
the floor starting now you can pick your level but if you need to drop down you
can do so it is about form not showing off so hands are wide elbows bending to
90 really opening the chest up the big
muscle up front that’s doing most of the work
ten seconds nearly there one more and relax well done back on the machine second 30
seconds of rowing good to go excellent off we go 30 seconds nice and
smooth this is where we can put the focus back
on the legs let the chest recover from the press ups one more and handles down stepping back
out this time for a pulse lunge you want to come next to your machine one
foot in front of the other nice wide step forward hip-width apart
on your back toes and you sink down it’s 90 degrees in both knees let’s go we’re
just doing one side do some more rowing we’ll come back in on the other one making sure the movement is down so the
front knee doesn’t push over the front stay very central sticking on the hip keep them level
front legs the one that’s working if your back leg feels like it just think
about activating the front leg that will kick it in five seconds and
relax excellent back on the machine remember which leg you have forward then
by the way because you don’t want to do a second set on the same
one okay 30 seconds off we go at this point you might feel a bit wonky really focus on driving equally with both legs load them up at the front and squeeze
away and relax it there right other leg so we
swap sides again shoulder width and we sink down the joys of having two legs is its an
excuse to do twice the number of exercises and making sure the weight is
very much down the heel of the front foot that’s the leg that’s doing the work last one well done back on the machines thirty seconds again ready to go let’s
do it nice and long as we’ve only got two exercises left if you want to add a
little squeeze to the drive you may but keep the recovery steady last one good work handles down a bit
of a challenge one for you squat thrusts you can either stay by your machine
hands are under your shoulders body is out long and then you just jump the feet
in and out together alternatively for a challenge you can put your feet on the
seat make sure it’s not too near the end of the machine core is in nice and
strong and then you just roll in and out forty-five seconds starting now so hands
are still under the shoulders the exercise is working the core and the
legs if at any point you need to drop onto the floor again you’re welcome to
otherwise just keeping control in the movement all the way through you will
feel it in the front of your legs a bit that’s natural but it’s your core that’s
holding you there and drawing your knees in ten seconds one more and relax excellent
take it back onto the machine for another 30 seconds of rowing feet in and
away we go or medium pressure you just want a
little bit of a squeeze one more and relax it there final
exercise is a plank position elbows and toes or elbows and knees it’s your call
come down next to your machine elbows are under shoulders toes and we
just hold starting now it’s 45 seconds of mind over matter and for the next bit
focus on the breathing nice and strong in a position belly button comes in to
the spine you’ve really activated your core nice
soft knees if you need to drop down drop the knees active working the core time yourself
for 10 seconds and relax well done have a little seat
on the rowing machine we’re done with a circuit we have one
minute hard work left that’s your interval number two no
interval just one minute sprint no rating cap no power cap
whatever you want to do let’s reset the screen when you’re ready pick up your
handles sit strong at the start we go on go ready go as you means drive legs on
pushing through getting into a nice steady rhythm whole
body working good work so far settle into it
driving through we passed halfway sitting strong fifteen seconds left you’ve got this let’s go all out
push it through finish it up and relax well done we’ve got one minute
easy cool down rowing a couple of stretches and we’re done so let’s stay
on the machine and finish it off off we go
one minute really light really controlled you’ve earnt it that was a good
push well done still making sure all the muscles are
working just to loosen everything off before we finish getting our breath back feeling the rhythm one more
and handles can go down feet out okay
take yourself to one side you’re just going to do a couple of stretches
starting with your quads take one foot up behind if you need to hold on you can
we’ll just focus in keeping the knees in line feeling the stretch down the front
of the leg excellent swap that over that’s good stuff put the foot down next
is the hamstring so one foot out in front and just lean back
feel the stretch down the back of the leg just push your hips back excellent swap that over
other side if you don’t feel it much just push back
a bit further good stuff final stretch one ankle on the opposite knee and just sink down for the glute stretch feel it in the hip of the bent leg if you want to push down on a knee you can do and it
just opens the hip out a bit more excellent work final leg all the big muscles are stretched and relax that there done good stuff

34 thoughts on “Go Row Indoor 20-minute workout #1 – the interval workout

  1. Claire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..I have been waiting for you to do this..I use your other video as my work out..I really appreaciate you for doing this.

  2. I tore my inner thigh muscles doing this work out, I was going at it too hard, now I can’t walk up the stairs

  3. Thank you so much for these videos. I just started rowing again after having 3 kids and this and your other 20 minute workout have been my go-to videos. I hope to see more of them soon and thank you again for the wonderful workouts!

  4. Thank you so much Clare for making these workout videos. This one is harder then your last one wich I use almost every day as a quick workout. looking forward to more of your workouts. longer ones also would be nice 🙂 Cheers!

  5. This is just what I needed. My mom-in-law has a dusty concept 2 machine that I'm making use of. I have never rowed before. This has been very helpful. I love the quality of the video. I definitely signed up for the newsletter.

  6. Supergood,…i just got a rowing machine and following this structure really helped me so much.
    A big 🙏🏻 Thank you 😊!

  7. Great tutorial, thanks. How about a tutorial for beginners on how to program the screen on the concept 2? I find the whole thing pretty confusing, and feel that I'm missing out a lot on what the on screen data could give me to help me chart my progress. Cheers 👍

  8. Thank you so much for posting this, after four knee surgeries I’m very limited with my cardio options and had no idea how to use the row machine and now I love it!

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  10. Thanks Clare, for this excellent videos of 20 min excercises… a good variation to the endurance and the rhythm training of a rowing fan….
    I love your videos, and your clear words…. effective und motivational…
    In my Studio I recommend your videos…

  11. Thank you! i did this today and it was fun; the squats (on the floor) were surprisingly challenging for me! keep em coming!

  12. Hello Clare, if you don’t want bulky your things muscles should I omit the lungs and other workouts between rowing. Btw great video I will using the audio during rowing. Thanks

  13. Thanks for the professional instruction! Would you consider doing a workout for folks over 65? The ones I've seen are not as inspiring and helpful as yours are. Thank you!

  14. I really enjoy Claire & Co's videos, they get you set for the day. When you've done this you've entered that healthy breakfast etc. The trick to help combine and solidify a healthy lifestyle though is the diet. We as humans are not designed to be overweight, it's scientifically a no no. We don't need to be all out athletes, just don't look at the golden M all the time and walk past it😊

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