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Hi I’m Claire welcome to the British
Rowing indoor exercise class we’re going to start with a nice easy warm-up four
minutes tie yourself in nice and tight turn your screens on to just row and away
we go so nice easy drives with legs through there nice and slow on the
recovery back up making sure we’re sitting tall pulling
the handles through to your chest and then sending them away again it should just be light pressure easy
warm-up we go down to the hard stuff later on okay we’re going to do this for the
first minute once we hit that minute we’ll just take the speed up a little
bit you have got a number in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
that’s your strokes per minute we’re going to take that up to 22 that means
moving just a little bit quicker squeezing just a little bit more on the
legs Still not there so we’ll go a little bit quicker drive feeling warm in the whole body still sitting nice and tall and remembering
to think about your core don’t let your back drop nearly at the end of the second minute
so let’s take it up again Trying to get up to 26
drive and relax Good so we want to get all of those muscles firing so far so good let’s relax it down just a tad as this is only the warm-up and I know what’s coming next and you’re
going to need your energy so this should be feeling nice and comfy
now nice controlled rhythm legs should be feeling a little bit warmer for the last 30 seconds to take it back
to 18 drive with the legs slow that’s it make sure you’re sitting tall
rocking from the hip one more and relax the handle there
for a sec okay so now we’re moving on to interval number one this is when things
get serious so I need you to reset your screen back to just rowing we’re going
to do Tabata which is 10 seconds light 20
seconds intense 4 times over so take hold of a handle come up to the start I’m going to go nice and light for 10 seconds so let’s go nice steady light 10 seconds ready drive this is 20 this is hard
this is fast that’s it legs driving everything
follows through easy huh one down second one coming in now that’s a find
that drive and recovery looking good easy halfway is easy ready go- third set this is where it starts to count keep it long easy enjoy this ten seconds you got one
left we’re going all out now drive it hard as
you can push five seconds and relax have a moment so we finished the interval we’re now going to lighten it up I have a little bit more fun and do a circuit it’s approximately 30 seconds nice light rowing and then we’re going to move into an exercise you’ve got five in total it takes about ten
minutes to get through I’ll call the intervals so just sit with me nice like rowing and then we’ll go into the exercises at the start please nice light
rowing let’s go this is also your recovery from the last one so I might have cheated slightly in that this first exercise isn’t actually on the rowing machine what I want you to
do in three strokes is stop and stand up that’s two one more excellent put your
handle down take your seats out stand up for some squat so chair in front of feet
shoulder-width apart weight in the heel we’re going to do 20
let’s go one good so we remember knees over toes stick your bum back like you’re going
to sit down on a chair but then quite sit down that’s it down -you’ll notice that this is very similar to the movement you’ve just been doing because it’s all about your legs good stuff twelve 5 left just try and squeeze little inch at the bottom a little bit lower 19 and 20 well done back on the machine bear that movement in mind when
we go back in nice light rowing let’s go so driving through nice and long nice
and steady exercise one done four left now I know you might be a little bit
tired from what we just done with the Sprint but I need another one
30 seconds hard as you can go we’re going to go in three two one go no limit on the rating drive the legs exactly what you did before but the 30
not 20 seconds good you can go a little bit harder the
that come on excellent roll it back to light gentle I don’t know about you but I prefer the
other ones squats away easier so on that vein going to do another exercise
without the handle rather than the whole machine so one more stroke and put your
handle down unhook your feet but leave them there bicycle crunches you need to
sit back a little bit make sure your knees are soft you’re not out completely
hands by your head and we lift one arm to the opposite knee back to centre and
swap good so nice and controlled one and then the other really keep your core
locked in and that you should feel as you rock back good stuff we’re gonna be four more to
each side that’s one and two excellent feet back in lock yourself back in at the
start nice and light let’s go so just get back into your rhythm the
next exercise we’re going to do ten strokes really fast ten strokes nice and
steady if you can stick with me that would be great so not this one we’re
going to go fast now ten That’s it nice and quick up to the front big power eight 9 10 steady
still drive the legs but control so make sure you’re powered up and
decrease too much this isn’t light rowing that’s later on three more like this and now we go like well done one set
left we’re doing all right we’re going to make it your final exercise is off the machine
again so next stroke excellent handle down feet out stand
next to your machine facing outwards excellent we’re going to start with a
walkout so down spend over a nice long legs walk ourselves out into the plank
position and walk back up again that’s one rep
and we’re doing 10 so straight legs walk it out and walk it up excellent
you need to slightly bend your leg knees then you can do that just to ease the
pressure on your hamstring and your back it is number four so nice stretch for
your hamstrings after all the work they’ve been doing and you should start to feel strength in
the core as we’re out nice and long six down four left excellent remember pull belly button to spine when you’re out straight two left and last one well done let’s get back on a rowing machine so we’ve had some fun we’ve done the
intervals it’s coming back into the number two otherwise known as row as hard as you can for a minute simple as that there’s no set rhythm
there’s no set rating power high as you like just going to start strong and
finish strong you’re ready and then we get the cooldown shall we let’s go
driving from the word go one minute settle into a nice strong
rhythm you’re going to see your meters ticking up and whatever they get to is
what you beat next time excellent looking strong this is all in your legs remember leave
those arms out they follow through with the finish we’ve hit halfway you’ve got
to keep driving you gotta keep pushing 20 seconds is nothing you can hold it
out and ten-second is a sprint go sprint it
drive it and relax well done just have a moment
and then we’re going to finish with the cooldown so well done you survived all I
need you to do is a tiny little bit more rowing to cool everything down and then
we’ll get off the rowing machine and stretch our glutes hamstrings and your quads just make everything feel better so you don’t hate me tomorrow you come
up to the start nice easy really easy just letting all
those muscles that have been used recover no pressure really steady just moving
through the shape of the rowing stroke one more excellent put your handle down
take your feet out let’s stand up for a stretch right so let’s start with the
quad nice big muscle at the front one foot up behind if you need to hold
on to something you can do otherwise just zoom in hold it about 10 seconds
maybe 12 and then we’ll swap that over to the other leg so these are the big
muscles you’ve used today ones needs stretching the most excellent from quads will move to glutes so one ankle on the opposite knee and sit
yourself back down should feel a stretch all down the outside of your hip if you
need to just push down on your knee again holding on if you need to excellent swap that over this is a nice one open the
hip out so long as you can balance final one we’re going to do one foot out
in front lean back into your hamstrings should feel stretched all down the back
of your leg this is the one that feels the best ten seconds on one side and we’ll swap it over push your bum back hips back a little bit and relax that well done guys
congratulations you’ve just completed the class hope you enjoyed it and please
do come back for more

78 thoughts on “Go Row Indoor 20-minute workout – The original workout

  1. I really enjoy this workout. It's actually the most fun I've had to date on my Concept2. I hope to see more!

  2. Doing this for the 20 minutes, how many calories do you burn? I'm 5'3, female, 164 lbs and 58 yrs old. New at this. Want to lose weight. Thanks and great video!!

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  6. Thanks British Rowing as this is the first thing you've done that makes my annual racing licence fee worth it. Surely you could easily (and cheaply!), produce a suite of these covering abilities (I'm biased so masters pleaseeee), covering sprint and head training but in real time as this video (makes the hours of solo ergo work fly by), very motivational.
    Thanks in advance – Steve

  7. Best training video i have seen and used so far. We need more like this! maybe videos that build up the intensity and duration would be great.

  8. Like many others here I would really welcome more of these. Used this one with our juniors as part of our winter training and found it really well structured

  9. Nice video but not too much to do with rhythm really. Drag factor is too high which makes legs slow and heels almost hit the seat, i.e. catch starts in dead angle.

  10. I did this workout yesterday and if my legs could talk they would be screaming at me. It sure is a fun workout and in my humble opinion far more effective than a steady state 40 mins on the erg. Thank you for posting this video!

  11. Question- just starting and having a hard time with the slower lower stroke rates. Is the stroke rate based on the pull,the release or both? Seems like my easy rate is around 20 and pretty easy. I set the drag at about 110-115. Any advise?

  12. Hi Clare, I’m a senior member of the Welsh Coastal squad. We use your video for our training sessions. We would really appreciate some advice or pointers to continue to develop our indoor training. This is the email for our ladies captain [email protected] Many thanks Alison

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  14. Have been rowing on C2s for many years. Yet this video made me rethink a number of critical elements to focus on and improve upon. Its not designed to be a hard workout per se, but what it intends to deliver, it does so excellently. Well done.

  15. Come on BR! Whilst I still train to this video after its improvements over the previous, with your wealth and depth of knowledge, surely a few more real time training videos covering sprint racing then head racing are much long overdue. Some of us have to spend hours in a garage at home training on an ergo so quality real time coaching from the experts is priceless. Remember, there's a lot of us BR members out here without the luxury of a gym or professional coaching. Good luck to all racing from local regattas to the World Cup series this summer πŸ…

  16. Just got a rowing machine and looked for a vid and found this and i have done the workout. Excellent thankyou for posting

  17. This was fantastic, thank you so much. I have been looking for a "class" I could follow at the gym that would keep me on the rowing machine for longer than 5 minutes. This did it and left me wanting more!

  18. Fantastic video. I'm a leisure Cyclist @ 60 years old. Cycling 3 days a week and Rowing this video 2 times a week. Great Compliment to my cycling. Thanks for the video. Just saw your # 3 Video and will give that a go!

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  21. Surely machine rowing should replicate the real thing, that is, in a boat? Watch a YouTube video of the Oxford Cambridge boat race and you'll see that the hands come into the solar plexus area and the back comes to the vertical, nothing more. The action you're demonstrating here looks awkward in the finish of the stroke and looks capable of causing injury in the unfit/unpractised.
    I only rowed for a couple of years in eights (boats) but since then I've kept fit partially on a rower and have always imagined myself back in the boat. No injuries and a very good resting heart beat for a 58-year-old. I would be interested in your thoughts.

  22. Very cool video, it motivated me to do another one tomorrow! Just one request: Stretching etc: Could you also show shots from other angles so I can make sure I am doing these right? Thanks. Please keep it up!

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