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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on one you know this is
Its Al Tone of course today I quickly just finish the workout and I wanted to show
you the protein shake that I use the whey protein that I use on a daily basis
the gold standard 100% whey protein is what I use on a regular basis and I’ve
been using this for about two to three years because again if I find
something that works for me I’m pretty loyal to that product and I continue to
use it so for the last two or three years this is what I’ve been using when
I was trying to determine what whey protein to use this is what I found some
weight protein shakes on there on the containers they’ll tell you well you
know and this particular one you get 24 grams per serving okay fine 24 grams
per serving some will say more and you say great this fantastic 24
grams per serving that’s absolutely fantastic but guess what that 24 grams
per serving could be one to up to three scoops of this protein powder in order
for you to get what it is that you need out of it that actual 24 not only that
but the more scoops that are required the less servings that will be in
that container so you also have to look at that especially when you’re trying to
determine what’s the best value for the money that you’re spending so for me
again at the time I’ve found that this one only requires is one scoop per
serving which means each scoop is 24 grams and I found that to be pretty good
so essentially what I’ll do is I’ll use two scoops
and just some water after each of my workouts and I get about 48 grams of
protein 2 scoops and I’m good well in my off days I will make a shape
with this that has maybe some pomegranate juice 100% pomegranate juice
some strawberries throw in some vegetables either spinach or broccoli
and a banana went along with two scoops of this
protein on my off days basically as a as a pre breakfast meal so to speak I’ll
throw that together gives me a lot of a lot of protein actually a lot of
calories and start my day off with as well and a lot of nutrients that you
need for the day so that is just something that I do on my off days and
then on my workout days I’ll do two scoops of this in my shake after my
workout depending on how how motivated I’m
feeling sometimes I’ll do two to three of these per day but usually it’s only
one I’ll do one shake per day and that actually I see benefit from it so in the
description below I will put links to this one of this protein shake mix they
come in three different flavors vanilla chocolate and strawberry and one of the
other things is that they come in different sizes so this container this
particular container s 73 servings in there’s a couple of different ones
now what I’m what I’ve been doing I’ve had this particular continue this
exact container I’ve had for about a year and so I usually purchase them in
these containers and hang onto the container and then what I’ll do is
I will grab a bag this particular bag has ninety ninety servings in it and
what I found is that this 90 serving bag was a better value than this 73 serving
container so I’ll buy the bag and then I’ll just scoop out what I need to in
the container and so I can have this in my storage area quick you know in my
kitchen quick and easy to grab the bags to me are a little bit more messy or
they can be so I prefer not to use the bag it just depends on your preference
in your storage conditions so I’ll buy larger bags one of the links that
I’ll put in the description below is actually a 115 serving back again I
would do the research do the calculations yourself to determine
whether or not that 115 serving bag is actually a better value if you
if you do want to buy this particular protein now with anything
make sure that you do the all your research yourself don’t just take my
word for it I’m just sharing with you what it is that I use I purchased this
for myself and I use it on a regular basis quickly I will say this and I
appreciate you checking my links out clicking the links and checking them out
if you do make a purchase using one of my links I am affiliated with Amazon so
it does benefit me and helped me to pay for the equipment that I use and
everything to be able to continue to give you some
valuable information and video here on YouTube so please do check those
things out and that will benefit me so that I can continue to benefit you so
that’s this is what I use like I said I use it vanilla because I like the taste better mixing it with on fruits and
juices and things of that nature but a lot of times I’m just drinking and water
myself I’m not a chocolate fanatic
therefore the vanilla this works better for me so that’s what I use I hope you
enjoyed the video again make sure that you check the links in the description
below I appreciate you hanging out with me and
checking this out and I will talk to you soon. Peace!

47 thoughts on “Gold Standard 100 Whey Protein I use, How and Why! 2017

  1. have you ever thought of drinking some before bed or getting some ON casein for overnight recovering ?

  2. Storage related query: If the bag is kept in hot and humid room and the seal is not opened for 3 months…will it be ok ??

  3. These are on sale today on amazon 60% off (in the UK). Thanks for your video, you convinced me to get it. Usually i go for the cheap brands

  4. Hey I have question about gold standard protein better to do 1 scoop before workout and 2 scoops after or do 2 scoops before and after workout?

  5. I've been using it a week and I'm hooked. Mix better than any other I've ever tried. Accidentally bought Strawberry which I usually don't like. This Strawberry taste amazing. Plus, so far no upset stomach. Great product!

  6. Can you help me on what i should be eating on a daily basis? Btw im about to get the same whey protein and im only around 155 pounds 16 yo

  7. DO YOU GAIN WEIGHT WITH THIS? I dont wanna gain weight. im wanna get more lean and loose some belly fat. im skinny athletic but dont wanna gain weight im okay.

  8. First I'm sorry for my English. i am 18, 64 Kg, beginner. is 1 scoop after workout enough? the day that i have not workout do i use that or not? Thank you

  9. I ordered/bought two small tubs/bags of Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein. Two different flavours. Can't wait to get em. French Vanilla Creme+Extreme Milk Chocolate

  10. Hi bro today i buy this product can i take 2 time in day like 2 scoop in the morning and 2 scoop in the evening after workout ? Is it ok?

  11. Is it good to use 1 scoop in the morning before breakfast and 1 scoop after training on the same day? and on offdays just 1 scoop ? Is this good ? 🙂

  12. Hello, I hope you get to see this and answer as I want to lose 2 dress sizes (between 20-30lb) however I’m not so bothered about losing weight on scales as i know I have some muscle mass already,but just has fat surrounding that, and I want to lose the fat…so my goal is to lose inches, I’m not sure how much…my situation atm – I am age 20, I’m 5’1 in height and I weigh 12st 2lb – around 170lb/70kg, I have adjusted my diet where I eat as healthy as I can during the weekdays, I drink 2 litres of water a day, I have apple cider vinegar diluted twice a day, and on the weekend, Saturday is my cheat day and Sunday I have a cheat meal – this is what my brother tells me to do as he’s a muscular build and knows what would work in regards to eating plan, I have 2 part time jobs – one of them is in a Chinese restaurant (it’s not actually a bad Chinese restaurant like it’s not oily or greasy) but when I have this, it’s either half a portion of what I bring home (not fried stuff) and eat it before work or on my cheat day, sometimes I work between my lowest of 3/5 hours or 12.5 hours a day, it depends on my shifts..but for my height and goals, my brother said I need about 60g of protein, so about 20g each meal… I go to the gym 3x a week and i try and do 2x gym classes or at the gym I do 2x HIIT in either cross trainer,treadmill or rowing machine, and then I do weights on glutes,back/arms inner and outer thigh mostly… I know this protein shake is good after workout.. but what about days when I’m not working out? Because I go 3x a week which is enough due to my busy work schedule, but I simply haven’t got time to be cooking/making meals to reach my protein intake goal…which whey is the best for getting protein supplements as I would have 2x scoops a day (afternoon and at night) – is the gold standard whey good for this also as well as taking it post workout? Because I really don’t want to do something wrong when it comes to protein shakes…I need to fit into my prom dress again by September..please help, I’m trying my best but I need advice…

  13. Hi there!
    Thanks for the video, can you please tell me how much do I consume to just gain weight (as my weight is extremely low compared to my height – 50KG @ 5'8)
    So, please suggest, how much scoop in a day for weight gain only.
    If any suggestions additional to this, I will appreciated that. Thanks again.

  14. Hi there! Am 58 kgs and slim can i use whey without lifting any weights in order to gain muscles??? thanks for the video…. am a new member lool… thanks anyway

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