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old days we were all not really
following him we were creating our own path and you know you can follow
somebody else be a soldier and that’s perspective like how you I’d respect
them but there are few people through the athletes to artists and create
something physically put something out of yourself and sculpt change your body that’s your closest connection to pop
okay most Bibles like talking in your opinion
from doing this was so long what era of bodybuilding produced the most
superstars well I think just men’s bodybuilding and start magazine
magazines encounters and people been promoted as the superstar Oh Frank Zane
Chris Dixon and in the nineties Vince turn Lee Haney Ronnie Coleman these are
the people that people know now with social media and the magazine’s are kind
of don’twe and they got all these different division so people think the
quality of the competition’s not the same even though somebody’s got to do
that freakin social media but far is making a superstar it’s not the same as
it was in the eighties and nineties because one is not different divisions
not different interest for what people compete in but it used to be everybody
to decided when we get into the muscle building sport was about the bodybuilder
said in the bodybuilding was main stage those races only stable but now you have
men’s physique yeah men’s classic and Bible which they’re
all similar and some of the best athletes that could be top by Birds or
don’t mimsy means classic so that the
divisions are not quite as tough but and then before I end I want to tell you
about her show that’s coming up on September the 14th 2019 at the
Greensboro Coliseum we had the must week and we will be having all these
divisions bodybuilding men’s physique men’s classic and women’s divisions
figure bikini women’s physique and against a lot of these people will go on
and become professional athletes so hopefully you will come out and
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