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ba-ba-ba-ba-ba how about them apples how about them apples the Taurus nation thanks for coming to another one of my videos today we’re doing another 1 kilogram of healthy food video I try to do fresh fruits or fresh vegetables in the past I’ve done bananas they’ve done celery I did grapes might have done smothers I’m not sure but today we’re going to do granny smith apples now this was this is going to be a follow-up video to another channel called the bearded diabetic I’ll link to his channel and his video below he did one kilogram of granny smith apples and it kind of a tribute to my one kilogram serious so I really appreciate that and anybody else wants to try please be safe when you’re doing it but I would love to do more clouds so other people in the future so if you have a further vegetable I’ll try to get with it and try to get in my schedule just let me know or you can do your video first post it whatever sell my one kilogram apples here cups for safety I’ll have a timer in there we go the Taurus nation thanks for coming to another one of my videos I’m gonna start you right off with a fun fact I learned about granny smith apples they were discovered by granny smith of australia and it’s believed to be a cross between two different types of crab apples but unlike other hybrid plants the seeds of granny smith apples will not produce a granny smith apple so literally all Granny Smiths grown today are cuttings from the original Granny Smith apple tree granny’s actual tree when they also learned about granny smith apples is that they’re very hard to eat fast I had no idea but apparently the granny smith apple is an extra firm apple that even when you cook it still holds its form in shape so when you chew these I realized that they just kind of worked their way to the back of my mouth and I wasn’t able to swallow and I had to go drink the water which I wasn’t planning on doing it all I just had there just in case I choked [Music] I’m gonna sneeze one coder sorry now I was thinking thank goodness I picked one kilogram and not like two or three kilograms for this series this is not going fast at all this is a very hard food to eat fast and I have a newfound respect for the Granny Smith apple the good thing about this healthy eating series is the amount of calories in one of these videos as you can see there’s only 580 calories and a kilogram of these apples you do get 4.4 grams of protein which is it much anything you really get as you get your daily value of dietary fiber so there’s always that I can say after I was done the eating these apples and was it very full so it’s possible that that dietary fiber actually does fill you up after all can’t say for sure and of course I have my championship belt I got from the Emerald TV show out because I really just wanted to use it the thumbnail but then I didn’t want to be accused of using clickbait so I’ll put it in the video right in front of me the entire time so it looks like it was supposed to be there for some reason after eating these apples I’m gonna have to assume that Granny Smith was a tough old lady as these apples certainly are tough Wow 8:34 starting ringing I finished a video inside alright guys so that was a lot harder than it looks Wow something like 5 apples no idea why it took so long but big thanks to Big Ups much respect to the bearded buck diabetic who’s an amateur who did this it really does work your jaw this is one of the most tiring joël challenges I ever did this was not as bad as a celery but it was right there these 1-kilogram challenges are no joke with some of these fruits and vegetables thanks for coming to another one of my videos I’ll see you guys again soon [Music]

59 thoughts on “Granny Smith Apples – 1 KG (2.2 lbs) Healthy Eating Challenge

  1. at least you didn't eat the core with the seeds. could have died of cyanide poisoning eating that many apples with seeds still in. 😆. many fruits with seeds have a chemical in the seeds that break down as cyanide in your body especially cherry pits.
    good stuff bud. helluva challenge conquered

  2. Gday BOB…. Im a new Sub
    Love your vids.
    Where can i get one of those B.O.B Shirts from? And how much would it cost in Australian dollars to buy one (inc shipping)
    Cheers mate…from Perth WA Australia

  3. Had to give you a thumbs up on this one for sure. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, so they say, your covered this week for sure.

  4. Very nice informative video. I am a fan of fun facts as well as a fan of your channel. I like your voice overs and it is very soothin'. I was about to choke this guy in Denver airport but I saw you posted a video and after that one ad that offered me free 1 year Hulu I calmed down specially when your voiceover came on. I felt calm like unicorn sweat was washin' the angryness off me. Back to the ad …. but was disquised in another ad for some reason and apparently that was the catch to watch the whole video and glad I did. I use voiceovers in mine to help save the world from TNT reactions as well, I learned that from you and I thank you for givin' me the ability to bring peace to the unwrestless souls of this doomed Earth and keep it together a lil longer. If you are still readin' this then I was jist givin' you another service I provide in calmin' nature of relaxin' your thought pattern so if you want to subscribe to my channel and be at zin with the world I have a YouTube channel as well. Might be more laughin' than zin but heck at least you wont be angry. Yw in advance

  5. Notorious B.O.B. congratulations on this really heathy challenge! Granny Smith apples interesting name and funny at the same time lol. 1kg nice job and effort on this one B.O.B.! Congrats on the fast time by eatting all them Apple's. Brandon Da Garbage Disposal Clark normal saids watch his old videos on a rainy day or when us the Disposal Team have nothing to do with spare time, it's funny because I don't normally watch them videos rainy days normally it's a sunny day but sometimes rainy anyways I watched this video on a really rainy day today in the UK lol! 😂😅 Yeah awesome job and cool title by the way and congratulations on getting lots of subscribers it's always shocking when I go on your channel and see so many but you deserve it Notorious B.O.B. shout! ⭐ I like the two cups on both sides of the box with two different logos on it! It's my sisters birthday tommorow and we are going over my anties and uncles house for a BBQ hopefully the weather is nicer for tommorow but if not probably going to be an indoor BBQ lol! Hope your having a good day and a wonderful day today! I inparticular like red Apple's for than green lol! All yeah I just subscribed to his channel and I will definitely watch his take on this challenge! Disposal Team Family!!! And Notorious B.O.B. Shout Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💪⭐💪⭐💪⭐🏆🏆🏆🥤🥤💙😀😁🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏

  6. At 3:20 thats what i was thanking! Its really kool what your doin with the Health food challenges go B.O.B always watching !!!

  7. Awesome job bob. Love the occasional healthy challenges from u so u dont get health issues later on. You rock. Ever thought about doing a huge canned carrots challenge like u did with the canned peas??

  8. Nice challenge BOB! Granny's are my favorite apple by far! Thanks for the fun facts also! Who says you can't learn anything by watching YouTube! LOL!! Deuces my friend!

  9. Well I'm jealous Bob. I could never get in that many… But a 2.2 pound Granny Smith Crap had to be Spiritual to say the Least. 🤪🤣😜😂😝 🤙😎 well done man.

  10. Adorei as informações científicas sobre essa maçã… Um vídeo super educativo além da sua super velocidade! Top!

  11. You are a monster brother I don't know how you do it so effortlessly and definitely love the little facts you throw in there learn something new everyday👏👏👏👏👏🤙🤙🤙🤙..

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