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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, I’m Jackson from
I’m a certified personal trainer, a certified kettle ball instructor, and I’m also a nationally
published fitness model. I’m here today to give you some advice and
impart some bodybuilding motivation in the gym. I’ve got two quick tips for you that
have tremendously helped me increase my focus and intensity in the gym. First Bodybuilding Motivation Tip is: mentally
prepare yourself as if you are stepping onto the stage of the show, stepping into the batter’s
box in a baseball game, or running out of the tunnel onto to the field of football game. What do I mean by this? Well, it’s game time,
it’s show time, it’s your time to shine. Think of it as a competition not only against yourself,
but against every single other person in the gym. Can you push yourself harder than you did
last time? Are you going to out work the guy next to you? Can you put in more effort in
the next 60 minutes than most people put in all week? I played sports all my life. I’m a very competitive
person. So this mindset did wonders to motivate me and to really get me better results in
the gym. For me this is my competitive and athletic outlet because I don’t play sports
anymore. I mentally prepare myself as if I’m playing
in the Super Bowl every single workout. Try it. You might be surprised at the results. Bodybuilding Motivation Bonus Tip: try using
some pump-up music or maybe a pump-up video that you watch on your phone before your workout.
I tend to have some specific music that I’ll play on my way to the gym and right when I
get to the gym that really helps me to get into this mindset and it really helps motivate
me and get the competitive juices flowing. Second Bodybuilding Motivation Tip: Visualize
during your workout. I know, visualize what? Well, when I’m about to do a heavy set of
bench or squats I visualize myself doing every single repetition in my head before I actually
do it. And I even breathe along with every single repetition that I’m doing. I see the strain on my face, the struggle,
the sweat, and the ultimate success as I complete every single target repetition in the set.
Obviously, if you are doing a high rep low weight workout this technique might slow you
down and would be a little bit unnecessary. But try incorporating it on those heavy, tough
sets of less than 10 repetitions. That’s it for today. I hope these two bodybuilding
motivation techniques will work for you and bring you greater success in the gym. Thanks
for watching. I’m Jackson from 457 words

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