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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Tea, the second-most popular drink in the
world, behind water, has its origin dating way back to 4,000 years ago in China. And
one of the earliest types of tea is green tea, which you’ll find in pretty much everywhere
in the world. Its extreme popularity is owed to the extravagant amounts of health benefits
it contains. And, by and large, these benefits are definitely true and researched extensively.
From preventing cancer to just making you feel better, there’s no doubt that green tea
can do amazing things for your health. In this video, we’re just going to focus on its
properties pertaining to exercise and fat loss.
A green tea leaf has two substances that are the primary players providing the highest
amount of health benefits. The first one is very obvious and exists in pretty much all
teas, and that is caffeine. At about 75 milligrams per cup, it definitely trails the 150 milligrams
from the king of all caffeinated beverages, coffee, but it’s still quite a respectable
amount and still deliver quite the caffeine kick if you drink two cups in the morning.
But one thing that green tea has that coffee doesn’t are catechins. Roughly one third of
a green tea leaf is composed of four different catechins. We have epicatechin, epicatechine
gallate, epi-gallocatechin, and by the most important catechin, epigallocatechin gallate.
Woo, that’s a lot of epi gallo everything. Once again, epigallocatechin gallate, also
known as EGCG, appears to be the most potent in regards to all four catechins. And its
effects are simply outstanding. EGCG has the ability to inhibit COMT, an enzyme
that degrades catecholamines. Catecholamines are hormones used to increase muscle contraction,
and also release energy sources into the bloodstream, such as glucose and fatty acids. By inhibiting
COMT, EGCG stops it from inhibiting the effects of catecholamines, which ultimately means
stronger muscle contraction as well as increased lipolysis, aka fat breakdown.
And the cool thing is that when paired with caffeine, the effects of catecholamines are
further accelerated, since caffeine has shown to increase catecholamine production. So caffeine
and EGCG are kind of like a tag team fighting against fat. But there’s a big catch here.
Studies have shown people who’ve build up an intolerance to the effects of caffeine,
also see a wide drop in the effects of EGCG. So if you’ve been downing a lot of coffee
for the past few years and have recently decided to switch to green tea, the benefits of increased
weight loss as well as exercise performance might not be there for you. That also means
the more you’re not used to caffeine, the more you benefit from the fat burning and
performance increasing effects. And one extra “benefit” of EGCG is how it
might inhibit the body’s absorption of carbohydrates. Some studies show that EGCG does in fact suppresses
the effects of a glucose transporter protein called GLUT4, which means more carbs coming
out of your back end. The effects are only to a small degree, but for some, that might
be worthy enough. In order to achieve these benefits from green
tea, however, you’re gonna have to drink quite a lot. Fat burning effects usually kicks in
at roughly 400 milligrams of EGCG consumed. A cup of green tea has roughly 50 milligrams
of EGCG. Do the math and that means you’re drinking at least 8 cups of green tea. For
some, that’s actually not hard at all, especially since green tea is mostly water and can serve
as a water alternative. And in case you’re concerned with tea possibly being a diuretic,
aka make you pee more, when compared to water, studies show that urination levels are roughly
the same. And remember that green tea is usually effective
only if you are sensitive to caffeine, and it’s best to drink on an empty stomach.
That being said, if there ever was a true superfood, or super drink, green tea perhaps
might be taking that title. Leave your questions in the comments below,
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100 thoughts on “Green Tea Weight Loss and Fat Burning Benefits – Why You Should Drink Green Tea

  1. Interesting video, no wonder you have many subscribers, I love green tea, I normally buy from China Directly at

  2. Great video! Can you elaborate more on that tea tolerance level? Does that include the fat burning effects too? How much tea you have to drink to build that tolerance with its effects on you?

  3. I lost 17 pounds while following the diet plan “fetching tuti space” (Google it). Thanks for the wonderful results! I truly think you should try this plan by yourself!

  4. Do you need to drink 8 cups a day to lose fat? Or can you divide it in 4 days? (Wich means, 2 cups a day) I need to know the answer please i’m fat af

  5. oh come on!!! which is true? some source say green tea is bad on an empty stomach and other sources say that it's best, which is it! 🙁

  6. You mentioned in another video we could drink water and black coffee when doing intermittent fasting, is it okay to drink green tea when fasting?

  7. If it takes that many cups of Green Tea for the EGCG to be effective for fat burn, wouldn't it be quicker to just use an EGCG supplement?

  8. A cup of green tea before exercise and another cup after…will that make a small difference, or to see even a small diff you have to drink 8 cups?

  9. How does green tea pills compare to green tea? Effects the same more or less? Or this form of consumption not effective?

  10. I have been drinking this tea and it helps me lose weight like crazy I recommended to everyone here is the link where you can buy it ' => ' and is not just me trying to sell this, the tea really works.

  11. So if I start drinking green tea, the benefits will last only till I am caffeine tolerant and then slow down due to my high Caine consumption thought green tea.
    Right now I should be sensitive to caffeine as I don't drink coffee or tea.

  12. Great news for tea/fitness lover! Would you also do a video about if drinking a lot of tea causes/prevents kidney stones? which is a common concern for tea drinker.

  13. This is the only video I don't agree with. L-theanine should not be taken as such high doses, due to its anti-depressant / elevated mood effect, which can easily create a dependency so that the day people don't have their 6+ cups of green tea, they'll feel significantly down. It's also not recommended for people who have common mental conditions. Another compound in green tea is caffeine, which can add up to a dangerous 600mg or more in eight cups of green tea. You're probably thinking "why not just get decaf?", which is a great idea, but decaf still has trace amounts of caffeine. If consumed throughout the day like water, as suggested in the video, this can have a really negative impact on the quality of your sleep, because caffeine stays in your system for well over 10 hours if you take into account the half life of the stimulant. I love my cup of green tea every morning but it should not be consumed excessively, and if your goal is to lose weight, this channel has many wonderful videos on different diets and fitness programs that will help you achieve your goal safely and effectively! (Keto and intermittent fasting are my favorite ones)

  14. Green tea really works! I am sick right now at least for now but I haven’t workout for Thursday and Friday Saturday and Sunday my day off and Monday and have lost 6 pounds in 5 days. I was just drinking to get better fast.

  15. If you drink 8 cups of green tea a day won't everyone become caffeine tolerant regardless if they were or weren't before?

  16. What about Arizona "zero calorie" green tea? Lol. I drink that all the time and a lot of it. But I realize it may not be "real" green tea or have the same benefits.

  17. Great video, but there's no way a normal cup of green tea has 75mg of caffeine. Maybe 30mg. You would have to brew green tea so strong it's brown to get that much caffeine out of a single cup.

  18. What about decaf??? I have anxiety so I stay away from caffeine and drink 3 decaf green teas a day, is it the same?

  19. I drink green tea in a gym. Usually I need to drink about a liter of water during the exercise, but with green tee only 6-7 dl. This means less time pissing, more time lifting.

  20. I read these articles and they say not to have Green Tea Empty Stomach and not to consume more than 3 cups a day. I am confused.

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  23. Am I the only one who was incredulous at first about the green tea thing? Sorry, I love green tea, but fat and weight loss? But hey, I’m glad it’s true.

  24. i just watched a video claiming green tea does nothing… WTF

  25. WARNING: Green tea has phenols that stimulate gastric acid, ie. it increases stomach acid production. On an empty stomach, this will cause you pain and discomfort, as well as feeling nausea. Always drink green tea AFTER or DURING a meal, not an empty stomach.
    Also, catechins in green tea reduced non-heme iron (iron from plantbased sources such as lentils, legumes/beans) absorption by 25% in some studies. To counteract this, add lemon to your green tea so you get both the iron absorption and the antioxidant catechin benefits.

  26. Like how much ml would one cup be. It seems really subjective. Or do you mean the american measurement a cup ?

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