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I’m Steve Kuclo and this is
grilling with bodybuilders grilling is one of the easiest methods of cooking
when it comes to food prep I think you know you get a big grill you throw a
bunch of meat on it vegetables whatever you want to make and boom you get it
done so I’m gonna give you some tips tricks different methods and styles that
you can use on the grill we’re starting with sweet potatoes
I have boil in a bag rice and that’s pretty much it for carb sources
vegetables I love asparagus just using some boiling water going to boil them
steam them and as far same with the rice and the potatoes for protein sources
we have sirloin steak Cod salmon and chicken breast steak is one of those
foods I really like to cook fresh I’m not a big fan of reheating steak I think
it kind of turns to jerky or like super rubbery leather tasting and I’m
not a huge fan of it so sometimes if I throw it on the grill and I’m gonna use
it later I go like a medium rare with it that way when I reheat it you know the
the meat kind of just cooks a little bit more and then it’s still in a tender
zone where it’s not crazy crazy overcooked and then it just tastes like
crap so you know seasonings I’m super simple with my seasoning
I usually go sea salt and then just a basic black pepper and as far as you
know every item we have here is gonna be on the grill today you know there is
other ways of cooking a lot of this you can use the frying pan you can bake your
fish and chicken but today we are grilling so let’s get some stuff rolling
here so I got these asparagus and what I like to do is literally cut off the ends
because the ends really edible so this waters about ready get
these in there these are gonna boil five six minutes I’ll get a timer rolling for
that and then I’m also gonna cut up these sweet potatoes into small cubes
and reason being it’s just going to cook a lot quicker and then you kind of have
just nice little tender tender cubes to work with I’m gonna show you just what
I’m talking about here I’m gonna get these in so I take my chicken breasts
usually again chicken comes pretty thick from the store what I like to do is I’ll
cut it in half if it’s super thick but the key to chicken breasts just because
it’s such a lean meat is you got to use a meat tenderizer so what I like to do with my chicken
I’ll literally just go ahead and spray it with some olive oil spray just so it
doesn’t stick to the grill again it’s a very lean meat and then I have salt and
pepper and just pre season it salt and pepper next we have our sirloin steak so I do
the same kind of thing I spray all the meats with the cooking spray we’re just
going to season everything up here salt and pepper on the steak now
with my fish my fish is a little different I like to just add one other
things so I have my Cod it’s for our white fish and then salmon I like to use
lemon it cuts some of the fish taste from it and I’m a big fan of lemon in
general so it kind of works out you know salt and pepper these and we’re ready
for the grill if you ask me I’m I know I’m getting hungry it’s about lunchtime
with me I like to usually just time my foods because I know hey my grills hot
my chicken takes 3 to 4 minutes a side especially being thinner steak five to six minutes
so fish it would just kind of see how that’s looking so we’re gonna be
everything on and I like to keep everything closed for
the most part or you have a tendency to kind of lose a lot of heat when that
grill cover comes up so keep it closed and throw your phone timer on that
way you know you know when you got to open it again because if you’re opening it
and closing and opening and closing it lose a lot of heat and your food gonna
take a lot longer to cook all right our timer went off for the chicken for side
1 now side 2 is cranking let’s see where we got 30 seconds left
on the chicken that’s gonna be first to come off and then the fish will be right
behind that followed by the steak yeah we’re way done 168 perfect chickens done
we got a little bit left on the fish and the steak so we’re gonna go ahead and
set another timer for about 2 more minutes
see where we’re at we got steak Cod salmon and chicken all
looking good we’re going to take this in check on the
potatoes the rice got that on the boiling right now and it should be about
done as well so we’re going to head back in I eat about two meals a day of sweet
potato so like meal two and four the other meals are rice cream of rice or
oatmeal for breakfast and then the other two meals I do just regular white rice those are ready to go just some steamed
asparagus got my steamed white rice steak ready cod – salmon and – chicken
what I like to do after I pull the chick or the salmon and the Cod off the grill
is I’ll squeeze some more lemon on there that’s just on the fish I’ll even throw
a little bit more salt because that meat is just ready to absorb some of that
flavor and I’ll do it on the steak and the chicken and that is grilling with bodybuilders
thanks for watching guys and don’t forget to subscribe below and turn on
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  1. Hope all of you watching in the US have a great July 4th tomorrow. Be sure to put some of these grilling tips to the test!

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  2. I'm off to Egypt tomorrow so if I miss uploads I'm sorry! I need to start having sweet potato more 😋

  3. Love the video! Steve has made tremendous improvements in his physique over the years. Wish him the best on his future shows!

  4. Hey man appreciate your content, fully informative and satisfying tho. Loads of love from INDIA.
    UNFORTUNATELY NOT FROM US, hope you don't mind Indian fans.

  5. hello friends, I've got this channel for 2 years now, Youtube sabotage me and never advertise my videos, and they are very good, please open my channel and watch the videos, you'll be surprised, they're very good, I sincerely hope to my help! I want and do everything to be the best!

  6. Its bad to do that with red meat especially the less u cook it more bacteria is gonna grow. Dont wanna see big steve get sick. Hes a awesome dude one of my fave bodybuilders besides jay cutler


  8. Thanks for seasoning the meat…a lot of bodybuilders don't bother to do that. If you eat well, you might as well want to it enjoyable…thanks for the vid

  9. Just a tip for chicken or for any other protein. You can actually take it off the grill, pan or oven below the recommended temperature of about -5 degrees due to residual cooking. So I would actually take the chicken out of the pan if it's at 155-160 cause it'll continue to cook after it's off the pan and i would let proteins rest for about 5-10 minutes after cooked and then cut into it or all the juices will flow out and not be kept in the protein. Lastly, season both sides of the protein!

  10. I wanna grill salmon but doesnt it lose all the good stuff fat wise …can i bake it instead keeping sll the juices

  11. already asked this but yeah try to get it done muscle&strength to arm measure if of course they will and live up to their claims of arm size which frankly lots of them they lie BIG TIME.

  12. Skin side down first with the salmon on the grill and put some plastic wrap over the cutting board and also cover the chicken with plastic wrap while you tenderize it for sanitary purposes. Great video love the channel!!

  13. 🙏Just remember to not cross contamination and you all set 😈🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. im sorry but i gotta disagree with just about every way that meat was cooked…….. steak, on high ~2 min each side. chicken, keep whole, marinate and cook on low. salmon, smoker with apple wood. cod, poor mans lobster.

    however, cook it the way you love it 😎

  15. Take it easy on the salt Gordon Ramsey that much sodium can’t be good for the blood pressure with all that gear

  16. Eat clen, tren hard, anaver give up, test your limits, Dbolish your haters, and always winn

  17. I’ve recently found a love for grilling, the meal plans I purchase had some grilling options and just being outside grilling is therapeutic for me.

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