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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yo, what is going on guys? Troy Adashun here with
and today I got an exciting video. I just got back from the grocery store. I tried to film the entire clip at the grocery
store, they unfortunately kicked me out. Actually I went to two different grocery stores. I went to Trader Joe’s and I went to Whole
Foods and I went to Vitamin Shoppe and I’m going to show you exactly what I bought here. I’m trying to keep it really clean during
the summer months. I just notice that if I eat dirty, it’s not
that I’m gaining a bunch of fat because my calories are about the same, it’s just that
I feel like I retain a lot more water and I don’t feel as energetic. So I’m going to run down and show you everything
I got from the grocery store and then I’m going to walk you through a complete day in
the life of eating. So right down the line here. I picked up some protein powder at Vitamin
Shoppe. I got the Quest protein chocolate milkshake. The reason I got this is I’m going to try
to do some cooking with it. I’m going to do I think some like high protein
chocolate pancakes. Try to change up my recipe a little bit. I got some Atlantic salmon, high in protein,
high in healthy fat. I got my sweet Vidalia onions. I’ve got my vegies here, my California style
blend, of course it’s organic from good old Whole Foods. And then I got some – just cheap high-quality
protein. I got the pink salmon, fairly low in fat. So I got two different types of salmon. This is only three bucks at Trader Joe’s. I dropped the stuff. I got – these are really good. They’re like organic white jewel yams and
they taste so sweet when you bake them. I’m trying a lower calorie peanut butter because
I am shredding right now. So try this peanut butter. I got it in Whole Foods, pretty low in fat. And some organic apple cider vinegar, this
makes me feel nice and healthy. I’ve tried this carrot spiral pasta from Whole
Foods. Seasoning, we’ve got the rainbow peppercorn,
the garlic powder, and this stuff’s really good, Everything Bagel seasoning. Coconut oil spray. Zero percent Page yogurt and I put a little
honey on top. My post workout carb of choice I got organic
Basmati rice. And then Whole Foods is so amazing for protein. Incredibly cheap. This whole bag I think was six or seven bucks,
so I got actually three bags of chicken breast tenderloins. Six bucks, six or seven bucks. And we got ground turkey, 99 percent. Once again really cheap, only 4 dollars and
49 cents. I got some carrots. I’m going to do some carrots and peanut butter. And I get these little premade salads. I eat these kind of like it’s a healthy snack
or late at night, organic greens from Whole Foods. So that’s pretty much my little grocery haul
and then next I’m going to take you through my complete day of eating. So I want to walk you guys through a complete
day in the life of eating. So pretty boring so far. What I’ve been doing recently is I really
like incorporating a lot more post-workout carbohydrates so what I do is I actually scale
back the carbs early in the day, and then I ramp up my carbs after my workout later
in the afternoon. And also another benefit of that is I feel
a lot more energetic so I try to get the bulk of my work done earlier in the day and if
I just wake up first thing in the morning and eat a bunch of carbohydrates I feel a
little bit lethargic and that massive insulin spike kind of like causes me to crash a couple
hours later. So for breakfast today a couple of hours ago,
what I did here was I just had one and a half scoops of chocolate whey protein from Quest
and then I haven’t been taking creatine in a long time. I was recently on a pretty big deficit, so
I’m going to add some creatine back into my system, probably about 10 grams a day of the
creatine monohydrate for the next couple of weeks. See if I can boost my strength up. So pretty clean breakfast, basically just
drank a bunch of water and then I also had some electrolytes because I felt a little
bit dehydrated this morning, so I just took some electrolyte powder. And then my first official meal of the day
is basically I have this little scramble here, so this is two organic eggs, a cup of liquid
egg whites, and then I had some chopped asparagus. And I had some leftover chicken and turkey,
and obviously you guys know chicken and turkey gets really dry and really boring, so a great
thing to do if you have leftovers, instead of throwing them out, just throw them in a
little omelet. So macros on this are about 15 grams of fat,
about 40 – 45 grams of protein, and I’d say about 10 grams of carbs from the asparagus. So we’re going to chow this down and I will
see you guys on the next meal. All right guys, we are back in the kitchen. So you guys are catching me on kind of a weird
day of eating. I’m trying to do a little bit of like a natural
detox. I’ve been consuming a lot of dairy food, a
lot of sodium, a lot of artificial sweeteners, so I’m trying to keep things really clean
today, so what I’ve been doing since you last saw me, I’ve been drinking a ton of water,
I had some branched chain amino acids, and then for this meal right here, this is grass-fed
beef and then it’s carrots and asparagus and this was pan fried in some coconut oil and
I’ve got some black pepper and some garlic on top. And then after this I’m actually going to
take a couple shots of organic apple cider vinegar, just keep my energy levels on point. Kind of do a little natural detox. So I haven’t been to the gym yet. I’ve just been planning. I have a lot of upcoming trips and just been
doing a ton of different work all afternoon. So I’m going to chow down this meal and then
contemplate if I’m going to go to the gym or not and I will see you guys on the next
meal. Yo, what’s up guys. So a couple hours have passed and I’m going
to do a little pre-workout snack here. So keeping it clean once again. I’m doing two and a half tablespoons of all
natural peanut butter on some organic celery and I’m about to blast some shoulders and
triceps. All right guys, so I just smashed a little
tricep workout. Give you a little arm physique update because
the lighting out here is amazing. So I’ve been really trying to hit my arms
hard. I think it’s my genetic weak point. So there’s perfect lighting out here, so I
had to give you guys a little physique update. But I had, let’s see, what have I ate, so
I worked out. I had 30 grams of my Quest protein that I
showed you guys earlier in the video. Then I’m about to show you guys my post workout
meal, so I’m going to have two more meals left in the day. And I’m going to show you guys exactly what
I’m chowing down on. All right guys, we are back in the kitchen,
so this is going to be my final meal of the night. And as you can see I am whipping up something
right here. What I do because I know tomorrow’s going
to be a really hectic day, I’m going to make a giant omelet, so it’s going to have about
85 grams of protein, about 30 grams of healthy fats, a bunch of vegies and some healthy carbs
in here, so I’m just going to throw this on top. And then I’m going to have half of this tonight
and then half of it tomorrow that way I don’t have to cook breakfast. And then since you guys last saw me I actually
had some, I had some more celery and peanut butter and then I’m also going to have a late
night dessert, so this is 15 grams of protein coconut Greek yogurt and then I have a Power
Crunch bar right here. So having my biggest calorie meal as my final
meal of the day. As you can see it’s been fairly clean and
feel reenergized. It feels good to have a day without a lot
of artificial sweetener and a lot of unhealthy carbs in my system, so going to chow down
on this and that is my complete day of eating, so thank you guys so much for watching today’s

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