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hey what’s up guys
IFBB men’s physique pro brandon hendrickson we’re here at Whole Foods we’re gonna go
shopping for the week okay so I have a meal prep sponsor and
they basically cook and deliver all my meals most of my meals every week twice
a week but the meals that are not cooked by them I have to get on my own which is
like my meal one is eggs and oats and then at night I eat another another few
ounces of eggs so right now we’re gonna shop for just like accessory stuff like
strawberries raisins little stuff for my oats that I like to put in just from add
more taste some ingredients – I’m really really picky about my strawberries it’s
bad my mom’s like kind of embarrassed about it they have to be like shiny like
these these are good not no bruises no hair yeah I mix them in my oats
just for like flavor alright we got a winner right here just
shiny there’s barely any bruises on it its fresh this is perfect alright so I’m also
getting blueberries I like to mix them in my oats as well just for taste
I like that um the oats is like a salty and then you add the sweets it’s a good
mix that’s how I kind of like deal with my cravings eat fruit I like the organic
grapefruits so this is what I call my first call out grapefruits what I do is
I’ll get like a regular organic or regular I’ll cut it in half drizzle
honey and sprinkle cinnamon on it and then bake it for like five minutes so
good tastes like candy so what I like about it is because grapefruits really
tart so doing the cinnamon and and the honey makes it a lot sweeter yes he’s feeding me but he’s also
increasing my cardio so even though I’m not like suffering with food I’m still
doing a lot of like cardiovascular work so 60 minutes fasted cardio seven days a
week yeah but I get to eat so it’s like it’s a good balance like if I was not
getting the amount of calories plus the sixty minutes of cardio I would I would
be dying right now which is probably what’s gonna happen in like two weeks
when I get closer to the show in the offseason I’ve got up to about 210
pounds which is like the most I ever weighed you know offseason in my life
really but yeah since then I’ve come down about 197 now and I only took like
three weeks three or four weeks it’s easy for me to come down like I’m on
ectomorphs I’ve small bone frame real small figure I was skinny when I was
young so it’s easy for me to lose weight like it’s nothing for me to lose weight
I like organic yellow mustard there’s literally nothing in it this is like so
good for my chicken and my shrimp I like to use it as a condiment there’s only 50
milligrams of sodium no sugars no fats no carbs nothing in it so one of my
favorite things so right now I’m looking for raisins
okay yes for my oats so yeah I’ve mixed I put a lot of my old
cinnamon honey raisins blueberries and strawberries and
just a little bit of almond milk yeah it’s like it tastes like a cake to me
I’m crazy well yeah out of all my meals throughout the day
that’s like my favorite meal and my eggs and my oats I’m sponsored by muscle egg
they usually give me four gallons of egg whites but I didn’t order any organic
egg whites like straight egg whites for this month so I have to buy some I don’t
shop here for everything like I usually just get my produce here but anything
like like condiments or anything like that I’ll get it like Walmart somewhere
it’s a little bit cheaper because hopefully it’s a little bit pricey so I
don’t shop here too much but I definitely think getting the produce
here is worth the price so being this close to the show we’d
like to switch our meats to like a light white protein usually chicken ground
turkey or shrimp like I said I have a meal prep sponsor
they do make chicken and shrimp for me but sometimes I don’t have enough for
the week so we’ll definitely get some shrimp here and you can just boil it
lightly you don’t even have to put that much ingredients on it
I like the shrimp plain honestly just tastes good to me so it’s a good like
alternative to eating chicken and ground turkey all the time alright guys some you got to have your
veggies it’s gonna help with digestion on helping with your metabolism as well
helping to break down food with the fiber some of my favorite vegetables are
green beans mainly I do bell peppers and green beans really easy to cook all right so my last source of fiber my
veggies is a bell peppers I love the freshness of it especially from Whole
Foods I’m gonna get red green and yellow I’m gonna get all three I like the
colors that they make you know when you cut them up you don’t even have to
season them that much they’re just good plain and just grill it a little bit but
yeah these are another source of veggies that I like to eat all right guys so we
need fats when I’m a little bit closer to the show I like to eat avocados
that’s my source of fats sometimes I’ll do cashews as well but for fats you need
fat to burn fat so you need healthy fats in order to burn that that fat so what I
like to do is get avocados I usually get about two each meal when I’m about a
week out from your show yeah I just I just cut it and eat it eat it straight I
don’t know I get some old-school all right guys so this is IFBB men’s
physique pro brandon hendrickson and we’re about six weeks out from the Olympia and
we just went grocery shopping for the week so you guys stay tuned six weeks
off from the Olympia let’s get it

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    0:59 Benefits of Strawberries

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    0:42 Benefits of Eggs

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    Benefit of Oats

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