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what’s up muscle & strength Chris bumstead
here going to take you guys on a grocery store tour with me the hardest part for traveling and when
you come home you don’t want to have rotten food just stinking up your house
so I try to eat everything throw it in the freezer or just like get rid
of some food every time I leave so I come home and have nothing just got home and have been gone
for like four days don’t have a lot of food at home so we’re gonna stock up so
when I’m home I often don’t have a lot to do with my life and I enjoy
coming to the grocery store so I’ll honestly like come here and buy like I don’t know
like six items at a time knowing damn well I need to come in the next day and
the day after that just so I like have something to do coming back to the
grocery store I always have fresh food like that so I never have like a big
grocery run where I’m walking out spending $500 it’s like $80 here $80
there back and forth and seems to work for me these are some of my favorite
things to add on to meals I really like avocado cause the texture of it that much
so I buy these things it’s a guac guacamole mix so it’s pretty much just
avocado in there put with some spices some lime makes a little bit of spicy I
get the spicy one I literally just add two of these on to
like a bowl of chicken and rice and an extra 200 calories healthy fats and good way
to get some calories for the longest time I only ever ate rice
pretty much throughout the day as my carb source literally out of pure
laziness cause it’s so easy to cook a lot of rice but I recently learned how to cook
sweet potato in the microwave where you literally poke holes in it wrap it up
microwave like eight minutes and it’s good to go and nice way to change it up this is like my guilty pleasure in my
offseason it’s how sad my life is that this is my guilty pleasure apples and
Gala apples are the best ones apple I literally just eat whenever I feel like
having a little snack for the day often when I’m heading to the gym – I have
this weird thing in my head whenever I’m going to the gym I need more food I just
need to eat something I don’t know why just like a mental thing like I need
more energy and if I actually like real food it kind
of bloats my stomach and it just sits in me weird right before I go to the gym so
right before the gym I often just grab an apple as I walk out the door it kind
of keeps my mouth busy keeps my hands busy and it just satisfies a little
craving how cheap do I want to get right now
real cheap again how lazy I am I don’t like cutting up the pineapple but this
is like one of most OG bodybuilding tricks digestive enzymes in
pineapples help you digest food a lot not only that if you’re really dry
chicken rice all the time it’s just hard to chew hard to swallow
so putting something wet like pineapple in it literally just chop it up put it
within the chicken and rice eat it tastes amazing so meat is always kind of
different every single week I buy new stuff every single time I always try and
get one or two meals in of like a high fat meat
so either salmon ground beef or steak and last week I pretty much are all
salmon so I’m going to switch it up and go to ground beef right now I always get
extra lean ground beef but one of my favorite things to do is cook it up in like a
taco spice and then I make tacos out of it or just like fajita something like
that just a really good way to get food in and actually enjoy it so might be making
that later tonight on top of that I love eating
ground turkey again just to kind of a break away from the typical chicken
fry this up on a pan and it’s cheap as hell right now so I will buy a couple
normally it’s five bucks three bucks so always got a stock up when your meats on sale normally honestly stuff like ground turkey when you come here and
it’s on sale like that it’s actually the cheapest place you can get it but other
times I’ll stop at like Costco and I’ll buy the bulk ones of that I kind of go
back and forth because a little bit cheaper at Costco some things aren’t but
you end up buying so much bulk that when I’m traveling every single week like if
I’m home for four days I can’t really go and buy ten pounds of chicken cause I’m
just not gonna eat it so sometimes I’m forced to come the grocery stores smove
so what I also love doing is chicken gets a little plain gets a little dry chicken
thighs tastes a lot better we all know that so I often buy like two these four
of these and I combine them together when I cook it and then so I’ll have
like half a chicken breast and two of these or whatever mix it up and it just
tastes a little bit better it’s easier to get down it’s a easier way to eat
some chicken always been a huge snacker I love snacking on things I like to pick
at things bite little thing eat and stuff and chips are amazing so my go-to is
usually crispy minis if you haven’t tried the style tortilla ones as opposed to the circle ones they’re way better they’re thinner a little bit more
like a Dorito especially this cheesy nacho one definitely my favorite so
one problem I have if I open this bag it gets finished
always probably my favorite offseason meal even
just any form of like a wrap I love wraps but lately it’s just been Mexican
style stuff so I’ve been making tacos fajitas etc what you do you just buy
some kinda ground beef ground meat ground turkey whatever and then I like
these little packets personally you can either get fajita or you can get taco
and it literally just makes the meat taste a lot better all it really is the
spices and some sodium but no extra calories in these I buy these you cook
the meat up pour it on top mix it all up and then I get personally I like wraps
better so I just get some plain old simple tortillas those some spices to
mix in some meat and whatever salsa floats your boat
lately I’ve switched over to eating a lot more boogie eggs I always try and
make sure that it says omega-3 on it personally people have kind of I think
eggs have gotten a bad rap that cholesterol can be bad for your heart
and whatnot but the omega 3s can actually be good for you that’s why you
want to specifically buy eggs that say omega-3 on it cause that means that the
chicken was fed with flax seed instead of corn and animals especially chickens
are not meant to live off corn so it just creates a much better egg better
meat even in the chicken itself so personally for an extra dollar or so when
I’m eating so many eggs I find it worth it to pay a little bit
more for the higher quality I can’t believe you don’t have this in the
states I’d never even seen cartons of milk until I was older to me that’s
weird they all come in little bags like this
and you literally stick it in and you have to cut that on like a perfect
corner and then you just pour it out ever since I was like really young I had a
friend whose grandfather owned like a maple ranch he had a bunch of maple
trees on it and we went like to the trees and like tapped them and
everything he made our own maple syrup and they came in these exact bottles too and
it looked like that kind of logo so I was try to buy something that looks
similar to that but like I said big fan of maple syrup especially over the fake
shit so I’m eating pancakes a lot I’ll use this honestly I only add a tiny
little bit amount on it but it adds a lot of flavor because it’s such a strong
thing so I like buying the mixed frozen veggies honestly like I said I don’t eat
veggies as much as I should in my offseason but I do like making stir
frys every now and then so my favorite wants to get California mix just
broccoli cauliflower carrots and stuff and then this is a fiber mix I’ve only
tried it a few times but it just got mainly veggies that are really high in
fiber kind of help your digestion and all that alright guys so that’s it for me got my
groceries gonna go home and actually cook some food because I got to eat
hopefully guys liked the video please subscribe

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  2. Y'all buried the lede here: Chris in his off-season can't eat 10lb of chicken in 4 days?!?! C'mon brah 😂

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  5. I clock in 60 hr workweeks so my am meal always consists of yams, chicken breast and scoop of almond butter depends on bulking or cutting

  6. I know he travels a bunch, but Chris could watch some YouTube videos for simple recipes. That could help the boredom of eating certain meats and veggies.

  7. Why do you guys even make these videos, they buy the same things all the time, every single one of them just buys chicken , lean beef, rice , oats

  8. tuff thing travel and eat clean but ive always managed to do it. just need a bit planning and prepping. 🙂 try sweetpotato fries in the owen, love them, little himalaya salt and some seasoning, taste great just takes a little effor to cut them into fries. When i have more time to fix my meal I do them.

  9. You should remove your brain and meat off your bones cuz they are made out of cholesterol and saturated fat. Lol how are eggs bad for u?

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    so milk does indeed come in bags in Canada, so weird

  15. “Always been a huge snacker, I love snacking on things, I like to pick at things, bite little things, eat stuff.” Absolutely love this dude lol most relatable pro bodybuilder out there


  17. Cbum and Iain are genuinely the nicest bodybuilders I’ve ever met. Very down to earth and chill dudes.

  18. Processed food tho lol nothing more enjoyable than making your guacamole, salsas, tacos from scratch plus get a fresh chicken from the mini farm at grandma's patio, prep the chiken and cook it haha thats fresh and organic 💪😅

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  24. If u want to make sure ur chicken is perfect, add honey sriracha seasoning from Costco or sams and add a shit ton on chicken add a little oil rum it in and then put it in the oven 425 for 25 mins

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