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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

and I usually get to Costco probably
once a week sometimes twice but it’s time to stock up and you guys are coming
with me so if I’m going to the store you are too I have one salmon meal a day right now and
it’s about eight ounces of cooked salmon I really like red meat I think you know
the older I get you know the digestion and you know my
GI stuff is important to maintain so what I like to do I notice you know as
I’ve gotten older my protein amounts have come down a little bit versus like I remember eating 10 or 12
ounces of cooked meat for a meal now I eat anywhere from you know eight to ten
ounces and I feel better like it’s not as heavy so red meat sometimes can be
a little bit heavy but that’s why I eat it a little bit later in the day but I
notice like when I’m carbing up for a show and stuff I’ll have a few steak
meals and just that red meat I always feel like it just really makes my body
pop so just you know little things you don’t know if that’s if you could find
the science behind it but the bodybuilding science is it works some of the vegetables I like celery have to check on the dates and make sure the
dates are sometimes if you don’t check it you buy something expires in two days and
you get screwed and you screw yourself mushroom I lied I didn’t need five pounds of
mushrooms I only needed two avocado good healthy fats wife loves to
have she loves avocados so we always pick them up at Costco I have been
currently we’re we’ve cut egg whites we’ve cut out cheat meals and we’ll kind
of use them as needed or refeed or high carb days that way everything is very
monitored almost every couple days you know things are changing my diet changes
based on progress and weight and stuff like that
so when I do check ins with George is when I wait to hear back and then I see
the email or the text or something of what I got to do and it’s like like
getting a report card like okay what does it say

94 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Costco w/ Steve Kuclo

  1. How to be big:
    Eat Protein 4-5 Times a day every 2 hours

    Training 45 Min

    Chest : Bench Press , Legs : Squat ; Back ; Deadlift

    Testosterone every other day
    Tren Every other day
    Deca Every other day

    Good receptors that respond well to the anabolic substance


    Stretching using resistance bands is crucial to keeping your joints healthy and strong.


    8 Hours

  2. Finally M&S Kuclo is a monster with personality that you need to be putting on you channel, not a guy with the personality of a rock or a tiny guy who does not know what a gym is eating pizza.

  3. I have read your muscle and strength website got a lot of great content wow amazing. Great video with Steve. Do a workout video with him brother! You are always amazing muscle and strength. !!!!!

  4. He just modified the definition of DADDY!!!! To a whole new level😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. So many of these professional body builders mention problems with digestion. Is it because of there limited diet that does this? I'm no fatty but I do like a buffet of food in front of my face and I never seem to have any issues. Just curious

  6. Love the Kuclo’s they are good people and personable. I’ve met Amanda, even though I was in a mood that day at the Olympia expo she gave me a hug. Hope to meet her again along with Steve. People like that make the body building industry welcoming.

  7. Funny how this dude takes massive amounts of roids and he is a dallas firefighter. But to be a fireman you cant do or have done drugs or roids. Part of the hirung process.
    Explain to me how he's still employed there. And theres no way he is that massive going to a low t doctor.

  8. People on here throwing the steroid comment.
    If he wants to to take steroids that's his choice but that doesn't take away from the fact he still has to work his bollocks off in the gym day in day out and eat properly.
    Some people seem to think steroids are a magic tool that you can take and get huge by sitting on ya arse, it increases recovery and the amount of muscle you can build but you still have to put the hours in. He chooses to live his life as he see fits, just like other people do. Yes there's risks to Roids but there's risks in most areas of lives and it's his risk to take so stop being negative.

  9. You forgot to add that you always get your girl flowers after a Costco run. The reason is we always buy something that we think is a really good deal but doesn’t really make much sense. Last time I went I bought a nest doorbell…the flowers really helped me explain my case for buying a video doorbell.

  10. Always one little piss ant negative bitch that comes to these videos just to say "steroids". Patrick D(ildo) has no life and wants everyone to know it.

  11. Hi Steve , machst du demnΓ€chst einen Herkules Film ? den Bart aller Steve Reeves, ( in seinen Herkules Filmen ), hast du ja schon ! πŸ™‚ Und ja, die Figur sowieso !!!

  12. You might want to leave the Costco salmon alone:

  13. Intelligent man, all grocery stores push the products nearing expiration to the front and the new products in the back. Nothing worse than coming home with some stale ass Oreos.

  14. I’m not sure why they eat so much red meat it is not good for u to eat that much everyday, check your blood I guarantee they will say stop eating it

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